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10.86% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 8: Aftermath

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Chapter 8: Aftermath

While Foo was occupied with fighting back his tears, Wissian where staggering towards the branch master while being bent over with laughter. "Branch master! Who would have thought that you would fall to a rookie! The undefeated warrior finally falls! And by what weapon? Speech! There is a saying that the pen is mightier than the sword, but the mouth outshines them both!"

Reaching the still unconscious man, Wissian starts to chant a prayer to heal him. "Oh deity of light, hear my prayers..." However, after a few seconds his face changes. "Quickly! Bring a high grade healing potion!"

When hearing Wissian's panicked voice, Einar was stunned. He then turned to the colleague and nodded, indicating for him to fetch the potion. High grade healing potions was rare. There was only a couple in the entire city. The act of using them were not to take lightly, however Einar had complete faith in Wissian. At least when it came to healing...

"Whats the matter?" Einar asked as he hurried to their side.

"The damage caused is way beyond what I am capable of healing! Thanks to the Cross of Healing that I have, I can barely keep him alive! Although my powers are great, there is no malicious intent behind the damage, which makes it almost impossible to heal it with holy magic. As you know, holy magic can be described to correct what is wrong, but the damage in his body is actually harmonic, as if the world itself agrees with the cause of damage. I need help of a potion that can help the body repair itself. When the potion is active, the holy magic can boost its power, and as such we still have a chance to save him! How unfortunate that this happened after the examination, and not during it. That would have easily resolved this problem!"

Everyone turned to Foo and had shivers down their spines. ``A casual statement almost caused the death of a rank E adventurer? No wait! His survival is still uncertain! Then one can only wonder what would happen if he were using a couple of sentences with the intent to kill...`` Everyone shared the same thoughts, and was starting to have difficult breathing due to the pressure the thoughts gave. ``Entire cities... No! Even whole countries would be annihilated in his wake! That mouth of his would even send deities running in fear! He truly is a harbinger of doom. A casual word from him could take down an army!``

The highly seasoned warriors sensed the danger. They all made a oath in their hearts: ``I shall never offend this man... no this impending catastrophe in human shape.`` In fact, everyone also thought that they should keep as far away from him as possible. The fact was that this `accident` was just a casual mistake. Who knew if or when they could become innocent victims just by being close to him. However obviously distancing themselves from him could cause him displeasure. ``Hmm... that quest that i planned to take next were at the capital, right? Yes, i just remembered! I had definitely planned to go to the capital for a long time now. It is definitely not because i want to get away from here! Nonono, not at all!`` As such, all the ex-drunkards, who was now the most sober they had been in their entire life, decided to escape... eh... to take the quest in the capital.

Foo who was, after all, an adult, came to his senses. Resorting on the new common mantra ``Don't mind it. Don't mind it`` he finally pulled himself together.

Noticing the stares filled with fear, he quickly explained: "I did not mean to do that!" The crowd inwardly retorted ``That is what we are afraid of!`` But of course, even if you gave them a million times more guts, they would not dare to voice their thoughts.

A slightly braver man stated: "Yes! It is not your fault. It is his fault that he can't take that you bend the rules a tiny bit."

Despairingly Foo wreck his brain on how to clear up this misunderstanding. Not only the system, but now are even this man calling him a cheater. Then his mind goes back to the new title he earned, [Silver tongue]. It should be able to make him sound more convincing. With that the misunderstanding would be cleared up in no time!

Focusing on using the effect of [Silver tongue], Foo says: "I am not a cheater!" Happy that something good came from all this.


System error!

Incapable of waving a convincing lie of such magnitude!


It is Foo's turn to feel like coughing blood, ``But it is no lie!!``

The man from before hurriedly explains awkwardly: "Ahaha, I did not say that you are a cheater! Would not dare, would not dare!" While soaked in cold sweat.

Foo takes a deep breath to calm down. His ever-so-useful mantra at hand ``Don't mind it! Don't mind it!``

The colleague returning with the potion was a welcome distraction, and all gazes was directed at the branch master. After feeding him the potion, and some chanting later, Wissian finally draws a breath of relief. "He will be fine, if he do not have a relapse when reminded of what happened here." You probably should take him to the City of Light, just to be safe. I do not think he will be fit for duty in a while anyway. And he could use some vacation to relax."

"I will contact the higher ups and make the arrangements." Einar said and turned to foo. "I am sorry for the trouble i caused. It is my fault that he wanted to teach you a lesson. Anyway, to complete the ranking assignment, the highest ranking member present must approve the rank suggested by the examination. And as the branch master is unconscious, that would be me. So lets get this over with." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Before Foo could bring up his thoughts of having a proper rematch, Einar had already taken out a token and said: "I approve of the ranking."



Foo have gained the F rank of the adventurers' guild!


With further practicing of his mantra and rubbing his forehead, Foo says: "This have been an hectic day. Could you please help me get a room so that i can sleep?"

A huge wave of relief spread in the crowd, and Einar said: "Of course! Let me handle that for you as an apology for earlier!"

Too tired to argue, Foo followed Einar to an inn and quickly went to bed.

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