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75% Homunculus in BNHA world. / Chapter 32: The first learning session at Bang's Dojo.

The first learning session at Bang's Dojo. - Homunculus in BNHA world. - Chapter 32 by WhyTho_2 full book limited free

Chapter 32: The first learning session at Bang's Dojo.

Class 1-A, with the exception of Aoyama and Koji, who decided to skip, since they were pure long range fighters, and Potter with Izuku, who decided to go much earlier than their classmates - was excited. They are going to learn from one of the best retired Heroes in the world! Bang Silverfang, The Greatest Martial Arts Treasure, Former number three Hero in Japan and Creator of the Martial Art Water Stream Breaking Stones! How can they not be excited?

The teenagers walked from the station and actively communicated with each other. Ojiro, as the second expert after Harry at martial arts in class, was looking forward to a lesson from the old Hero the most.

"My hands are already itching to start training. Damn, Bang hasn't accepted any students for fifteen years! I would love to study his personal martial art, but... It is unlikely that he will teach any of us..." He finished, looking a little down.

Kirishima slapped him on the shoulder with a huge smile.

"Don't be afraid, Tailman! You can still learn from the great Hero, isn't that cool?!"

He respected Bang's strength and read about his past achievements, so he knew they were in good hands.

"Here it is!"

Mina gestured excitedly at the Dojo, which was strangely quiet today. The whole class gathered at the door and Ojiro knocked inside. A minute later, the door opened and an old man with spiky white hair came out to them, of course it was Bang Silverfang. He scanned the crowd of teenagers and nodded in satisfaction.

"Good, are you the same new students that Harry and Izuku talked about? Take off your shoes and walk into the courtyard, the two are already inside."

With that, he turned and walked away, a couple of particularly attentive students who could see the blood on his knuckles. Ojiro practically glowed with excitement and immediately kicked off his boots. He walked briskly into the courtyard and disappeared behind the door into the courtyard.

"He sure is pumped up..."

Kyoka watched with interest the speed of her classmate, who was usually always calm and collected, act like a kid in a candy store.

"He aspires to be a Martial Arts Hero, so that's understandable, kero." Tsuyu said as she took off her shoes and put them on the shelf.

She even straightened Ojiro's boots and put them next to hers as well.

"I wonder what Potter and Midoriya are up to now?"

Mina said aloud and the rest of the class went to the courtyard to join the practice. But they came across Ojiro, who was standing in front of an open door and was blocking the way.

"Um, Ojiro, dude? Are you okay?"

Kaminari put a hand on his shoulder and asked with a frown. Mashirao silently walked out into the courtyard so everyone could see what made him stop.

Potter and Midoriya were wearing only swimming trunks and were inside two huge aquariums of water. Both also wore strange masks on their faces and both practiced different moves from Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist.

Izuku was was beating up Harry's shadow clone and Potter himself sparred with two strange shadow creatures much larger than himself, they only vaguely resembled people.

"Right now they are practicing my Breathing Technique, their masks only give them a certain amount of air." Bang began to explain, appearing out of nowhere "Izuku showed an unusual talent for my personal martial arts. The kid could learn the initial stage himself by only analyzing my sparring with Harry."

"They never even went up for air..." Ojiro muttered.

Bang grinned into his mustache and in the courtyard everyone could hear Bakugo's teeth gritting in annoyance.

'Again! Fucking Deku did it again!!!'

"If I see some talent and potential in you, then perhaps you will also become one of my personal students. In the meantime, decide what martial arts you want to learn and split into groups. After that, your training will begin."

Bang said with a soft smile, but a threatening aura appeared around his body. Each person in Class 1-A had only one question in their head.

'Just where in seven hells am I?'

They split into several groups. People who wanted to use their entire body during the attack formed the first and largest group, it consisted of Tsuyu, Ojiro, Kirishima, Shoji, Bakugo, Mina, Momo, Sero, Toru, Uraraka and Jiro.

The second group consisted of three people, Kaminari, Todoroki and Sato. They wanted to learn martial arts that use the upper body more.

Ida became the only one in the third group, as he was the only one attacking mainly with his legs.

Minoru just wanted to learn some martial art in order to improve his stealth.

And Midoriya, along with Potter, became group number five as the only ones who studied Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist for now.

