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57.6% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 51: Shadows in the Academy

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Chapter 51: Shadows in the Academy

After calming down, Foo turned to the more important matters.

"Alright then, why was you observing us?"

There should be a reason after all. The place they were in had nothing of interest, so it was quite odd that the observer was there.

"I was sent by my master to observe you... My ex-master that is."

Someone was already trying to monitor him? Luckily he nipped this problem in the bud.

"Who was it that dared spy on me?"

"It was the section head of the wizard section."

``That creepy old man?`` Foo mused, "You said that you tend to serve evil beings, that would mean that he is evil?"

Foo was a civilized man that did not judge one after their appearance. Thus he had not considered the section head evil just because he looked creepy. But now it seemed that it was indeed the case!

"Yes. I was serving another evil wizard when he was raided by the section head, who then was only a normal elder of the academy. The evil wizard was killed, and the books and items were taken as evidence." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Seems normal so far.

"But due to some happenings, he started to study the books, and slowly but surely turned to the evil side."

"Hey! You skipped too much! What caused him to turn evil?"

"Stuff happened. He then started to do evil experiments, some of which even included human sacrifices—"

"Stop right there! Why do you seem to avoid the cause of him turning evil?"

"I am not avoiding it. It is just really uninteresting. Just the normal stuff, you know. Anyway, later he contacted The Abyss and started to work with the beings there to break the seal—"

"You did it, didn't you? You tricked him to become evil? Slowly eroding his sanity and tricked him to read the books? Convincing him that the path of evil was the correct one?"

"The hell! Don't you listen to me? I am currently talking about an evil plot to destroy the whole world by letting the beings imprisoned in The Abyss free! How can you still sweat the small stuff?!"

"So you are purposely talking about it in order to distract me?"


Lucifer, that had so far been so bored that he had just made sure that the shreds of paper were way beyond saving, suddenly spoke up, "That was him? Anyway, no need to worry about that anymore. The plan was completely ruined."

At this welcome interruption, which might once again distract from the other matter, the observer replied, "The plan was ruined? What happened?"

The Observers were naturally very curious. And this one wanted to know what happened to the plan that he had helped with. Not that he had any feelings towards its failure, he rather see the plan ruined, as he did not really like the evil.

Just because they helped and followed evil beings in hope that they could find the foretold one did not mean that they approved of them. They were just easier to work with.

Lucifer then glanced towards Foo and said, "Foo happened."

The observer was puzzled about the answer, but then remembered the information of Foo's adventure examination, that he had overheard while spying on the warrior section head.

"I see, that explains everything. I was wondering what could possible cause enough destruction to hinder their plan, but now it makes perfect sense."

Lucifer nodded his head to that, but he did definitely not want to get into the details.

During this conversation, Foo could only stand confused. What were they talking about? He understood the things that they were talking about.

The wizard section head had collaborated with the abominations in The Abyss to bring them here. That was easy to understand.

But how come it was his fault that they failed? He had just encountered them, whereafter they banished him from there.

What was this talk about destruction? Oh right, there was that tiny incident with the trees and that other in the plaza. But it was not that bad, was it?

It was definitely like that when he arrived...

Starting to feel a bit uncomfortable with the subject, Foo coughed lightly and and spoke, "So the section head sent you to spy on me?"

He had the slight feeling that he had forgotten about something. Something that they were discussing earlier. But the previous topics distracted him too much.

It was better to leave whatever it was behind, or they might come back to the more disturbing topics again...

"Yes, it seems that the section head recognized Lucifer," the observer said while glancing at the now innocent looking spirit, "and therefore sent me to figure out what happened to the plan, and verify that it really was him."

Looking at the cute spirit, the observer had a hard time believing it. But the facts were there. Only something as disastrously as Foo could have possibly ruined the plan and reduce Lucifer to such a state.

"Alright then." Foo said while rubbing his hands together.

"It just happen that I am currently lacking a bit of resources. As such you should go back and pretend to work for the section head."

With a bright smile when thinking of riches, Foo continued, "Testify that it is indeed Lucifer and that the plan had changed to be more lowkey. Make up some convincing story that someone is on to the plan, and as such it was decided to pretend to be an innocent contracted spirit."

When going further into the plan, the smile got brighter and brighter.

"Then tell him that for the sake of the plan, it is imperative that I get hold on all documents regarding `scripting`, and lots of money. That I need to improve the third section in order to throw off suspicions."

Thinking of this opportunity that had presented itself on a silver platter, the smile got so bright that it was disturbing to look at.

"Of course, tell him to do it stealthily. We would not want our association to be known."

He can't have others link them together when he exposes him after squeezing as much profit as possible from him. People might think that he was evil...

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