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6.25% Honkai Star Rail: A Gambler's Fallacy / The (Known) Bat Logs (Spoilers)
Honkai Star Rail: A Gambler's Fallacy Honkai Star Rail: A Gambler's Fallacy original

Honkai Star Rail: A Gambler's Fallacy

Author: Emiya_Official

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The (Known) Bat Logs (Spoilers)

Below are the Bat Logs I have made public and added here for ease of reading if you are curious.


[Accessing Database]

[Welcome Admin]

[Asters Bat Log]

[Bat-666 | Codename "Orphan Obliterator"]


"Techno Never dies" - Aster

This bat was one of Aster's personal favorites when he was on his home planet. He acquired it after a gacha ritual went wrong and summoned a suit-clad individual. He claimed to be someone important from the underworld, going by the initials of L.M. 

This person offered Aster a deal of ∞ Gacha Currency at the cost of his soul. What he didn't realize was that Aster had already given his soul away…to the grind. So, as he was giving out the proposition, Aster shoved Bat-777(Cross Bat) into the mouth of the figure before he exploded into a pile of ashes.

Aster then used the ashes and the blood of his goth neighbor to forge a new bat. This bat, coined the "Ophan Obliterator," was a black obsidian bat equipped with a hilt and handguard. 

It was part of Aster's "Sharp Series" of bats, which did "blunt" damage to enemies and had a (50%) bonus break effect on those without parents. 

During its initial trial period, the bat would give screams of the damned as well as bleed crimson blood in a trail whenever he swung it. 

At first, Aster thought it was cool; however, when he swung it in his room as he normally does to practice his bat angles, some of the blood landed on his limited-addition Kiana Kaslana poster. This enraged him, as the poster started to melt. In righteous fury, Aster spent 12 hours performing continuous "maintenance" on Bat-666 to make it "all better" using Bat-777.

Nowadays, Aster uses Bat-666 to cut his fruit and spread butter on his toast, and when some of those weird folks from the Vatican come by. When people see Bat-666, they begin to tremble and run away. 

This helped Aster avoid Mormons and IRS agents as he would just leave it outside by his door, and nothing would approach. Sometimes, he left his door wide open because he was lazy, and not even the wind dared to go past Bat-666.

To this day, bat-666 is left lying in his room after Aster had passed, untouched. Nobody has gone within a 100-foot radius of the house. If one were to get close, you could almost hear the demonic voices from the bat whimper as if it was still being "maintenced" by Aster. An echo of its legendary 12-hour session that, for the bat, has not ended. 

Time is relative, after all…


[Bat-335 | Codename "The Gate Of Bat-ylon"]


"Mongrels" - Aster

Bat-335, otherwise called "The Gate of Bat-ylon," is a golden key shaped like a standard Baseball bat. It is by all means a baseball bat, but it functions as a key to Aster's Bat stash and has no real "blunt" damage to its strength. Instead, Aster uses the bat for its utility and offensive potential. It is of the Utility class for Aster's bats' arsenal.

As a gacha addict, Aster inadvertently saw the likes of the King of Heroes and searched for every means possible to recreate this treasure. This sparked his desire to expand his already extensive collection.

During a period in his life when he wanted to fund his initial college degree, Aster went on a journey across the world instead of finding a job like a normal person. 

On this journey, he encountered many different fantastical adventures and realms worldwide.

When asked about his reasonings behind this journey, Aster only stated that he wanted to complete the "grind" called life as it never stops. 

Along the journey, Aster disappeared for an extended period of a year, and many theorized Aster used Bat-024 to achieve this. When asked about this lapse in his record, he had only one thing to say. 

"Fuck Babylonia"

When initially found, Aster was in a sorry state. He was not wearing any garments and was wielding a bright golden bat. His lack of garments was normal, as he was often found without any clothes.

This bat was later discovered to be a marvel of technology, which he coined the "Gate of Bat-ylon." When asked what inspired this great work of art, Aster only stated, with a look of melancholy, that it was a gift from an old friend.

While the GoB had the functionality to fire bats from golden portals faster than the speed of light, Aster rarely used it except for smiting the occasional insect that would enter his "Sacred Gacha" room.