"Well, now that you've split into groups, it's time for a little warm-up." Bang said with a huge smile.

"I'm not the only one scared, right?" Mineta asked.

"Not this time." Shoto replied, sensing that they were going to have a difficult training session.

The training itself began with a warm-up that lasted an hour, continued with the study of martial arts - the lesson took about three hours - and after that Bang had a little sparring with them for another hour.

By the end of the day, eighteen people were lying on the floor inside of the destroyed Dojo. Sato even got his head stuck in the wall and was too tired to even try to get out. Each one from the class 1-A was bruised and cut, the entire male half was wearing only pants, and the girls were wearing full gym clothes. Outside, the rain quietly drummed on the roof, and then suddenly for everyone - even for herself - Tsuyu's voice was heard.


Her voice was weak and rough from a dry throat, but Harry heard her anyway. The green-eyed teenager just groaned in response, his condition was significantly worse than the rest, but not enough to use Sloth.

"...thank Bang later for not breaking the roof, kero."

Harry groaned again, not even bothering to talk.

"God, Bang's a demon. Even muscles that I never knew existed are aching." Mina tried to raise her hand but couldn't even move her finger.

"How can my bones hurt? That's just not right." Kaminari muttered.

"That was... So manly! Right Ojiro?!"

Kirishima, unlike Mina, was able to raise his hand up and clench it into a fist, there was a toothy grin on his face. Ojiro just lay on the floor on his stomach, arms outstretched to the sides.

"My dream has come true..." He said with tears at the corners of his eyes.

Bakugo gritted his teeth again, feeling pain in his muscles.

'And Deku has been doing this for two weeks now?! How he can even walk to school on his own two feet?! Shit!'

Shoji's arms hurt all over so much, he couldn't say anything. Uraraka only miraculously did not vomit here and now. Momo couldn't even create a simple matryoshka doll. Minoru was shocked and didn't react to anything. Sero smashed his knuckles into a bloody mess. Ida didn't think he could walk for the next three hours. Jiro couldn't hear what was happening around her, even her earphone jacks hurt. Shoto recalled his first training session with his bastard of a father when he was five. Toru was lying on the floor without a top, she is invisible and right now she didn't care, she needed cold air. As for Izuku... Izuku was muttering to himself all this time.

Then a shadow mouth appeared from Harry's direction and it began to speak instead of the green-eyed teenager.

"Hey, should we call class 1-B with us next time? Bang will definitely be happy with new students."

"Hmm... That would be fair to our course neighbors. Fair treatment is a good Hero's quality." Ida nodded in agreement.

In the end, the first in Bang's Dojo training was successful.


Harry looked at the two terrarium, inside which were two different frogs. On the right was a huge brown Bull Frog that looked at Harry with an indifferent gaze. Potter had already placed a chicken egg in her nest, it was supposed to hatch two weeks after his trip to Summer Training Camp.

The left terrarium contained a much smaller frog. She had a transparent body and Harry could even see her internal organs through her skin. It was a Glass Frog and the owner of the four Philosopher's Stones was very interested in the results.

'What if I give one of the Stones to a Basilisk...? No. There are too many unknown factors and I do not want one of them to die because of my experiments. I will not become a new Shou Tucker.'

He shook his head and hid both terrariums under the bed the Basilisks were occupying right now. Harry carried both glass boxes through the window so Azumi wouldn't notice that he had taken an animal again without her permission. Potter didn't even know how he would explain the appearance of two more Basilisks, he's not going to come up with an explanation for the frogs too. He sighed heavily and sat down at the table to continue deciphering one of the books on Alchemy.

Harry had already deciphered most of the book and got the first part of the latitude and longitude, but without the second part, they were completely useless. He did not know what could be at these coordinates, but if this book was actually written by an Alchemist, then most likely it was an abandoned laboratory or personal library.

After a couple of hours, he finally understood the rest of the code and entered the coordinates into his phone. A map appeared on the screen that showed-

"Yarigatake?" he muttered to himself.

Yarigatake is the second highest peak in the Japanese Hida mountain range. It is located in the southern part of the ridge, in the prefectures of Nagano and Gifu. The name of the mountain comes from its shape, which resembles a spear (Yari) aimed at the sky. It is also called the Japanese Matterhorn due to its shape.

