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Chapter 72: Oops

By carefully observing the skull, he was able to understand how it was built. In fact, if he closed his eyes, he could still probe the construct with his mind. It was an indescribable feeling.

When he had gotten used to the structure, and understood all its intricacies, he started to work on it. It was a bit tricky at the start, as he had to make sure that the soul inside did not get pulled away, and that it did not get damaged.

The construct was really crude and it showed signs of collapse after everything that it recently went through. It was almost a miracle that it had not collapsed already.

After securing the soul, and sheltering it temporarily, Foo started to work on the rest.

After some time, he started to frown. As he got more and more intimate with the design, he realized just how crude it was. To make an analogy, it was like reading a book with almost no words correctly spelled, grammar inexistent and lots of incorrect statements.

It was just a jumble of incoherent crap that somehow, by some stroke of luck, actually worked. It was as if one had let a monkey write a book, and let it redo it until you could see something that you, if possessing great imagination, could point out some sort of structure similar to writing in.

Or putting a text into a bad machine translator, and repeating it over a couple of languages that does not share any structure in common. And after that, reversing it and scramble the resulting words for good measure...

There was no way that a perfectionist such as Foo would ever be able to copy it as it was. He was proud that he managed to force himself to look at it, but creating such bad crap would be impossible.

As such, Foo took it on himself to correct it. As he continued to work, a beautiful coherent and exquisite construct started to take form. Time went by, and Foo lost himself in the construction.

It grew a bit larger than he planned, but that was no problem, as he could generate a seemingly inexhaustible amount of holiness. As such, his masterpiece slowly unfolded.

Although it seemed slowly for Foo, where he accurately made every tiny detail with extreme precision, for the others present, it went by in a flash.

Just the sight of the holiness that was injected into the skull was breathtaking. Although most was directed into the skull, the little amount that escaped was conveniently negating the miasma in the room.

If anyone would have asked Foo, he would surely say that it was planned. Definitely not because he put too much focus on playing around with the skull...

The student, still tied to the chair, had completely forgotten everything that had happened earlier. He could only sit with his mouth open in amazement.

And the old man was even more shocked. It was one thing for a mere student to see such a sight. But he knew for sure that this was way beyond what a human was capable of!

And the soul of the skull, the one in the center of it all, had the most shocking reaction! He was asleep! When a miracle of this world took place right outside, he was actually just sleeping!

He had been in slumber since they came back from the portal. It was because of the clashing forces in the skull. He was afraid that he might unwittingly disturb their delicate balance, and thus be eradicated or lose his grip.

Luckily, the forces could shelter him, and was thus not in danger of being pulled out by death. After carefully judging the situation, he chose the most optimal solution: sleep!

But later when the old man had tried to force his grotesque miasma into him, he had been startled awake. He then had to use his full willpower to ensure that the revolting miasma stayed outside.

Not only did it threaten to destroy the balance, it was the most horrible thing that he had ever seen. The miasma from Foo in The Abyss was only pure evilness, as such it might be somewhat bearable in lower amounts.

But the old man's miasma... It must be the most horrible thing in the entire world! Not even the tiniest amount of it would be bearable! And the same with the tales of his!

Not only did the poor soul have to protect against the miasma, he also had to protect himself from hearing the unmentionable stories from the old man. After such extreme stress, it was no wonder that he was sleepy again.

Luckily, on his bleakest hour, Foo had arrived to save him. And after that he sent in a soothing surge of holiness that comforted his weary soul. It was so comfortable that he could no longer stay awake.

After some time, Foo let out a deep breath of satisfaction. He was finally done! He had completely lost time of everything else, and could only focus about designing and building this project of his.

Even a perfectionist such as he was satisfied with the result. Although there might be some points that could do with some improvements... There was also this new technique that he developed in the later stages that he could use on the earlier parts...

But all in all, Foo was satisfied. The few flaws was not enough for the lazy him to redo everything. Compared to the earlier construct, it was like the tinies atom to the entire galaxy. It was surely something to be satisfied with.

But when he took a step back to observe his handiwork, he was shocked. He had not noticed, as he was completely lost in his work, but in front of him was no longer a skull.

What appeared before him was instead a full humanoid entity. It was a beautiful man with wings on his back. And the wings was not made of feathers, but consisted of spectacular light.

The body was also in some kind of pure white color. But it was hard to say that it had a color. It had some sort of mysterious glow to it, which made you unable to discern details.

The glow was not stabbing in the eyes, as a strong light source might be. Instead it was a gentle glow that seemed to wrap around him. It made him extrude a otherworldly sense of holiness.

If hundred persons would be asked what it was, ninety of them would surely say that it was an angel. The rest would answer that it was a god.

It was truly something out of this world.

Seeing the end result properly, Foo scratched his hair and embarrassingly said, "Oops, I might have gone little overboard..." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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