Aster preferred a more personal touch when handling anything hostile or friendly and would not use it unless there was nothing else available or he felt like it. He would often use weaker bats, as the more extreme of the collection would often make things too easy.

That is why one must play along with his shenanigans; it is most important not to anger him.

There is a reason why the age of gods ended after all…


[Bat-351 | Codename "Laevateinn"]


"An excellent firestarter for my grill!" - Aster

Bat-351, known by the codename "Laevateinn," is a formidable member of Aster's 'sharp series' arsenal. This 182 cm long bat, with its obsidian black hue and red symbols adorning the handle, is a sight to behold. Its "blade," a long, slightly curved extension, is complemented by a crescent moon handguard and a cross-like guard at the handle's end.

The origins of Bat-351, including its creation and acquisition, remain shrouded in mystery. However, researchers have speculated that the blade may have once belonged to a "Surtr." Whether this is the same Surtr from Norse mythology is a question that lingers in the air.

When activated, Bat-351 emits a scorching heat, reaching a minimum of 1200 Celsius. This unique ability allows Aster to summon a large, black figure made of obsidian, depicting a demonic heritage with its horns and hellfire theme, to fight on his behalf.

During his extensive journey, Aster found himself in Scandinavia. It was there that he mysteriously acquired Bat-351 'Laevateinn '. The thermal readings taken from an unknown conflict flared, threatening to permanently damage the earth with its sun-like heat. However, a mysterious force intervened, preventing the catastrophe.

When observers came to the scene and saw the aftermath of the conflict, Aster was naked, walking through a Norway forest, using his bat to cook some game he had hunted.

When asked about the huge surge in temperature and his whereabouts, he merely stated that he just had a "disagreement" and they wouldn't bother anyone anymore.

Ever since that day, this bat has not left Bat-335, as the usage of such a bat again has been predicted to usher in a new coming of Ragnarok.


[Bat-4444 | Codename "Ribaundo"]


"The true bane to a gacha gamer" - Aster

Bat-4444, otherwise known as "Ribaundo," is a bat of the "Utility" class that Aster had kept on his person occasionally. This bat is approximately 5 cm long and is worn as a necklace around Aster's neck. The bat is of silver coloring with ancient Japanese Buddahistic symbols (Magatama) carved into its entire length. It is shaped like a classic baseball bat that has a chain necklace hooked through the handle. 

This bat was crafted by Aster in his home using various household appliances to forge this bat into what it is today. It is made from pure silver, which Aster had stolen from his goth neighbor next door while he wasn't home. 

Through a mysterious process, Aster managed to imbue this bat with abilities using methods unknown. When asked about this new piece for his collection, he only said that he wanted to "full counter" like an anime character.

This bat served as a barrier that blocked not only all physical attacks from hitting its user but also concepts such as destiny and luck. 

When something is sent towards Aster under the coverage of Bat-100, that ailment/attack/anything is immediately reflected back at equal, if not higher, force.

While it is powerful and can protect Aster from outside negative influences, it has its downsides.

For all intents and purposes, it is a wall that blocks both the good and the bad from affecting Aster. This means that good fortune and destiny's favor(plot armor) do not reach Aster.

That is why Aster does not always keep this bat equipped, as it can affect his gacha roles or make it hard to eat (junk)food. Even feelings of affection directed at Aster would instead get neutralized by the bat, completely deleting the idea of liking Aster from the people it affects. 

Aster is reluctant to use it and views its creation as a mistake. He feels that he got caught up in the hype and made it a tad too powerful in the process.

This is why the Bat is an emergency-only tool and a sign that if he is wearing it, something has genuinely gone awry.


[Bat-024 | Codename "One-Armed Bandit"]


"Only by casting aside reason does one truly gamble…"- Aster

Bat-024 is a bat of the "Utility" class that embodies Aster's mentality regarding gacha. This bat is shaped like a baseball bat that can completely fit in Aster's palm, which he uses when he feels lucky. When fully gripped and positioned like a lever, Aster can manifest a slot machine in front of him with various symbols still unknown to the database. 

