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75.47% Homunculus in BNHA world. / Chapter 33: Final preparations before the exam.

Final preparations before the exam. - Homunculus in BNHA world. - Chapter 33 by WhyTho_2 full book limited free

Chapter 33: Final preparations before the exam.

After Harry looked at another threat from Bakugo towards Izuku and Shoto - Katsuki slammed the door as he left, making the wall crack again, poor wall - he went home alone as usual. Only after He had arranged to meet with Momo's group on Wednesday, of course.

Kamino Ward was not the most popular place to live. The fact that their Orphanage was as good as it is now was a real miracle... Or money of the sponsors.

In their area, the crime rate was slightly below average, mostly due to the work of the Heroes and due to the rare nighttime Raids of Harry. Kumono Ashi also contributed, but he constantly changed districts and even prefectures so that no one could catch the spider.

Potter no longer remembered how many gangs he had left tied up at various police stations in one of his guises of Envy. He usually hunted in form number nine. It was an old man with long, gray, tousled hair up to his shoulders and a short, unkempt beard. There were wrinkles between his thin eyebrows from the fact that he constantly frowned.

If Harry had time, he would have changed before the attack on the Black Tiger gang, but he only had four hours before dawn and wanted to get a couple of hours of sleep at least that day. He got none.

As he walked home, he contemplated the new information about the practical final exam. Kendo - the President of Class 1-B - told a couple of his classmates that robots them from the entrance exam would be fighting against them. Harry closed his eyes and lost himself in thought. He opened hidden shadow eyes on all sides of his cloak to see where he was going. This way of looking was Also a training for Miriki due to the large number of eyes.

'But is it the truth? She could have lied, although I'm not sure about that. Principal Nezu may change the contents of the exam... Well, I'm ready anyway.'

Harry walked through the crowd with ease, avoiding collisions with people. He did not like such huge gatherings of people and every time when a lot of people blocked his way, he tried to step on every feet he could see.

'I only have a week left... Just one last push and then the Summer Training Camp. I wonder if the rest still remember that we will need to train there?' Answer: no, they didn't. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


"And what exactly are we doing here?" Asked Kaminari.

Right now, Momo's group, which consisted of Denki, Jiro, Mina, Ojiro, Sero, Harry and Momo herself, was in one of the abandoned factories on the outskirts of Kamino. Potter found this place when he was looking for a new training ground after destroying one in the woods.

The room in which they stood now, was a huge empty room, the walls, ceiling and floor of which Harry had strengthened with the help of Alchemy and the scrap metal that was laying around.

"Well, light bulb, since Bang is teaching you how to fight, I will throw various situations in your face to satisfy my sadistic tendencies- Erm... Prepare y'all for the exam." Harry corrected himself quickly.

"But have we already know about the finals? Kendo said that robots from the entrance exam will be our practical?"

Confusedly asked Momo, deciding to ignore his slip up for now, Potter just shook his head and continued to explain.

"Aizawa has already lied to us several times so that we give our best. And how many times in its existence has UA drastically changed its plans at the last moment? Therefore, I do not limit training to simple sparring against a few of my shadow clones, although this is where we will start." He finished and clapped his hands to get his classmates out of their thoughts, "Apart from me, there are six of you here. So I will split you into three groups at random and the first couple of rounds you will work as a team. Then I will put you to fight my clones alone. I remember very well how they were created on the inside, so hitting weak spot will work."

This was the easiest solution Harry could find in such a short amount of time. He won't get them through Harry Potter's Boot Camp in just three lessons, but he can lay the foundation for the future. The more experience he gives them in different kinds of situations, the more chances they'll have on the practical exam.

"Harry, you want us to use our quirks here? But it's illegal! What happens if someone sees us?"

Sero glanced around nervously, as if expecting Kamino's Fast Response Team to jump out of the wall, shouting, "JPD, everyone, stop your Quirk and on the floor! Now!"

"No one has entered this building before me for five years. At least I think so, judging by the absence of traces on the dust that laid on the floor. Previously, it looked from the inside pretty much the same as the outside."

Outside, the building was... Well, for lack of a better word, a fucking builder's nightmare. It was easier to just destroy this building and built a new one on it's place.

Rusty walls, a roof that collapsed inward in several places, whole rooms that became scrap metal... The factory itself was originally built by a man who could control the metal, fifty years ago. But due to his lack of education as an architect, his work only miraculously remained standing to this day.

"Kaminari and Momo, you will be team one. Kyoka and Mina, you will become team two. Sero and Ojiro, you are team three. Got it?"

"Yeah, but what about the 0-pointer?"

Denki immediately raised his hand and Harry looked at him as if he were an idiot.

"Do you want me to destroy my second training place?"

After he found out what Shou had done in the name of his research, he created shadow robots and after strengthening his body with Envy, to destroy them with his bare hands. In the end, he created a 0-pointer and destroyed it from the inside, breaking various shadow mechanisms and wires. Kaminari only scratched the back of his head in embarrassment, realizing that this was a rhetorical question.

