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Chapter 75: Results of Training

After leaving the house, Foo turned to the old man and said, "Gramps, you go and fetch the siblings. Let's meet at the training area. And skull... er... angel, you follow me!"

He did adjust their training so that it should be done around the same time as the other students. And it was a bit of a detour to go there, so he sent the old man.

The students might be a bit disoriented after all, so he had to be there when they woke up. As such, he hurried away as quickly as possible.

However, after a few steps he stopped and turned back.

"Hey gramps! What is the fastest way to the training fields?"

It was not that he did not know the way back... It was just that it was important to do it as fast as possible! And the old man might be aware of shortcuts. Foo was definitely not lost.

"Which ones are you talking about? And where the heck are the siblings at? How do you expect me to fetch them if you do not tell me where they are?!"

After describing both of the locations, the old man seemed to figure out the locations. He had some familiarity with the academy after all.

With the instructions on how to get back to the students, Foo then run off. Leaving the old man and the student still tied to the chair alone.

The student was still in shock over what had happened. Staring at the departing figure of the now ordinary man. Opening and closing his mouth, unable to form the words he wanted to say.

When he finally lost sight of them, he startled awake. Noticing that he was still tied to the chair, he turned his head to look for the horrible devil disguised as an old man.

However, he noticed that he had also left, leaving him all alone. On the chair. Tied.

"How could you forget about me! Come back and untie me!" he screamed.

However, on a second thought, it might be best that the evil old man did not come back. Things might turn bad again. And as such, the student decided to stay silent instead.

Somebody might pass by, and after he was sure that the wicked old man was out of hearing range, he could try to call for help again.

But till then, he could only fight against his restraints, reflecting on the events that had transpired.


Foo and the angel in disguise reached the field without any problems. Foo had no problems following instructions after all. Unless the instructions were boring, incorrect or tried to boss him around...

As they reached the students, they could see that there was still time until the training was over. But according to Foo's calculations, it should only be a matter of minutes.

After some minutes, they could feel changes in the surroundings. Suddenly it was as if a cold breeze went by.

Looking at the students, they now saw that they had left their old casual trance-like state behind, and were all now in battle stances. With sharp suspicious glints in their eyes, they carefully let their gazes sweep over the surroundings.

Luckily, they had only a defensive stance, showing no hostility towards their fellow students. Although they were still regarding them with suspicion.

Seeing the oddity of their behaviour, Foo was rendered speechless. Although it was good to always be on their guard, was this not a bit exaggerated?

Trying to catch their attention, he coughed lightly.

Upon hearing the sudden sound, the students all jumped as if cats with their tails stomped. Their piercing glares instantly fell on Foo.

Upon seeing Foo, their faces lit up. But they still had a cautious air around them, as if guarding against the possibility that it was an impostor.

Reading the air, Foo then turned towards his stand-in that he abandoned all responsibilities to. Ah, yes, Aband.. Ab... Abner was his name.

Seeing that Abner had the same cautious gaze, he motioned towards the token still in Abners grasp. Taking awhile to understand what he meant, as from their perspective a really long time had passed, Abner then realized that he could use the token to verify his identity. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The long time that had passed for them made the memories about what had happened before the training a bit fuzzy.

After using the token to confirm Foo's identity, Abner visibly relaxed. However, he still had an air of being vigilantly on his guard.

Beckoning for Abner to come closer, and then telling him that he wanted to use the microphone-like thingie, Foo addressed the students.

"My dear students!

You have passed your first session of training! As such, I am proudly declaring that you all have passed from being apprentices to becoming proper `Magic Warriors`!

The training might have been a bit rough, but if you cultivate your bodies well, you should be able to reach the top of this world!"

Giving a meaningful glance at Abner, who nodded in understanding. Such a bothersome task as fixing the administrative stuff of elevating the status of the students from apprentices had to be delegated after all.

The fact that Foo raised them from apprentices was logical. First of all, he was quite confident in his training session. Secondly, if they were apprentices it meant that they should have a proper teacher to guide them.

The would mean that he had personal responsibility for the education of all the students. It was not that he was lazy... alright, it might be that. He would die from overworking if he were to handle all the students.

As Foo had been the only one of the third section, he had automatically been assigned the highest status of section head. As everyone else would be apprentices on their enrollment, he had no one to dump that responsibility on.

As such he had designed the training session, giving him an excuse to elevate them from being apprentices to students that were expected to be able to learn on their own, without anyone holding their hands.

It was a genius move, at least in Foo's opinion.

After getting messages that verified their elevation, the students all started to relax. To the extent that they were now able to truly relax.

"It really is God!"

"Yes! I was doubtful myself, I have died hundreds of times in similar situations..."

"But the system messages should be legit."

"We are finally done with the training? Is it really true?! I never thought that I would be able to see this day!"

"What did he say before? `a bit rough`? As expected from a God!"

"Yes, to call it just a bit rough without any shame, how could he be anything but a God?"

"Indeed, no human would be able to be so shameless!"

Foo had a bad feeling. ``God? Why the heck do they call med God!?``

It was a really bad situation! He had so far done his best to suppress any such notions! Just look at the disguise of the angel. It was just to prevent this from happening that he had done so.

Thinking back on what could make them have such thoughts, Foo then palmed his face. The training program! As he was a bit short on time, he had designed it around some popular games from his old world.

It was quite normal to have the guide to be a god or something, helping the new player getting started. Making it a god would explain how it could reshape the world around it, having unfathomable knowledge, being unkillable and stuff like that.

As he had played many games like that, he had not reflect over it at all. But if he looked at it from the perspective of someone from this world...

A god suddenly summoned them to his own realm, where he could use his powers. There he used his powers to help train them, explaining that he could not use his powers freely outside that realm.

The training was for them to be strong enough to help him on the outside, fighting for the survival of the world.

During the training, the casual instructions, flavor texts and encouragements might be acting as brainwashing, if you do not treat it as a game.

Realizing the implications, Foo had only one thought.

``Oh shit!``

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