There have been theories that this bat utilizes the very concept of luck to either increase or decrease Aster's luck, depending on the result. There are three possible results regarding the bat's abilities. These effects last anywhere from a minute to a whole year, and the duration is random.

Positive Outcome: On a positive outcome, with varying levels of effect. This bat increases Aster's luck immensely. However, it's been reported that the luck of the surrounding 5km of Aster has dropped significantly. This results in increased rates of accidents, casualties, and unpredictable weather. Aster after this effect takes place, Aster gains an ungodly amount of good fortune as the laws of reality will warp to give him a better outcome.

Neutral Outcome: A neutral outcome results in something odd when achieved compared to the other outcomes. Instead of the user's luck changing, it causes Aster to disappear. Frequently, these absences last a varying amount of time before Aster typically comes back with a new bat of different strength. This would be considered a neutral outcome due to the unpredictable outcome of his expeditions.

Negative Outcome: On a negative outcome, Aster absorbs all the bad luck around within a 5km radius into himself. This can be more dangerous as the accumulation of bad luck in Aster can cause him to overload. This surge in bad luck resulted in the world experiencing a global effect of enhanced bad luck. This has caused major international disasters such as the laws of nature rebelling, laws of physics breaking, and meteors falling upon the planet. The last time this event was documented, the world was hit by a global pandemic. However, the preemptive efforts to shut the bat down diminished more significant effects.

This bat appeared after a nasty gacha session that Aster had gone through. He had hit hard pity at 900 Saint Quartz on the berserker Morgan banner and had gone through a mental break. In his madness, he raided Las Vegas for a slot machine and used unknown metal, blood from his goth neighbor, and another mysterious rainbow gem to craft this bat. 

This bat allowed Aster to easily have a global impact; however, there is an unknown cooldown period. Regardless of Bat-024's result, the world will tremble.


[Bat-9000 | Codename "The BFB"]


"...Stay away from me..."- Aster

Bat-9000 is a strange entry into the bat logs, as with most of these, you can at least see some kind of resemblance to a standard baseball bat. Whether it's through the usage of "blunt" damage or the fact that it is somewhat shaped like a bat, most bats on the log share some traits except for a small few. This bat is one of those, as Aster does not use it as a "bat" per se and instead uses it to "clean" up anything he deems a monstrosity.

Bat-9000 made its first appearance after Aster had gone into his goth neighbor's home for the regular grocery run. This trip, however, was far from ordinary. Aster didn't return for six months, a disappearance that raised alarm bells at the foundation. The circumstances behind his vanishing were anything but normal.

Aster's 'goth' neighbor, Leylin "Goetia" Blackwood, is more than just goth. He's a unique case, deserving his own classification. The bat logs, however, only contain Aster's bats. Leylin's story, therefore, will be found elsewhere. In brief, Mr. Blackwood is considered a threat to humanity on par with Aphos Oda. He's retired now, trying out suburban life, which apparently includes dark rituals involving sacrifices and demonic pacts.

Shortly before Aster's reappearance, a giant green laser had destroyed the planet Mars from an unknown location. The destruction of Mars resulted in global panic, as much of the population was left in awe, and mass panic occurred. It took the foundation extensive efforts to hide the fact that there ever was a planet called Mars, and mass population-wide amnestic and information editing had to be undergone. A week later, a large red portal appeared in Mr. Blackwood's front yard, and with it came Aster. Aster was decked out in a strange armor set and strapped to the teeth in weaponry as he exited that portal. One of these weapons was Bat-9000, deemed by Aster as "the BFB" and was stated to be a souvenir from hell. Whether these statements are true is another mystery. However, no one was willing to challenge his claims. 

The lab guys devised a new gacha game to keep Aster entertained and prevent him from causing more (Redacted) disasters. His boredom has been a significant issue in the past year, leading to the development of gacha games becoming a substantial part of the budget. Maintaining surveillance on Aster and keeping him in one place is crucial, and the gacha games have proven to be the most effective method so far, as traditional methods have had little to no effect on neutralizing his activity. 

