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7.6% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 5: How Can You Call Me a Cheater?

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Chapter 5: How Can You Call Me a Cheater?

Woken from his thoughts of which classes he hoped to get, Foo realized that they had already arrived at the temple. The temple was grand and imposing. Just the doors was several times higher than the tallest adult.

The inside was equally grand, high in roof and luxurious. However, Foo had no thought to spare for any of that. His gaze was immediately focused on the conspicuous glowing stone that stood on a pillar in the end of the room.

And indeed, they soon arrived before the pillar. Only then did Foo notice a priest that was standing besides the pillar.

The receptionist eagerly introduced Foo to the priest: "Ah, greetings Wissian. This fellow here is..." Blinking his eyes he looked at Foo with an embarrassed expression. "Actually, i think i never heard your name?"

"It is Foo" Foo answered, taking the receptionist's hand and shaking it. "Nice to meet you!"

"My name is Einar," The receptionist responded. "Nice to meet you too!"

Now that the greeting was out of the way, Einar turned to the priest again: "Anyway, hurry up and prepare for the awakening!" Anxiously he continued to hurry the priest on.

"Haha, alright, alright!" Wissian laughed. Smiling warmly, and with curiosity in his eyes he asked: "Einar, what is the matter with you? One would almost think that it is you that are going through the awakening for the first time!"

Calming down to save a bit of face, but of course not forgetting to subtly urge him on, Einar exclaimed: "Ah, you see, this brother here have never encountered the system before! And not only that! He have traveled from afar, without the support of the system! To be able to survive for so long, indicates that he might be able to get some really rare class!"

Before Einar could continue to blabber on, Wissian assured: "Alright, alright! Lets start right away, or you might get a heart attack from this excitement! Have you forgotten that there is no need for preparation? I am only here to offer guidance!"

"That's right! Foo, hurry and put your hand at the status stone! You will feel something probing at your hand. Just try to draw it in. It will come naturally, so just try to relax."

Einar were almost jumping around in excitement, which made Wissian, Foo and the ex-drunkards want to retort `It is you that should relax!`.

Without further ado, Foo placed his hand on the glowing stone. As explained earlier, he felt a probing sensation against his hand. He was easily able to draw it in, and felt a warmth spread in his body.

Suddenly a screen popped up. Not in front of his vision, as it usually does in games, but somehow it was an entirely different view. Like somehow adding another display to a computer. And he found out that he could actually inspect this new screen and still focus on his original vision. A clear improvement to the distracting and obscuring displays in the games he was used to.

Of course, just because he COULD focus on both at the same time, it did not mean that he could hold his excitement. All his focus was on this new window.


Name: Foo

House: None


Class: Hacker



* {Blessing from the God of the world `56456745938564565464564576765747598748357`}



* [Techno Wizard] - Active

* [One man army]

* [Destroyer of worlds]

* [Cheater]

* [The bane of Gods]

* [Otherworlder]


Foo was stunned. ``Hacker? Cheater? The bane of Gods? What the hell is up with these!?! I want to file an objection!`` He had expected some awesome class, but he ended up with `Hacker`? ``What is that anyway? And what is up with that long and nondescriptive name of my old world? Can't it just be called `Earth` or something?``

To his surprise a popup popped up:


Congratulations! You have successfully renamed the world `56456745938564565464564576765747598748357` to `Earth`, as its occupants generally approves of this name.

* Title: [Leader of a world] earned! *

* {Blessing from the God of Earth} is multiplied! *


And indeed, the old name in the status pane updated to just show `Earth` instead. ``As the sole representative from Earth, I am declared the leader?`` Foo thought. ``Well, it is always good with bonuses, i guess``

Still bothered by the class and titles, Foo tried to see if there would be any information if he focused on them, just like many programs have information by hovering your mouse over things. And indeed, it worked:


House - The house one belongs to


``Well, it sounds like the family name or clan that you belong to. My own family name does not seem to have any recognition here.``

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Class: Hacker - An expert that uses his knowledge to solve problems, often in creative ways.


``Hmm, it sounded worse without the explanation.``


{Blessing from the God of Earth}

The blessed will be able to gain experience at a much faster rate.

The blessed will have it easier to gain additional classes, skills and titles.

The blessed will be protected from the notice of higher beings.


``Well, isn't that neat! Almost like a cheat!``


Titles - One can be picked as active. The effects of inactive titles will still remain. Can contain hidden and unlockable effects.

[Techno Wizard] - Active

A God with technology. Huge increase to the understanding of technology.

[One man army]

One that can stand alone against innumerable enemies.

[Destroyer of worlds]

One that destroys worlds as if on a whim.


A compulsive cheater that always cheat whenever he can. And when he cannot cheat, he cheats to be able to cheat anyway.

[The bane of Gods]

The bringer of destruction. The harbinger of doom. Beware!


Traveler from another world.

Gets protection when using any kind of spatial transportation.

Gets the understanding of the main language of the worlds they are in.

[Leader of a world]

The designated leader of a world

Gets the air of a leader. Makes it easier to compel other to trust and follow.


``Whats up with these titles?! Come on! It is not like i crashed your servers or anything! `The bane of Gods`? It sounds super ominous! `One man army` and `Destroyer of worlds`? Are they not from that game i used to play? What are they even doing here?! Not that i complain, they sound fancy. `Otherworlder`? Oh now that i think about it, it was weird that i could understand this world's language without any problems. That title explains it. And I only use my brain a bit, so how can you call me a cheater?!``

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