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Chapter 30: Rejection

When he saw that his student had so easy to understand, and was so spirited when listening, the old man felt new hope raise. With newfound energy, he continued: "The magic system consists of the elements: Light, Darkness, Fire, Ice, Water, Wood, Wind, Earth, Metal, Lighting and Space. These elements are the most basic parts of magic, and can then be combined to create other magic, such as `Fire Storm`."

Contrary to the earlier explanations, where Foo readily agreed with the logic, this time he had no choice but to exclaim: "Hey! Wait a minute!"

The sudden yell startled the old man. But before he could say anything, Foo continued: "That set of elements must be one of the silliest that I have ever heard of! Firstly, ice should not be a separate element, as it is a combination of fire and water. Secondly, lightning should be changed to something more generic, such as energy or electricity. Lighting can even be regarded as plasma, which could be regarded as an fire branch. Thirdly, I do not really see a huge difference between earth and metal. It is just a tad bit different material, nothing that deserves a own category. Fourthly..."

However, now the old man had to interrupt: "What are you talking about? How can ice be related to fire?". He had a hard time to understand what Foo was talking about at all, however he understood that ice and fire were opposite, so how could Foo say that they were the same?

Calmly, Foo began to explain: "You see, coldness is just a lack of heat. Fire is the conversion of fuel, which normally includes oxygen, to heat. In this case, I assume that the fuel is entirely consisting of mana. Thus, fire magic is just the conversion of mana to heat. One should be able to use fire magic to remove heat, or at least move it. Of course, it might be a bit more complicated than that, and it can thus be named freeze magic, or something. But nevertheless, ice is just water in its solid state, and should as such be considered a composite; water and coldness to freeze it."

After stopping for a moment to think, Foo continues: "Actually, the whole system you use is crap! The elements you named are just childish abstractions that are essentially pointless, if not problematic! A proper system would divide magic into what types of energy you convert it into. As such, the most basic type would be just `energy`, with the two branches `potential energy` and `kinetic energy`. In the `kinetic energy` branch, further subbranches would be `motion energy`, `heat energy`, `radiation energy`. Although all subbranches are types of motion, `motion energy` pertains macroscopic motions, such as an object's motion. The subbranch `heat energy` pertains the microscopic motions of the molecules in a material. And `radiation energy` pertains emitted energy, and would have further subbranches such as `sound energy` and `electromagnetic energy`."

Thinking back on what he had already mentioned, he filled in: "The subbranches of the `potential energy` would be `gravitational energy`, `chemical energy`, `nuclear energy` and `elastic energy`. Based on these elemental elements, different types of magics can be easily categorized. The earlier mentioned fire magic would be under the `heat energy`, as would any freeze magic. In fact, one could probably separate all magics depending of whether they increase, decrease or vary the energy."

Taking some time to think things through, he then continues: "Water magic would regard `nuclear energy` to create water, and maybe `motion energy` if you want to shape it into a ball and fire it. And by decreasing the heat with the `heat energy` magic, you would get an ice ball, or spike if you shape it so."

Taking a mental step back, Foo then end the explanation by saying: "Of course, then there are more complex structures upon this, such as if you use the magic for good or evil. But then again, that is quite subjective, so it might not be a good division. Anyway, most magics uses combinations of these elemental elements. Such a system is much better than the illogical crap that you seems to use."

Nodding in satisfaction after his little speech, Foo is then interrupted by a message:



Your clearly better insight into magic have gained you the title [Know-it-all]!



One that refutes any ideas that are conflicting with his own.

Thinks he know so much.


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Your rejection of the magical system have gained you the special blessing {Rejection of magic}.

When any magic approaches you, you will refute its existence, which will make it go and cry in a corner.

No magic can affect you!


Foo could only blankly stare at the text. ``What the heck do you mean with calling me a `Know-it-all`? Why do you insult me just because I pointed out that your magic system is trash?! Just because you are not as smart as me, you have to call me names?``

After cursing for a bit, he suddenly realizes in horror; how are he supposed to form this `magic pool` if he now rejects all magic? How are he supposed to enter the wizard academy, or even learn magic at all?! With tears in his eyes, he realized that it might not be a good idea to indirectly call the system stupid...

ZombieSpy ZombieSpy

I think this will end this volume.

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