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45.45% Hori's Regret / Chapter 14: rabbit and the fox

rabbit and the fox - Hori's Regret - Chapter 14 by VeReks full book limited free

Chapter 14: rabbit and the fox

Mika sighed while quickly going back up to find her phone while muttering 'if you say so'


After Mika found her phone that was beneath the bed, she quickly leaves the stinky, messy room While going downstairs with wobbly legs. when she saw Hori preparing the table, seeing the focused expression of Hori made her feel somewhat amazed.

Feeling the gaze of someone behind him, he turned around to see Mika in a trance while staring at him.

"Are you alright? the food's ready so take a sit or else it will get cold soon" said Hori with a worried smile.

breaking the dazedness by shaking her head, she headed towards the table while taking a seat in front of Hori. Being the gentleman he is, he gave her a nice glass of water while Mika was focused on smelling the Risotto.

"It smells good, doesn't it? have a taste, I'm sure you will love it Mika-san," said Hori Excitedly. this of course was his first time making a meal without counting his past life. with a bit of help from his experience from his past self, Ling Ling, and the advanced senses of his body, he could be easily titled the best chef in the world!

Mika took a spoonful of the meal and made it touch her lips before saying "It better be good, or else..." while her eyes were focused on Hori's. she opened her mouth wide munching on the spoonful of Risotto. suddenly her eyes became big and gasped while the food was still in her mouth. 'This is better than I thought it would be! way better actually! the flavors, texture everything!' she thought excitedly and proceeded to take a mouthful of the Risotto. She suddenly thought that whoever gets Hori would be extremely lucky. looking at Hori smiling towards her sincerely, made her finally look at Hori in a different kind of light... her ears started to become red while doing so making her shake her thoughts inside of her head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-regret_20637362606455405/rabbit-and-the-fox_55526114155620441">;s-regret_20637362606455405/rabbit-and-the-fox_55526114155620441</a> for visiting.

Hori, watching the unbelievable scene of Miku eating his self-made meal, gave him a feeling of being proud and relieved. he was proud that he was able to satisfy Mika and also that she liked the Risotto. still, it's really because of the help of his past knowledge and the system. Hori started to pray inwardly to the Gods, especially The God of Netori. he clasped his hands and said

"Thanks for the meal!" while digging down the food with Mika.


after cleaning the dishes, Hori finally has the chance to watch a movie with Mika. they agreed on watching some movies together on the sofa before going to sleep.

Hori insisted that she could sleep in his parent's room, but Miku said It's disrespectful to sleep on someone's bed to whom she hasn't even met yet. so they decided to sleep together. Since Hori changed his bed to a bigger one that he got from the system shop for 2 counterpoints, both of them can sleep comfortably in the bed without any discomfort. Hori suddenly stood up while stating,

"Wait a minute Mika-san, I forgot to clean the room so u can just watch the movie without me."

"Hmm," said Mika flatly. because she was so focused on the movie, she didn't really care about anything else other than the movie in front of her. Hori didn't show any discomfort with the quick answer so he just continued walking towards the stairs while checking the system shop.

"Ling Ling, didn't you say I could use Frozen Time World as an inventory?"

(Indeed host! since you're looking for an idea to quickly clean the room, I'll gladly tell you!)

"So what's this idea that you're talking about?" said Hori while scratching his ear because of the sudden squeaky voice of Ling Ling.

(Hey!! I know what your thinking and that's mean to call my voice squeaky! anyways you meanie host, the way you can do it is just taking Frozen Time World out by saying 'Materialize Frozen Time World'.)

"Thanks, Ling Ling...I knew I could always rely on you," said Hori.

(You're making me blush, you stupid host!) said Ling Ling. although Hori wondered how a system could blush, he brushed those thoughts away while imagining something weird all of a sudden. he proceeds to try the idea that Ling Ling suggested and said,

"Materialize Frozen Time World!"

suddenly a floating small cube could be found directly in front of Hori's face.

"wow... so what do I do now?" feeling a bit dazed with the sudden appearance of the Frozen time world, he quickly asked Ling Ling.

(now, you can just throw things at it like It's a target! try it with that condom right there host!) said Ling Ling with anticipation. in the meantime Hori was feeling a bit disgusted while picking up the used condom. he then threw it towards the Frozen time world making it disappear in an instant.

"hoooh... that's actually pretty awesome!" said Hori as if he was a small child. he continued throwing the tissues, condoms and while at it he refurnished the whole room! although he spent 24 Counterpoints, he always knew it's easy to earn them so he didn't need to worry.

The room now had a modern, masculine type of vibe to it. The wide bed was put right in the middle of the room, against the window that was behind it, while having black nightstands on each side of the bed. the black curtains, black fur rug, black furniture complimented the whole room. Hori, being satisfied finished by hanging around some pictures of himself and his parents and some people he idolized on top of his desk.

"hmm.... it feels like I'm forgetting something," Hori thought. suddenly a light bulb popped up inside his head and he said inwardly 'of course... I can't forget some greens!' while buying some plants with white pots and putting them in each corner with the lamps. he also did not forget to put one on top of each nightstand.

"there we go! now It's perfect!" said Hori while thumping his chest upwards. feeling proud he finally exited the room without forgetting to open the window and spraying some fragrance to remove the hormonal odor.


when Hori was finally done decorating his room, he went down towards the living room where Mika was. Though he was surprised seeing her yawn, she was still focused on the TV screen until she suddenly complained, "WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO DIE!!! UGH, This movie IS SO STUPID! LIKE WHY?" she angrily slammed the tv controller down towards the sofa so that it won't break.

'at least she's thoughtful...' Hori smiled wryly. seeing such a display of action from Miku herself surprised Hori. He knew that Mika was always a 'very hard to understand' person. she sometimes acts very cold while also being playful later on.

"Mika-san, are you okay?" asked Hori. Mika turned around and seeing Hori looking at her pitifully, she couldn't help but puff her cheeks out cutely. still, Hori knew that this was just another playful act from Mika so he knew she was just trying to act adorable.

"Of course not! why would you recommend this stupid movie!" said Mika while hugging her knees.

Hori suddenly thought, 'heh, since she's playing games with me, I might as well get on the act also...' while an evil smile could be seen plastered on Hori's face, Mika, being oblivious of Hori's thoughts was now getting approached by Hori as if she was getting preyed on.

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