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91.3% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 82: Endings

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Chapter 82: Endings

Religions had a tendency to shift from following the god to following the highest priest. As such he could surely dump everything on someone, and get out of this mess.

And everyone seemed to mess everything up, so he should leave them all here. Too much responsibilities seemed to build up. And he had to look for information about scripting.

If you want to do something, you have to do it yourself. If you do not want to do something, you would have to make sure that others do it for you. If you do not want to do anything, make sure that you do not have lots of pesky humans around you that mess that plan up.

Oh, and talking-skull-turning-angel are also a bad idea to keep around. Everything seems to disturb your laziness... If only there was a quick solution for that...

Luckily Foo did not dwell on such thoughts for long. Instead he scurried out of the room. Making his way back towards the third section.

As he left the tower, he could see corpses everywhere. Although they were not really corpses anymore... nor really distinguishable...

It was only blood, bone fragments and finely chopped pieces of meat. If one was worried about endlessly resurrecting monsters when one mentioned the evil faction, seeing the sight before them, there was nothing to worry about at all.

Was anything able to put anything back together away, the good side would have lost all hope long time ago. Even the heavens would be taken aback by the meticulous assault on the dead bodies.

It was completely impossible to tell what they were when alive. The putrid blood and other unspeakables suggested that they were not healthy humans at least.

Seeing the horribly gruesome sight, Foo nodded. One could never be too careful when dealing with evil stuff. One never knew if they were coming to life again to stab you in the back.

However, it was highly irresponsible to leave it out like that. The blood was surely poisonous and there was still a risk that it might do something evil. Like scare the shit out of the guards vomiting in the bushes over there. Totally the enemies fault...

But Foo was quickly shown that he had underestimated the students. Soon there were flames everywhere, engulfing the blood and meat.

The sizzling cracking of the flames roasting the meat and the smell of roasted meat was... utterly disgusting! Who the heck would think of food when they smelled such a pungent stench?

Fleeing the unbearable stench, Foo had the students lead the way back to where he parted with Lucifer. He had made up his mind to sneak away from this place. And he could not trust anyone of his subordinates or students, they all just forced him to do more work!

But his loyal companion Lucifer was another matter. He was a true friend; willing to endure hardships with him. He must join the adventure ahead.

The reconstruction of the section could be handed over to the students and the spirits. The students sure could use the opportunity to exercise their bodies.

While thinking of the devil, it suddenly appeared.

"I'm back! Let me introduce my new minions!"

Behind Lucifer followed a huge amount of evil-looking spirits. Upon seeing Foo they all took a submissive posture and loudly yelled out: "Hail The Devil! We will serve you for all eternity! We swear to help you on your quest for world domination!"

Foo was stunned. What the heck did the spirits babble about? Why the heck did they suddenly pop up and announce him as The Devil to the academy that had recently been under the attack by the evil faction?

Lucifer was the most unfilial spirit that he had ever met! To think that he had so high thoughts about him! It would be suicidal to bring him along on an adventure that could possibly lead to The Inquisition's headquarters...

"Ah, hello Lucifer. I see that you have succeeded! I am proud of you! Now I will leave the reconstruction in your hands, but please coordinate with the students and my stand-in section head. I have to go for a while, see you later!"

Impressed on himself that he could hold back his emotions and not strangle Lucifer, Foo made a run for it. Not that he thought that it was possible to strangle a spirit... but if he stayed any longer, he would definitely try...

As he run, he pondered over what to do next. Getting information about `scripting` was obvious his main goal. But there seemed to be a couple of possible approaches to it.

Storming the headquarters of The Inquisition... too classic. It seemed bothersome too. Too much work.

Then maybe looking for dragons. Yes! That was the best option! He had been longing to meet some dragons for a while now. He truely wondered what they tasted like. Not that he let his stomach make his choice. That would be ridiculous.

The question was who he should bring with him. The students should definitely stay. The siblings too. They had also had that weird look towards him after the training... And Abner and the receptionist had to take over the responsibilities that he dumped on them.

The angel... it was best to just leave him too. He was way too attention grabbing. And unreliable.

That should only leave... the old man? Before, it would be an easy choice. But after encountering his tales? Well, the choice was still easy; he must absolutely not be allowed to join him!

Sitting at a campfire? That was like begging the old man to kill him with those horrible stories of his...

No, Foo had to set out alone on his dragon hunt. This time, he should do everything properly. No cheating, no comotion. Completely low-key!

Although he desired the `scripting`, he had only been in the new world for about a week. It was still novel and exciting. As such, he decided to approach everything like a normal adventurer. No overpowered shit, cheat or anything like that.

He desired for a quiet system. No heaven defying skills or stuff like that. He was going to show everyone that he could be as normal as anyone else.

The last time was totally the other people's fault. By leaving them behind, the success was guaranteed!

His middle name was lowkey. What could possibly go wrong? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

ZombieSpy ZombieSpy

Hi there! Do note that we are near or even at then end of this volume. New hilarious adventures awaits. Do remember to turn in to `How Can You Call Me a Cheater?`. Hope that you have enjoyed it so far, and will continue to enjoy it in the future!

You could try to post about what you would want to see in this next volume. I might not listen, but who cares!

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