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42.85% Hori's Regret / Chapter 11: Hori The Chef

Hori The Chef - Hori's Regret - Chapter 11 by VeReks full book limited free

Chapter 11: Hori The Chef

"fine, I'll tell you what happened to me..."


summer was soon approaching for Japan. The weather was nice with a breeze and a warm sun. two teenagers were seen going inside a two-story single house that was owned by the Hori household.

because the house was so near to the earlier location they were at, they decided to enter considering how Mika insisted that she wanted to hear the long story from Hori.

"I'm here!" said Hori announcing his Arrival. although he was alone in the house, It's out of respect and culture for the Japanese people.

"Remember to take off your shoe Mika-san. and use these slippers while you're at it"

"You're acting like I don't know proper etiquette," said Mika while walking past Hori. Nevertheless, she was a hard-to-understand person from Hori's perspective. even when they grew up together from high school, it felt like there was a huge barrier between them. Hori took a pair of slippers and he then put them on.

going into the living room he saw Mika standing still. she then turned around and asked

"So where do I sit?"

"Just make yourself comfortable while I get some drinks" replied Hori.


**30 minutes later**

"So you're telling me, that I should believe what you have just said to me?" Mika's gaze looked as if she could cut through anything with her eyes.

even if she had eyes that were scary enough to make someone piss himself, Hori prevailed by putting on a face that was full of confidence.

"you're very persistent, Mika-san...Still, I'm not begging for you to believe me, especially when I told the truth already." Hori said in a tone full of helplessness. Mika's expression turned sour because she couldn't think of anything at all! I mean who would believe that a boy could grow so much in just seven days? that's one week! also the fact that the boy she knew that usually stuttered every sentence in front of her, now told a story without getting flustered! she started to speculate if it was Hori's brother who's playing tricks on her. Honestly, if she didn't know that this was Hori's home she would've thought it was a random stranger that was trying to kidnap her.

"haaa... you're making my head explode you, idiot. After ignoring school and us, you suddenly came back as a whole different person? do you know how incredibly dumb your explanation was? oh, I just started to work out and sleep well! Do you really expect me to believe that?" Mika's expression showed how irritated she is. shaking her head she quickly fixed herself while taking a sip of the drink Hori set out earlier.

'this girl really is hard to predict.. her demeanor suddenly became noble-like after that brute tongue of hers..' said Hori inwardly.

the whole room was in silence. Hori did not talk any further while Mika was seen trying to calm herself down. after some minutes passed Hori finally broke the silence.

"anyways, let's just say I'm Keisuke Hori and I just transformed completely? alright. so what did you reach out to me for anyway?" said Hori. maybe it's about the relationship between Nishina and Takayuki-san? he asked Ling Ling.

(That's most likely the case, host! by the way, when are you going to give it to her?)

'soon when she calms down a bit'

seeing Hori in a daze she quickly fixed how she sat and looked as if she was a scary and calm vice-president.

"well, I don't really mind. as long as you listen to what I say without getting mad, then sure."

"As you may know, Chi-chan is a pretty genuine girl. though I haven't interacted much with her since she is always with that gorilla-head, just with a glance you could tell she is someone who is forthright. as I said back in that room, she is one of the girls who think that she will be called a 'slut' if she has sex with someone she does not have a relationship with. but since she already gave her virginity to him, then everything would be okay. nevertheless, even though I apologize for eavesdropping on your confession to her on top of the roof, I still want you to just give up with whatever you're doing making her feel guilty."

"Don't worry Mika. I'll stop bothering her if that's what you think is the best decision." Hori said with a sincere tone.

(host, you're my idol! How are you able to fake that!)

'I'm a good actor after all. hehe' while imagining wiping his nose with his finger.

"Good. I guess I got nothing to do here anymore," she said while standing up.

"Uh, Wait! can I prepare you a meal? it's a bit impolite of me and I have been practicing a bit since I was sick, so I want to see if my cooking is good y'know?" said Hori. He could see Mika furrowing her eyebrows trying to see what kind of 'act' I'm doing.

"hmm... fine. I was just about to go buy food from the convenience store anyway. might as well eat from you since it's free."

"alright. just sit back comfortably while this mister is going to cook for you!" while putting up his sleeves showing off his big forearm. Miku went to a nearby chair to watch Hori cook from behind.

'how could someone transform to that... I don't get it... haaaa..' she sighed inwardly. still, Mika has to admit the man she is looking at is the closest to her type. unintentionally remembering the way Hori fucked her into oblivion in the Love Hotel and seeing him turn into such a man, her lips started to curve showing a seductive smile. though she did not know why she suddenly became horny, she couldn't care less. standing up from the chair, Mika silently approached the wide back of Hori's and hugged him from behind.

"uh, Mika-san what are you doing?" said Hori while maintaining 'focus' with the food. upon seeing this action from Mika, he pumped his fist with Ling Ling inside his head.

countless thoughts appeared on Miku's head on why she was doing this. she was looking like a seductress while hugging Hori! because she was shorter than Hori she was hugging his waist feeling his hard body with her hands.

"don't worry about me.. just focus on the food that your making.." Mika's face now had a hint of red to it as if her sexual desire was getting stimulated. she was definitely turned on!

**chop chop**

"what do you prefer, lobsters or crabs Mika-san?" Hori asked

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"Mika-san? what do you prefe-"

Mika suddenly slammed her lips against Hori. startled for a second, he gradually started to accept the attack. their tongue was entangled with each other. Mika suddenly started to suck on his tongue until she randomly parted her lips with his, making a string of saliva that connected them both.

"I prefer you instead" while immediately giving another peck to Hori's lips before inserting her tongue inside again.

the gear has finally been switched.

VeReks VeReks

its boutta be my first time writing an r-18 next chap... have mercy on me!

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