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As a top-tier scientist in the field of evolutionary studies, Ye Chen could not find a way to extend life. He decided to use himself as an experimental subject, genetically modifying himself to achieve his goal of immortality. He studied tardigrades, extracted genes from ants, and tried becoming closer to botanic life forms, fusing them all into his own genes. But his numerous experiments had all failed, and instead hastened his aging. In the end, the laboratory exploded as a result of energy leakage, and everything was buried in ashes. But this was not the end. All the fused genes in his body caused a strange change, bringing Ye Chen to a world known as the Holy Land, where he became an ordinary lizard at the bottom of the food chain. In this world, there were elves, magical beasts, goblins, tree man, giant dragons and humans, and many many other mythical species. As an ordinary lizard, his entire life could be summarized as just reproduction and survival. If he were unlucky, he would be swallowed whole by his natural predators at some random point in time, or run into a human explorer or hunting group, which would also mean his end. As he witnessed the fate of other lizards, Ye Chen could no longer stay calm. He didn’t want his life to end like this, he would fight to survive in this world. Afterward, Ye Chen discovered that he could extract and fuse other creatures’ genes into his own by eating them, and this fusion wouldn’t cause any rejection reaction, it was perfect. First, it was an ant, a chameleon, a rabbit, from which he extracted the genes of power, camouflage, and agility respectively. Then it was magical beasts like Saber-tooth Tiger, Two-headed Wolf, and the Bird of Flames. As he fused more and more genes into himself, Ye Chen’s physique gradually changed and got closer and closer to the legendary Holy Great Dragon. All lifeforms on the Holy Land went crazy. Kill Ye Chen, and find the secrets to evolution!


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