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73.91% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 66: Cooperating in the Investigations

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Chapter 66: Cooperating in the Investigations

Seeing that Foo spoke the truth, the man sighed with relief. He did not want to confront the other man. Just look at how their initial meeting went; he even had to sacrifice a priceless artifact to negate the intense damage he received.

And that was when the other party was not even trying to hurt him! Just the fact that he treated the formation as if a toy would make him treat him with caution.

Normally, the actions of Foo would have made him accuse him of interfering with the investigation, assaulting an inquisitor and a couple of other charges. But there was no way that he would dare to do that.

He was not afraid of death. It was basically one of the requirements of the job. You had to be willing to go against the evil in the world, even if it lead to your death.

But in this case, it would be pointless. The other party had no ill intentions, so if he began to antagonize him, he might make an unnecessary enemy. Not to mention that he would probably not even know what killed him...

"Are you done? These two are late for their training."

"Training?" the brother asked, "Was it that the emergency announcement was about? I thought we were under attack by The Inquisition."

Knowing that it always was a good idea to butter up potential enemies, Foo sternly chided him, "What do you mean attack? They are working their asses of to ensure that we are safe from the evilness!"

They were fighting against evilness, although their definition of `evil` might be up to debate.

"Although they sacrifice so much for the sake of humanity, you speak of them as if they were some kind of evil institution! Obviously they would not attack us if we are innocent."

Foo certainly thought them to be an evil institution, based on what he had heard so far and the prejudice from similar organizations. And he did not say otherwise, just that the brother said such thoughts out loud.

And if people were truly innocent, they could not attack them due to losing reputation even more. That said, they would certainly use other means to bring them down.

"You should think of the poor men, doing their best to help us, only to be met with hatred. We should help them out in their investigations when we can!"

Poor men indeed, the formation that he seemed to regard as a priceless artifact was basically just trash. They clearly did not afford anything that actually worked.

And ofcourse, there is no way you `can` help them with the investigations if the results would be bad for you. In that case you should use that pretext to divert them from you.

Speaking some nice words did not cost too much, and would likely make future interactions more smooth. And there were no lies either!

Noticing the lack of lies, the righteous tone in his voice and the pleasant words that spouted from his mouth, the inquisitor felt warm at heart.

It was not often they met with someone who understood them, and even less likely for them to be so agreeable.

Any suspicions against Foo was subconsciously dropped. If one could not trust such a pleasant soul, how could you have any faith in humanity?

Noticing that the other party had changed from the cautious, suspicious and borderline hostile expression towards something almost amiable, Foo mentally let out a sigh of relief.

It was not that he was afraid. It was just that it would be so bothersome to take care of it if the other party suddenly started to be all aggressive. Or maybe he was a bit afraid after all; that real reason made him sound way too lazy...

"Anyway, is it anything we can do to help you?"

After dodging some more questions, while continuing to butter him up, the inquisitor then seemed satisfied.

"It was my pleasure to be able to speak with you! However, regardless of how much I would like to stay, I have an investigation to get back to! So I will have to reluctantly bide farwell! Thank you for your cooperation!"

After gathering his things, the man then left the building.

Snapping out of their stupor, that they had been in since the chiding from Foo, the siblings turned towards Foo.

"What the heck was that! Too godly!" the brother exclaimed.

"Godly~ Godly~"

"The rumors about The Inquisition all agree that you are doomed the moment they set their sight on you. Even if you are innocent, they might dig up some minor mistake you have made, or a stray thought, and blow it way out of proportion! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Even if they do not find anything, they are even able to convince you that you are evil, just so that they can convict you!"

The brother let out a deep sigh of relief, "Had you not come, it would surely turn nasty! Luckily he had barely gotten started with the casual questioning, intending for us to let down our guard.

I don't even want to imagine what could have happened, had you not arrived."

"Hehe~ BOOM, and he was down! Instant kill! Godly!~"

"You was even able to turn him friendly! I have never heard of such a case before! Usually all interaction with The Inquisition means your certain doom, but you sent him away with amiable feelings!"

Having no further words to describe his amazement, he could only give Foo thumbs up.

Disregarding their amazement, as it was just basic `Survival 101`, Foo then turned towards the more important topic.

"You have been hold up here for too long. Now hurry to the training. All other students are already half-way! We have to increase the intensity a few steps to enable you to catch up!"

As they were already sitting comfortable, Foo then projected the training programs to their minds, enabling them to start the training.

Of Course, due to the lost time, he increased the intensity. And then increased it yet some more, for good measure.

Noticing that they properly fell into the trance like state, Foo nodded and left the building.

``Ah, how bothersome it is to personally train every student! I sure hope that it is worth it!`` Not bothering to think about how others might puke blood at him massively overstating his efforts, he wandered planlessly, whistling as he thought about what he should do while they all finished their training.

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