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Chapter 12: Encounter

It took the whole way through the city, constantly thinking about how to vent feelings on some poor goblins, before Foo regained his spirit. By that time he was already outside the city walls.

Happily whistling on the compact dirt road, taking in the sights of the lush forest. The birds happily singing in the trees and the rabbits procreating in the bushes... Alright, Foo was not in the least enjoying the view of the last one. Disturbing the beautiful scene like that...

After that little hiccup, Foo soon reached the mine by following the map. That earlier incident in the city was just because of the overly complex layout... Now with a map, there was no problem at all.

Reaching the mine entrance, he started to look around for the goblin camp. Following a brook deeper into the forest, as per the instructions, he finally reached the clearing with the camp.

Foo could see four goblins busily trying to look like campers. They seemed to have confiscated an old woodcutting camp, which had three primitive tents. And now the goblins was trying to prop up one of the tents, which had fallen. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In that odd scene, with lots of effort and no progress, there suddenly came stumbling another disruption to the scene. "Begone, you foul creatures!" The new addition to the cast was a woman in a mage robe. With shaking legs, and an equally shaky voice, the air of intimidation was... nonexistent.

Bravely raising a hand, from which a magic circle extended, she started to chant: "Oh, fire that... Eeep!" And was suddenly interrupted by a flying axe that came from the goblins. Panicked she moved backwards, but fell when she stumbled on a log.

The goblins was quickly surrounding her while she was unsuccessfully trying to invoke magic. "This cant be!" She exclaimed as she started to sob. Everyone knew that goblins did not kill women. But that was even worse.

She had come here with great confidence to kill some goblins, but who could have known that she would fail even before she had begun. As a top student in the mage academy, her abilities was praised to the skies. Her combat prowess was compared to a D rank adventurer. So these few goblins should pose no problems. But alas, combat experienced adventurers are different from inexperienced magic students with only theories in their heads.

On her way home to visit her village on a rare school break, she learned that the goblins had attacked her uncle. And even managed to cut off his arm! How could she not rush to slaughter the pests? But well in combat she realized just how scary monsters was.

Foo was startled awake when he heard the helpless scream. He could obviously not wait a moment longer. In just some moments the goblins would surely shred the woman's clothing to pieces, and that would be horrible. That mature woman, without clothes, would just be so...

Yet again strengthening his resolve to immediately save the woman, he started to think of how to approach the situation. A gentleman as Foo had, after all, no dirty thoughts. No dirty thoughts at all.

Reminiscing on the fast-draw cheat... eh... The fast-draw cheese... cutter? The skill that could instantly draw the sword, kill the enemies and then sheath the sword, all in the same instant. Obviously it required some hacking... er... yes, it required hours of hacking poles with the sword before he could master it.

He would obviously not be able to use it here, as he no longer could hack the game... er... hack poles in the game! As he no longer could hack poles to train, he obviously could not use that instant movement. But he could still reach quite a level with just his sword skills. He just had to calculate the perfect movements that he had to use.

He started to calculate the movements based on the code that he had written before, while jumping out of the bushes and sprinting towards the crowd. But something felt odd.


Hack initiated!


Theory: ❰Instant-draw cheese cutter❱ created!



Cheat initiated!


Skill: ❰Instant-draw cheese cutter❱ learned from theory!


❰Instant-draw cheese cutter❱

* Mastery level: Mastered *

Instantly slash the enemies, seemingly without even unsheathing the sword.


Without having time to think, Foo subconsciously executed the skill, as he had done many times before. Just as he arrived before the goblins, with a hand on the pommel of the sword, there was a just a slight feeling of impeding doom. No flash nor a single sound. Then the upper bodies of the goblins started to slide down. And landed on the ground with a thud.


Congratulations on creating, learning and executing a new original skill!

Title [Screw the skill system] earned!


[Screw the skill system]

One that rapes the balanced and finely refined skill system. Propagating their own sinful thoughts.

Ability to learn skills by using the skill system heavily increased.

Note: Please learn skills the proper way (づ-̩̩̩-̩̩̩ _-̩̩̩-̩̩̩ )づ


Foo was stunned. The woman was stunned. The corpses was stunned.

Minutes passed.

Slowly stars seemed to emerge in the woman's eyes. "AWESOME!" She shouted, almost looking like a child. Torn from his urge to cry and his search for fitting insults towards the system, Foo turned his attention toward the woman.

She was looking at Foo as if he were a knight in shiny armor. The rising sun was casting a halo behind him, further burning this moment into her memories.

Foo was obviously experienced in regards to women. With many years of deep and profound research, he knew exactly what to do as a mature male in such situations.


ZombieSpy ZombieSpy

Well, it seems like the public opinion about chapter length is: "We do not care about what length or whatever. JUST GIVE US OUR CHAPTERS!"

So I will probably just go with whatever length I feel like at that time.

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