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90.21% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 81: Resolution

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Chapter 81: Resolution

Foo was speechless at the sight. Was he not way too weak minded to be some super evil assassin villain? Clearly overreacting.

And that insensitive student... Could he not at least have pretended to struggle? Just look at how devastated that poor elder went when his bubble burst...

You have to treat the elders gently, they have fragile health after all. They might be severely affected by extreme emotions.

But then again, he incapacitated the assassin remotely without any violence... The bleeding piece of minced flesh on the ground not counted. So Foo might be able to look away this time.

There was an awkward silence in the room. The threat of the approaching army had set a heavy mood. But then it came to an anticlimactic resolution. The student's lacking ability in reading the mood had completely ruined it.

However, he did not seem to notice, as he did some kind of weird salute to Foo and returned to where he came from. Probably finding something else to train his body against.

After a long awkward silence, the stale mood was disrupted by the arrival of a warrior. In contrast with the student earlier, this one had expensive clothing. Although it was a bit disheveled, it was clearly top-quality.

All gazes gathered on the welcome distraction. No one wanted to endure the silence any longer, but found it too awkward to speak up first.

However, the arrivals did not seem to notice the stares at all. He almost seemed to be in some sort of daze. As if he had seen something unbelievable and was still trying to make sense of it.

As he absentmindedly went through the door, he accidentally slipped on the bloody floor. Luckily his trained reflexes kept him upright, but the shock kicked him out of his daze.

Seemingly at his wits end, he then bowed towards the elders and gave an report, "Elders! We have been invaded by the evil faction! However... before we had the time to mobilize our forces, they had already been defeated by... the students of the third section!"

Seemingly unable to accept what he had seen, he had no choice but to report it, "They quickly annihilated the invading army, leaving almost no damage done to the academy. Although the army was made up of troops of way higher quality than usual raids, they were almost instantly eradicated."

Yes, that was Foo's students. It seemed that his training had been very efficient. Only a genius such as Foo would be able to shape such magnificent students of the depressed rejectees. They were truly his—

"I know it is hard to believe, but it is true! It was actually the third section trash! And they seemed odd too. They was getting alarmingly hyped up as they brutalized the army of the evil faction. I almost felt sorry for the enemy. I have never before seen so many ways to kill someone! They are like killing machines on a murdering spree! And they were talking about a god, or something. Trying to convert people to some kind of religion..."

Foo had no idea which students he was talking about. There could not be any such students in his section, could there? He was clearly describing some other students. Yes, that must be it!

Starting to have some cold sweat, Foo inwardly cursed at his stupid students. Did he not tell them low-key? And what was this thing about a religion?! No matter his efforts, everything seemed to just blow up!

And it sounded as if the reporting warrior had great fear towards them. He had mistakenly taken them for some uncivilized murderous brutes... But then again, he could not be that mad at the students.

The students had weak bodies after all. And as such, they would have to resort to unconventional and brutal methods to inflict damage to their opponents. Which they seemed to do just fine.

It was unfortunate that the attack had taken room just some moments after they had left the training. They were still railed up from it, and had some murderous urges that they needed to vent, and would as such look less refined that Foo hoped.

But it was also bad to repress their feelings, so it might be good for them to vent a bit. But did they have to preach about Foo while they were at it? Why the heck was they doing it at all?!

Hopefully they would be more civilized and elegant after they had trained up their bodies. Their violence was a problem. And strength solves all problems. If it is not solving the problem, then you are not using enough strength.

As such, he was considering to construct a proper body-training course for them all. They would surely be happy if he fixed that violent streak of theirs. Of course, meek was not good either. They had to be composed and gentle because they were in control of the situation.

Where they not in control of the situation, they should use all means necessary to get in control, which they just did splendidly. So he might need to give their bodies a little shape up. Only then would they not have to resort to such... ugly methods. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The perceptive students around Foo suddenly shivered. They felt for a moment as if the armageddon was upon them. Despite their strict training, they were all frozen in fear.

Not noticing the students' weird reactions, Foo then disregarded such thoughts and went on to his next course of actions.

It seemed that the students were a lost cause. He had thought that he might be able to control the damage that he had... no, it was the fault of the computer games! Did not they say so in his old world? Yes, they sure was intelligent; let's just blame everything on the video games! It was in no part his fault, it was all the video games.

Anyway, the damage control did not seem to work; they even seemed to start recruit others for some kind of religion. So much for `do not tell anyone`.

As such, this location was compromised. It would take too much effort to stabilize the situation. And as such, there was only one thing to do as an responsible adult; run away!

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