To relax Aster and keep him occupied after his 'adventure to hell,' the team released a new game called Genshin Impact. They made sure to introduce the game to Aster, designing it to be as tedious as possible without raising suspicion. This way, they hoped Aster would stay in one spot for longer and rely on his 'stimulus checks' to avoid causing issues.

Bat-9000 is a technological marvel. It appears to be a form of gun that fires a concentrated beam of force. While this is not particularly extraordinary in the context of the story, its origins and the 'ten-thousand' version that supposedly destroyed Mars are shrouded in mystery.

Bat-9000 fires a peculiar beam of green energy. This beam contains massive destructive power, capable of melting all materials found on Earth. Aster uses it because he wants to 'look cool' and avoid getting too close to his targets. What these targets might be is unknown, but it's expected that Bat-9000 will be used for something he considers a major threat.

Edit: 4/24/2024

Bat-9000 has made another appearance, this time after Aster used it inside his own home. The bat's use destroyed the entire front of Aster's home and left a giant hole in the International Space Station. The reason behind the usage is still unconfirmed; however, agents were able to ascertain that Aster had faced a monstrosity that required quick and deadly force.


[Bat-352 | Codename "The Bat-Frost"]


" Eat my shorts, Batman! You are not the only one who can name things "- Aster

Bat-352, or the "Bat-Frost," is a strange bat from Aster's collection. A bat in the "Utility" class allows Aster to travel to any area he desires. Its powers are still not fully understood, but a giant rainbow appears when Aster stabs Bat-352 into the ground. This rainbow serves as a means of transport as Aster had been recorded using the bat to travel across the world instantly. Other times, he disappeared to an unknown location outside of our observation range.

It looked like a standard longsword with golden ornaments before Aster decided to "improve" it. Aster deemed the former design to be "lame" and smelted it down before reforging it into a classic 2.61-inch-thick, 42-inch-long baseball bat. This sword-turned bat looks, for all intents and purposes, like a regular metal bat; however, the metal has a strange tint to it. If one gazes deeply into it, you can see a kaleidoscope of colors swirling around the surface. 

The method of slamming the bat into the ground works still the same as Aster would use it whenever he wanted to go on a "vacation" or pick up gacha merch.

This bat was also shortly discovered after Aster's outing in Scandinavia. This and Bat-351 were among some of the items Aster had acquired in his adventure. According to Aster, when asked by a foundation planted worker at Aster's favorite Sandwich shop, he stated that the original owner wouldn't need it anymore. 

Quote from information gathering operation:

"Oh, this ol' thing? Yeah, no, it's mine now. A bunch of stuck-up fools up there gave me some issues, so I made sure they would never disrupt my grind again. Can you believe it? A bunch of weird European people started freaking out over some fire guy. It was funny, anyway Steve, how are the kids? I know working part-time as a sandwich guy at 60 must be hard, but man, I don't know how you do it." 

"Wha? What happened during my trip? Well… I guess I crashed some dude's costume party, and I think I burned their treehouse down? They deserved it, tho! They made me miss my FGO daily login!"

It has been reported that the status of Scandinavia has been in turmoil since Aster's "trip," and many odd occurrences have occurred in the area since

Edit: 4/24/2024

Shortly after the incident with Bat-9000, Aster utilized Bat-352 extensively to travel across the world in search of a Japanese novel series, "Highschool DXD." At this time, his gaze looked empty as he proceeded to purge any media he came across in this time. The amount of media lost in this period is incalculable; however, it is safely assumed that Aster somehow purged every source of that content from the globe. Afterward, he went to all the national museums and destroyed any relics mentioning the scourge of Europe, "Aphos Oda." When asked why he went out of his way to do this, he said he was "doing the world a favor." 

It is unknown why he resorted to such measures, especially since any threat related to this topic is nonexistent. Researchers are still trying to find a link to a fictional Japanese series and infamous super terrorist "Aphos Oda."

This just further demonstrates Aster's absurdity and makes many of us glad we came up with the idea of creating "gacha" games to keep him distracted. The world would not be ready for Aster to be bored.

Emiya_Official Emiya_Official

I made a lot of Bat Logs so Ill slowly release more as chapters come out

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