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13.04% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 10: Getting Lost 'n Food

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Chapter 10: Getting Lost 'n Food

Foo was vigorously devouring the food on the table. The taste was actually quite good, even though it could not reach the standard he was used to in his past world.

Oddly though, whenever he swallowed the food, it felt as if it were just disintegrating, and leaving a feeling of warmth spreading through his body. He had experienced similar peculiarities regarding sleep and hunger, so there seemed to be something odd with this body.

But distracted with the food, that tasted quite good, with new and interesting flavors. And when he thought of who was paying for all this, he suddenly found out that it tasted even better! He had no time to be distracted by minor thoughts, such as his body.

The inn keeper that was standing at the side, cheering him on, also thought of who was paying the bill, and became even more enthusiastic in his cheering. Continuously ordering in more food.

Minutes turned into hours. And Food stomach seemed to have no limits. Finally a servant came and whispered something into the inn keeper's ear. Awkwardly, the inn keeper told Foo, who had just cleared the table yet again: "Ah, i am sorry master Foo. It seems like our chef have collapsed by overworking himself and his helpers are in no better conditions." This was truly embarrassing, how could he not even be able to provide service to the customers? But then he thought of the amount of food that Foo had eaten, and he was shocked!

``How could a human eat that much?`` He wondered. Theoretically all that food would not even fit inside a human! However he had never met with a F rank expert before, such sights might be normal. In order to not lose face, he had to pretend that everything were normal.

The other patrons was also staring in shock. They had long ago stopped eating, and was now watching this unbelievable scene. In the beginning they was slightly disturbed by how inelegant Foo's eating was. But after some time, it turned into astonishment. And then fascination. And the longer they watched, the more harmonic it seemed to be. Although he was stuffing himself full with food, each grab of food was quick, graceful and efficient, the mouth was never overflowing and he did not burp at all.

While the others was distracted by respect, fear and thoughts of profits, Foo was stunned by a new system message:


Your gluttony knows no bounds!

The title [Glutton] gained!



A unquenchable hunger!

Able to eat with no limits.



Your titles and actions have unlocked a new title: [Devourer of worlds]


[Devourer of worlds]

The gluttony knows no bounds, a world is just a small snack!

Able to devour anything.


He was at a complete loss of words. ``I only ate a tiny bit, how can you call me a glutton?!`` He cried. ``And whats up with the [Devourer of worlds] title?! It makes me sound like the bad guy! Was it not enough with the [Destroyer of worlds]?!``

But as a normal adult, he knew how to handle the situation; Drowning his sorrows with food. The only problem was that there seemed to be no more food at the inn, and the cost would surely be astronomical if he were to go to another place. ``Hmm, maybe i should ask Einar if he could get the guild to treat me to a meal?``

But then he noticed his dangerous thoughts. ``Hell no! What title would the system give me if i actually started to eat lots of food? [Fatty]? [The gastronomic abyss]? [Food popper]? I better stop eating at all! Maybe a snack or two though...``

Unaware of the ever-changing face of Foo, the inn keeper was still counting the profits he made. Suddenly Foo felt the gazes of the other patrons, and felt like fleeing. Giving a quick goodbye to the inn keeper that was still calculating the profits, Foo went out to the city.

The warm sunshine shining on his face, Foo looked around at the city for the first time. The previous day had been so hectic that he never had the chance to really look around.

The ground was paved with neat, clean and smooth cobblestone. It was wide between the houses, which had a classic western medieval look. The road was full of people, carriages and carts. But it was still spacious and had a friendly and bustling atmosphere. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";n-food_28293085351967431">;n-food_28293085351967431</a> for visiting.

Foo took a deep breath and felt the clear and fresh air. No signs of any garbage or other littering. Greatly pleased and equally impressed he strolled down the road in search for the guild. It was time to take a quest!


To his surprise, he noticed that he had walked for quite a long time, but he had still not seen the conspicuous guild building. Which further surprised him, as, if he remembered correctly, were only a short distance away from the inn! He suddenly realized that he was... slightly off his target. Massaging his forehead, he also realized that he did now know how to go back to the inn either.

As he were going to plan his next action, he was suddenly interrupted:



Your achievement to get lost on a journey that was a straight road has stunned the heavens!

Your complete lack of anything remotely described as sense of direction has reached the pinnacle of perfection.

Title [The one that are lost] gained!


[The one that are lost]

One that makes getting lost almost seem like an art. Even experts in tracking would get confused!


Foo was stunned for a moment before he bellowed: "I AM NOT LOST!" How could they think that he was lost! He just took a little detour to take in the sightings... Yes! It was like that! It would definitely be boring to go straight to the guild right away!

The other people on the road were sending sympathizing looks his way, which made Foo even more upset. An old man that was passing by was even approaching Foo and asked: "Young man, where are you heading? I have lived in this city all my life, and know it like the back of my hand! I can surely point you in the right direction." A gentle smile and a pitying gaze, offering help to the lost child... uhm... the mature adult.

Barely able to contain his emotions, Foo thought: ``At least he means well! And I do indeed need the directions, not that I am lost, I just want the fastest road there, yes that's it.`` Taking a deep breath and cleansing his state of mind, exorcising the bad thoughts with the breath out.

"What is the fastest way to the adventurers' guild?" He asked. The old man was stunned. His gaze were now clearly showing concern of this fellows mental aptitude. He had thought that the man in question was seeking an unusually obscure area of the city, not such a popular place as the adventurers' guild. "You see these signs?" The old man asked, pointing to a sign post that stood at the side. "This one here" he further pointed on a arrow sign with a pouch, shield, bow, sword and staff on engraved on it. "Reads `Adventurers' guild`," Which it indeed did. It clearly stated that to the left of the engraving. "You just have to follow them, and you get there in no time! Just remember this engraving." Taking another concerned look at Foo, he then said with obvious worry: "Or should I accompany you?"

Foo was now fighting back his tears. ``I am not illiterate or retarded! I just did not notice the signpost!``

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By the way, what do you think of the cover image?

How bad is it?

Don't hold back, i can take it... well, sugarcoat it a bit maybe.

It is at least better than nothing? Or do you think it scares away readers?

There is a limit in what you can do in paint, and I am really bad at drawing!

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