"Okay, no more questions? Great. I'm not going to follow Bang's path and train you until you can't move anymore, but get ready for cuts and bruises."

All six nodded and, in three teams, went to their corners. Harry sat down in the fourth on a shadow chair and began to create waves of robots.

"Let's start!"

Potter watched the three teams destroy his robots through the eyes of their creatures. He stroked his Basilisks on the heads and memorized every mistake his classmates made.

§Sssalazar, why are you helping these uselessssss humansss? I thought only the human female was your mate, ssso you prepared her for the dangersss of the big world.§ Hissed Rowena.

Harry coughed at the snake's words about Momo.

'Why are my Basilisks always asking something strange?'

§I train them ssso that I have lessssss work in the future. If they become good Heroesss, then I won't have to catch as many criminalsss.§

He is not going to show weakness in front of his companions and say that he just wants to help his classmates. And then he noticed something interesting, Kaminari's lightning flashed a little brighter at his feet. It might have been a coincidence, but it was worth checking out.

"Team one, stop! Light bulb, come here."

Denki was confused but walked over to Harry, who got up from his chair and as soon as the blonde was close enough, he bent down to his feet.

"Um... what are you-"

"Does your boots have rubber outsoles?" He asked suddenly, interrupting Kaminari.

"Yes, but how is it-"

"Take them off and use up all your charge." Harry interrupted again, straightening up.

Denki stood on the full wooden platform that was in the corner of the room and kicked off his boots. The remaining teams also stopped and looked at the teenager with interest.

"Here we go."

The room was illuminated by a bright bolt of lightning for a few seconds and when it disappeared, Kaminari-

"Huh?! I'm not an idiot?! What the hell?!" He shouted in shock, looking at his hands.

Jiro's jaw hit the floor, while the rest of the teens stared at the still intelligent - controversial statement - Kaminari.

"He's not an idiot?! What the hell?!" Also shouted Jiro, pointing her finger at Denki.

Harry just lifted one of Kaminari's boots with his shadow hand and hit his classmate on the head to wake him out of his shock. Denki immediately looked at Potter with wide eyes.

"No, you're not an idiot. Did you know that rubber is a wonderful insulating material? The outsole on your boots blocked all electricity from learning your body. Did you even go to a Quirk specialist about your problem?"

"Ummm... No... I thought my body was just going to get used to my Quirk."

"You know what? I'm taking my words back, you idiot." Harry sighed heavily and let Kaminari's boot fell down to the floor, "Momo, can you create new boots for him with a special outsole? I know you hate doing this, but we need to continue training right now. Oh, by the way, while we have time... Mina, Kaminari, your tactics are shit, you won't be able to defeat all enemies if you constantly attack head on. Ojiro, your hits are easily predictable and constantly following a pattern, try something new. Jiro and Momo, so far everything so good. Now go back to your corners."

Harry dropped back into his chair and watched as his classmates returned to their battles. Kaminari with new boots on his feet and a huge happy smile on his face.

§Thisss isss why I'm helping them.§ He hissed with a small smile.

§Humansss are ssstrange.§

Said Godric, wrapping around Harry's right ear. The teenager just continued to watch the battles with a dead face.

'And this is a snake that emerged from a chicken egg that a frog hatched... Humans are strange ones. Yes, humans...' Thought the world's last possessor of the blood of Wizards in his veins and the bearer of four Philosopher's Stones at the same time, '...maybe he's got a point.'


At a weekly meeting of teachers, they determined which teacher would take the exam for which students.

"First, we have Ashido and Kaminari." Started Aizawa, "For better or worse, they are simple-minded, and action-orientated..."

Ashido and Kaminari were good, but not good enough in Eraser Head's opinion. They still have a lot to learn.

"Principal, please use your intelligence to put them in their place."

"Okay!" 'As long as it's not Potter and his snakes...' Thought Nezu, shuddering.

"Todoroki... An exceptional fighter in every way, thought he doesn't like to unleash all his power in to single attacks. Next we have Yaoyorozu, she may be a genius, but she flatters when deciding and acting at the moment. As such, I will erase their Quirks and exploit their weakness in close combat." Aizawa said while flipping the page to the profile of the following students.

"No objections here!"

"Next is Midoriya and Bakugo. I'll leave them to you, All Might. I'm not teaming them up based on abilities or grades. It's only because they're on such bad terms!"

Eraser head couldn't miss the bad blood between the two, but lately Bakugo's hatred has started to spiral out of control. The teenager simply refused to believe that the useless Deku from his childhood was capable of achieving anything. He was always worse than him, and now he continues to overtake him. Battle training, Sports Festival, and even with that fight against Todoroki! It should be impossible!

'Midoriya, kid, you'll be facing a serious test of your will...' Toshinori thought.

The teams were formed pretty quickly after that, but here are the last two students...

"Potter and Asui, huh? So I'm going take them." said Ectoplasm, looking at the two students with interest.

