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Chapter 78: Boom!

Just as he was gazing at the tower, there was a sudden explosion.


The might of the mere sound was enough to make ears ring. Birds in the distance took off with a rustle of wings. The force of the explosion shook the ground so violently that the houses in the third section started to collapse... even more.

Was it the students from before the training, they would all have fallen to the ground due to the intense shaking. But thanks to the training, they all managed to hold their balance.

The source of the explosion had been the tower, and there was a huge plume of smoke encasing it. The fact that the tower did not fall testified for the strength of the building.

Foo had a bad premonition. Everything seemed to go wrong that day, so it was sure as hell that this event would have an negative impact on him as well...

And he did not even have time to start worrying, before the familiar shadow approached quickly from the direction of the explosion.

As the shadow got close to Foo, it emerged to its visible state, startling the others present.

"Bad news! The wizard section head was confronted by an inquisitor that was lurking around! The confrontation took place in the library as he was browsing for your documents, destroying everything in the process!"

Foo just knew it! Why the heck did the inquisitor have to move that quickly?! Could he not have waited the few minutes it would take for him to get the documents?

As Foo was cursing him inside his mind, the Observer continued, "He instructed me to warn you of the presence of The Inquisition, and the failure to procure the documents. He will now do his best to cover your tracks and lure the inquisitor away."

Frowning, Foo then proceeded to ask, "How is his chances of survival? Would he talk about me if he gets caught?"

"On his own, the chances of survival are none. Thus he will likely try to rejoin the evil faction, so that they can help hiding him. He have countless of hidden cards, and would as such surely manage to get there. And even if he gets caught, he have the means to be silent."

So that would mean that there would be nothing to worry about. He could just forget about that incompetent piece of trash.

"Oh, are you concerned? Then I will go and help him! I can't do much, but I can help spotting the enemy and guide him on the right path."

And without further ado, he disappeared as fast as he came.

"No! That's not—" but Foo did not manage to get even one word out before the Observer was gone.

Yet again missing the opportunity to directly ask if it knew anything about `scripting`.

Taking his good time to iterate all the curses that he knew, and that was not a few, he then threw the worries and headaches to the back of his mind. Taking a while to calm down, he then turned towards the students to alleviate any panic.

But was greeted him was just a composed group of people, giving the feeling of an organized army. They had actually moved into an formation around him, as if to protect him from potential danger following the explosion.

Noting that their caution was just about right, not so much that they exhausted themselves and not so little that they would be taken by surprise if anything would happen, Foo realized that the training must have gone really well.

One should always be on guard, lest something might exploit the gap in your defence. But at the same time, you have to ensure that it does not wear you out too quickly.

Just as he was praising the students in his mind, and himself too, as he was the one to trained them, a ripple went through the students.

As the ripple reached the students closest to Foo, the student spoke up, "Sovereign Archgod, it seems like an messenger from the tower is approaching."

Foo was startled. How come that he had not noticed it yet? Was he getting rusty? No, it must surely be a matter of vantage point. Nevertheless, he was proud that the students were quite observant.

However he was irked by the form of address. Was it not getting more and more out of control? Or was the concept of control an illusion to begin with? Surely not, as Foo was evidently good at illusions.

As the messenger approached the outer students, they stopped him, prepared for anything that he could possibly be up to. After they took his message, they passed it through the students.

Yet again reaching the closest student, he spoke up, "It seems like the elders are calling for an emergency meeting. However, it seems like they only informed you as a matter of formality. The message included some wordings that we would never allow to be uttered towards you, but they clearly show disdain towards you! Let us go and try our skills on them!"

Having heard the message, and the suggestion by the student, all other students instantly voiced their agreement.

"Yes! Let us beat them up so that they realize that you can't insult our god!"

"Let's kill the blasphemers!"

"I'm itching to try out some new sword skills!"

Realizing that something might have gone wrong during the training, Foo then chided, "Stop talking about killing others over some words! You are acting as unrefined brutes! I thought you were taught better than that!"

"Oh, eh, yes! We have to quietly sabotage them from the shadows!"

"Yes! Low-key! Low-key!"

"Revenge is best served ice-cold!"

After hearing the students, Foo then thought, ``Ah, yes. They were just a bit hot-blooded. It is good that they know the way of the civilized gentleman. We can't have them acting like brutes now, can we?``

Deciding to make his way towards the meeting, he then took off. After expressing his intent to the students, and have the messenger lead the way.

On the way there, Foo once again felt proud that his students did not seem to be violent fools. They could at least see the correct path after the first burst of hotbloodiness... Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_30020375974834114">!_30020375974834114</a> for visiting.

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