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48.48% Hori's Regret / Chapter 15: I want more

I want more - Hori's Regret - Chapter 15 by VeReks full book limited free

Chapter 15: I want more

Hori suddenly thought, 'heh, since she's playing games with me, I might as well get on the act also...' while an evil smile could be seen plastered on Hori's face, Mika, being oblivious of Hori's thoughts was now getting approached by Hori as if she was getting preyed on.


"Don't be upset Mika-san, It's only a movie..." said Hori as if he was a parent teasing a child.

seeing Mika's right eyebrow twitch knowing what he was trying to do, Hori couldn't help but try to hold his laughter. adopting a pleasant smile to ease it, he continued to walk towards the sofa where Miku was. he then sat on the opposite side of Mika's and added "how about I give you a massage? just to ease your mind a little bit. and I'm also pretty confident with my hand techniques"

"hoooh, so you're telling me, not only can you cook now, but you are also a 'masseuse'," said Mika. acting amused, she suddenly changed how she was sitting to appear bewitching in front of Hori. though she was acting all adorable before with pouty faces, she now had an immediate change to her as if she had a switch that could turn on and off. Mika hopped from the sofa and said

"Fine. but I'll be the judge of that. We'll see how good you really are..." said Mika while walking seductively, swaying her hips towards the staircase. because she only had a white t-shirt belonging to Hori and a very lewd black-laced panty on, her shapely legs were in full display! Hori was dazed. If Hori was an anime protagonist, one of his nostrils would have a nosebleed right now. Feeling the gaze of Hori, Mika knowing her teasing worked, then added before going up,

"well I don't really mind you checking me out, shouldn't you be coming with me?" said Mika while proceeding to go upstairs while a smile could be seen on her face. still, Hori could not see it, only the back of Mika.

hearing Mika's words, Hori then, realized that he suddenly got put in a trance by her fine ass legs, making him flustered. he grits his teeth while saying 'you better start begging me for forgiveness...' inwardly. rather than responding with words, Hori stood up with confidence while popping his knuckles. 'she better be ready or else.'


When Hori arrived at the front door of his room, he saw Mika standing in front of his desk. being the curious person he is, he went towards Mika and tapped her shoulders from behind, and asked, "what are you looking at?"

instead of getting spooked by the sudden touch, Mika was instead calm. she looked towards Hori and said

"I was just looking at your family pictures."

Mika then saw a picture of a young girl with short brown hair hugging a boy from behind while both of them were smiling. she randomly thought and asked,

"Is that you and Chitose?"

Hori took a glance at where Mika was looking and saw an old picture of him and Chitose when they were younger. suddenly reminiscing the past, he answered

"Yeah, it was us when we were younger... although we aren't that close anymore since then"

Mika seeing the expression of Hori gave her a random idea. letting her hand reach out to Hori's face, she then started to caress it. feeling the delicate hand of Mika caressing his right cheek, made him clear his nostalgic thoughts. While Hori still has some lingering feelings for Chitose, he couldn't forget that he has a whole beauty right beside him.

Hori turned towards Mika and started to caress her face. He lowered his head and gave her soft lips a quick peck. seeing Hori finally giving her affection, made her smile for a bit. Mika walked towards the bed and slowly took a seat while saying,

"idiot. why are you so obsessed with her. focus on me right now. seeing you randomly pay attention to her...haaa... forget it." while slowly hiding in the covers.

Hori seeing this, turned towards Mika being grumpy and went towards her.

"I'm sorry Mika-san. It's my fault for turning my attention elsewhere." Hori said while suddenly remembering something. "Ah, right. wasn't I supposed to give you a massage?" asked Hori.


hearing no replies coming from Mika, he started to playfully annoy her.





"MiiiiikaaAAAA-SAN?" said Hori loudly. Mika then threw the covers to the side of the bed while saying

"Hurry up with the massage or I'll change my mind," she said acting as if she was disinterested. while she did not know why she was acting so jealous making her thoughts scramble for a second, Hori pulled out oil for the massage.

"Your wish is my command..."

"Stop playing with me and get on with it."

Hori seeing Mika trying to act indifferently made him smile. curious to why she was acting very aloof, he asked

"Is it because you're jealous?"

"ugh... do you want to give me a message or what? hurry up already." since her back was facing Hori, the way she said that was very muffled because of the pillow that she planted on her face making Hori not allowed to see her current state.

"I apologize, your highness, I will now continue on with the massage..." said Hori while pouring oil on Miku's back.

"stop being so corny with your stupid roleplay and get on with it. It better be good or else..."

"yes yes Mika-san..." responded Hori. Hori started by placing his hands near the shoulders. since he was using the skilled hands of Masseur, his skills with his hands were so full of techniques and especially when using weak spots finder. this was the ultimate package for making women experience climax!

he then gave a good press making Mika suddenly moan. though she tried to conceal it, she couldn't help but feel good just from that one move. Hori suddenly lowered his head towards Miku's ear and whispered

"I'm going to continue now..."

feeling goosebumps from the whisper, Mika let out a small 'mm' while nodding her head. Miku inwardly thought

'to think that a massage could feel this good...his hands...his touch is unreal!'

Continuing by squeezing and rubbing around her body and pressing against the sweet and sensitive spots, Mika's moans started to get louder and louder. her body was flinching every time Hori would touch her sensitive spots.

"so good~~continue Hori-kun~~"

"Don't worry, I'm just about to begin..." seeing Mika so drained and sweaty, made Hori feel a sense of pride and dominance. seeing Mika's body still flinching, he couldn't help but ask to himself Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-regret_20637362606455405/i-want-more_55545770878760695">;s-regret_20637362606455405/i-want-more_55545770878760695</a> for visiting.

'did I overdo it?'

"hngh~ I need more... hori-kun~"

"looks like I didn't. haaa.." said Hori while sighing after.


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