"Asui has a good head on her shoulders and can improvise if the situation requires. She is a good close and mid-range fighter, ahe is Also an indispensable support. And Potter..."

Aizawa just looked at his notes for a couple of seconds and silently placed them in the middle of the table. The camera that was there for such occasions brought out holograms in front of each teacher so that they could read them. The Heroes' eyes widened from the first line.

"Hey, hey, hey! What the hell is this?!" Shouted Present Mic, "Trained since twelve under Silverfang? Put his first villain in coma at thirteen?! Has four Quirks?!! And Is this a joke?!" he pointed to a line that read [Possesses three, quote 'Possibly the most dangerous creatures on this planet' end quote.]

Toshinori was still staring in shock at the number of his quirks. Could it be... No, it is impossible. One of his students wouldn't work for All for One... Right?

"He's a jack of all trades. Long range, medium range, close range, intelligence and even his strategy are way above average. His problem is that he can't rely on his allies. During battle training, he monitored Asui's every move in case she failed an attack. This can be a good quality sometimes, but constant mistrust of your allies will not do any good it the long run. Therefore, you will fight on them on stage Lambda, in full light. His shadows are his main weapon, so he will have to either rely on Asui to win, or pull another trump card from his sleeve."

Aizawa finished his analysis and took his notes from the table, making the screens disappear and finally bring the rest of the Heroes out of their shock. Midnight licked her lips and looked at Harry's photo in the file.

"God, in a couple of years Bang will make him a demon like himself... I should take the boy under my wing."

If she can fix what Silverfang had already done and show him her ways...

"That's still considered a crime, Midnight~" Nezu's voice shattered her dreams and a shadow fell on the Heroine's face.

"Understood." She muttered grimly.


Greed sat in an armchair with his legs wide apart and tossing a coin into the air. He was a fairly tall young man, fair-skinned, well-muscled, with short black hair that stood on end, a somewhat coarse face with a wide mouth and chin, a long, straight nose, short thin eyebrows, and narrow eyes, which Greed usually hid behind his round dark glasses.

"And how do you like that Kid? Something memorable?"

He asked, catching a coin in the air with his right hand, on which the Ouroboros tattoo could be seen. Lust, who had been leaning against the table in Kurogiri's bar - now dressed in a charcoal-black cocktail dress - thoughtfully hummed.

"Well, I didn't notice anything special, we saw each other only once. But when I touched his hand, I could barely restrain myself from pulling all the stones out of his chest right then and there." She answered, licking her lips.

Usually, the Homunculi did not have a reaction to other Philosopher's Stones. But there was something special about Potter's body... When she touched his hand, she felt an incredible wave of hunger hit her like a train - that time was sure a messy one - for the first time in her entire life. Lust didn't know if Solaris could held herself back from eating his heart at the next meeting... Maybe the mad doctor could do something about it...

"Four Philosophers' Stones. I would love to get them all, especially Pride... Fuck, how I hate this collar." He said irritably, trying to rip the hated object from his neck.

Ouroboros realized his mistake after two rebellious Homunculi and took precautions this time. The collar around Greed's neck was connected to the man's Philosopher's Stone, and in case of an attempt at betrayal, he simply took it inside himself. Lust just grinned looking at her brother's futile attempts.

"It's not like you will follow orders without this little toy. I bet that after a month of Ouroboros orders, you would run away and try to create your own gang."

Greed rolled his eyes and got up from his armchair, crunching his knuckles. He looked at Lust with a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"I would have escaped even earlier, so you lost this bet. My desires are too grand for the position of a simple errand boy, for that he has you."

He headed for the exit, blocking Lust's blade-nails in the back, changing his skin into an indestructible carbon compound.

"It's nice that you know me so well, Greed. I hope you get killed somewhere in the alleyways of Tokyo."

This wasn't the first time Lust had tried to stab Greed in the back. The seductress hated her brother for his lack of loyalty to Ouroboros, their creator, their father. Even Wrath was better than this slippery bastard.

"He he he he... Me too, big sis. Me too..." His laugh was empty and his eyes under the glasses were dull.

Homunculi, if they do not satisfy their sins, begin to lose the will to live. That is why Sloth slept so often, Gluttony was constantly hungry, Envy killed those whom he envied and took their appearance, Wrath took out his anger to the whole world in his own way, Pride took no shit from anyone and Lust constantly fu-

And, Greed... Greed couldn't get what he desired most at the moment. He wanted to take his freedom back and for this he needed at least one more Philosopher's Stone. And Harry Potter had it.

'Patience. You've been waiting for this moment for a hundred and fifty years. You can wait a few more weeks... Yes, you can wait.'

WhyTho_2 WhyTho_2

Preparation for the theoretical exam was successful. And now... the practical exam begins! Brace yourself because the battle between team Harry & Tsuyu versus Ectoplasm!

It'll be interesting for me to spend a couple of chapters on that. I still don't know what exactly I'm going to change, but I'll figure it out.

Like it? Add to library!

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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