Ridges and depressions diverge from the pyramidal mountain in all directions. There are four ridges and they are named: Higashikama in the east, Yarihotaka in the south, Nishikama in the west and Kitakama in the north.

There are also four depressions, respectively: Yarizawa in the southeast, Hidazawa or Yaridaira in the southwest, Senyozawa in the northwest and Tenyozawa in the northeast.

The coordinates led to the Yarizawa's Hollow - Harry was never used to calling depressions anything else - which meant Harry would have to look for even more warm clothes, as cold air usually sinks into the hollows.

The teenager just stared at the map for a few minutes and then began redrawing it onto the parchment. When he finished his detailed drawing, he hung it on the wall and pasted it in the place where the book indicated the red pin.

"It's time to create a 'board of madness' on Alchemy." He laughed and did just that.

Thirty minutes later, a board hung on the wall, which Harry transmuted from scrap materials, completely covered with various old Alchemy texts, Transmutation circles, information about the Homunculi, the Philosopher's Stones and everything he knew about this mysterious Ouroboros. Each sheet was connected by colored threads that stretched across the board like a cobweb.

"I always wanted to do it."

Harry smiled like a madman and transmuted the wall to hide his new 'board of madness' behind a thin layer of wood. He cannot let anyone see all this. Potter ran his hand over the new wall - the only one in his room that had never hung anything on it - and was pleased with the result. He looked closely at the map and scratched his chin deep in thought.

"Yarigatake, huh? Maybe after the Summer Training Camp ends..."


Shigaraki read with interest about the burning of the Black Tiger gang's safehouse and the cold-blooded murder of their leader. The Young Villain closed the newspaper after he finished the article and scratched his neck in thought.

"Kurogiri, check through Giran everything about this new player."

The bartender stopped wiping a glass and put it on the counter. It seems Shigaraki Tomura calmed down after his first failure and started thinking logically.

"The broker will only be able to find information on him after our attack on their Camp. Should we postpone the attack for another day?"

Tomura made the newspaper rot in a few seconds and started tapping his finger on the counter. He was already beginning to get annoyed with the fact that his plans were always postponed for further dates.

"No, I don't give a damn about Herpo right now, after the loss of Himiko Toga, we only have the nine people and that Greed sent by Ouroboros That's enough for us. Yes, that's enough for us. And the second pyromaniac can be always found later."

He spoke and went into the building, leaving Kurogiri alone with the monitor.

"He's finally starting to make calm decisions, but he still doesn't accept defeat. What a zeal."

Thoughtfully said All for one, Kurogiri bowed slightly towards the monitor to show respect.

"Master, should I personally find this Herpo the Foul?"

"Is that his full name?" The lifeless voice of Ouroboros said, "I wonder... Who but me can remember the Wizards of old times?"

He said thoughtfully, sitting on his throne without moving. Kurogiri straightened up and his eyes widened in surprise.

"Ouroboros? Do you know that name?"

There was a silent agreement between the two Villains: "My Vassal's Vassal is not my Vassal." that's why Ouroboros could not give orders to Kurogiri and demand due respect from him. And that is why the All for One itself refused to command Tomura's subordinates.

"Yes, but I haven't heard it in three hundred years... How interesting."

The Ouroboros did not know how exactly this new Villain found out about Herpo. Maybe he read about him in a surviving book from the Wizarding World, maybe he was a surviving Wizard himself, or... Sly wizard created a second Horcrux.

"Interesting indeed..."


The final week of June arrived and strange noises were again heard from classrom 1-A.

"I DIDN'T STUDY AT ALL!" Shouted Kaminari, clutching his head in panic, "Between the Sports Festival and internships it totally slipped my mind!"

Denki Kaminari. Rank in class: 20.

Mina clasped her hands behind her head and laughed as she stood next to him, coping with her panic much better than her friend.

Mina Ashido. Rank: 19.

"Yeah..." Grimly said Sero, remembering his midterm results.

Hanta Sero. Rank: 17.

"Midterms were, well... We haven't covered much since starting school, so they weren't all that tough." Said Sato, referring to Koda.

Rikido Sato. Rank 13.

Koji clenched his fists and nodded in agreement.

Koji Koda. Rank: 12.

"But now that we've had all this other events, I think the finals're gonna be much harder..." Rikido trailed off at the end.

"Sucks that there's gonna be a practical exam too." Mineta was looking too smug for a perverted midget.

Minoru Mineta. Rank: 10

Mina and Denki looked at his classmate in shock.

"We thought you were one of us!!!" Mina said angrily.

"Guys Like you are only lovable when you're morons! There's just no demand to whatever you actually are...!!"

Kaminari was almost crying at the injustice of the world and the smug grin on Mineta's face grew even larger.

"Such a life..."

"Ashido! Kaminari! Let's try the best we can! It'd be great if we can all go to the summer camp! Right?!" Excitedly said Midoriya.

Izuku Midoriya. Rank: 5.

"Yes!" Ida, who was standing next to him, shouted and raised his hand like a robot.

Tenya Iida. Rank: 2.

"Haven't you been attending class? How could you possibly fail?" Shoto asked, looking over his shoulder and stowing his textbooks into his backpack.

"Words hurt, y'know!"

Kaminari grabbed his heart and fell to his knees. Harry sighed heavily and walked over to the drama queen, he put his hand on his classmate's shoulder and put him back on his feet.

"Stop the tantrum. Momo, can you help the idiot?" He asked, turning around to look at his tutor, "I remember you said that you liked teaching, so that's a fortunate occasion for you."

Harry Potter. Rank: 3.

"If it's academics you need help with, I can land a hand." She said her cheeks are a little red with embarrassment.

Momo Yaoyorozu. Rank 1.

"Momo! Harry! Yow!" Kaminari finally began to cry, but they were tears of happiness.

"But if this is a practice exam, then you should go to Harry. He is irreplaceable when it comes to strategy and battle training. My talents... are more in the field of science." She finished looking looking glum.

After a couple of lessons with Momo, the girl asked Harry to help her with a practical exam. So the green-eyed teenager became her sparring partner at the Dojo and occasionally at the UA training grounds whenever the opportunity arose. He tried to boost her self-confidence, the girl was getting better quickly, but she was still too weak to defeat Harry. And with no visible results - except for the appearance of the slightly visible six-pack on her stomach - which Harry tried not to stare at - Momo quickly lost confidence, although she did not show it. But Potter played the long game and prepared her for all kind of fights.

Jiro walked over to Yaoyorozu with a notebook in her hands and bent down a little at her classmate's desk.

"I'm not as bad off as them, but... How about helping me too? Quadratic functions are kinda tripping me up." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-dojo._56753822772557788">;s-dojo._56753822772557788</a> for visiting.

Kyoka Jiro. Rank 8.


"Help me out too! You're good with kanji, right Yaoyorozu?" Sero asked, clasping his hands together over his head.

"Me too." Ojiro joined their group.

Mashirao Ojiro. Rank 9.

Momo did not expect such a strong reaction and was very surprised, her cheeks turned even redder.

"Yes! Of course!" Yaoyorozu screamed, raising her hands in the air, and the teenagers joined in the celebration, "The library will be too small for all of us, so I invite you all to the Yaoyorozu house." Momo said with a smile and quickly glanced at Harry, "We both will accept them in our classes so as not to change dates. If you don't mind of course." She added quickly.

Harry just nodded, thinking what chaos would start at the Orphanage if he invited his friends over.

"That's what virtue looks like." Said Kirishima, looking at Yaoyorozu's new group.

Eijiro Kirishima. Rank: 15.

"I've got virtue too. I'll tutor you 'til you're dead." Growled Bakugo without even looking at his classmate.

Katsuki Bakugo. Rank: 4.

"Oh? I knew I could count on you!"

Eijiro threw his hand around Bakugo's neck, only to get the blast in the face, that he blocked with his Quirk.

"That's some spirit!"

WhyTho_2 WhyTho_2

Bang's a training demon, that's for sure. The only ones from 1-A that will learn Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist are Potter, Midoriya, Bakugo, Asui and Mina.

What? Her reflexes are nuts.

Ojiro is too plain in everything and only will be able to use the initial stage of the Bang's martial arts.

Also, the training here will help Mineta with his stealth. Just a side note.

Like it? Add to library!

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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