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Chapter 4: The Awakening

Seeing Foo's blank stare, the receptionist sighed. "You really are something! To not know about the awakening! Whats next? Will you tell me that you do not know about the `system`?" He asked while giving a wry smile. A smile that soon froze as he realized that from the lack of response, it might actually be the case! How crazy is that?! To not know about The system!

Feeling rather awkward Foo responded "Eh... I am not from around here?" Which to his dismay did not defuse this awkward atmosphere. Anyone should know this ultimate `I am not from around here` excuse. The fact that it did not work made him really surprised.

"The hell with `Not from around here`! The system is what allows us to live in this dangerous world! It is what drives the economy! It is the fundamental framework that hold the world together! IT does not matter from where you came, it is a part of this entire world! Or rather, this world is just a part of the system! To think that there was a reclusive group somewhere, where they have never heard about the system! Never achieved any awakening, and still survived in this world! Your combat skills must be impeccable if you were able to survive such a long journey as it must have been to here. Any such society must be very remote and reclusive."

Marveling on the wonder that there is a group that can actually prosper without the influence of the system, the receptionist was lost in thoughts.

Coughing lightly, Foo explains: "Well the God must have looked over me on my way here" Smiling wryly at his own joke that is lost to the audience.

"Anyway," The receptionist continues, after waking up from his thoughts. "The awakening is an event in which a person starts absorbing the energy of the system. After this, the person in question is able to be supported by the system. With this support, one are able to reach much higher heights than normally possible, as the system augments the efforts you make and corrects minor mistakes." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

``Sounds like a support system in a game? Like aim-assist and crafting systems?`` Foo thought, slightly exited.

Unaware of Foo's thoughts the receptionist preaches on: "Basically it works like this: You go to a temple to begin the awakening. The system will then assign you a class based upon your earlier life. This class will grant you skills related to the class. By doing things related to the class you then gain experience, which will be used to upgrade the class and the skills."

Nodding to himself Foo thought: ``It is exactly like in a game!``

Noticing that Foo seems to follow the explanations despite being so ignorant, the receptionist happily continue his teachings: "Normally nobles try to awaken as soon as possible. This is because of the `Noble` class. The class is inherited, and if a noble were to wait too long with the awakening, he might become more compatible with another class, and such lose the inherited class. This is the greatest fear among nobles, as the class is deemed to be superior than others. And it is rather simple to level up too. Of course, classes such as `Monarch` and `Sage` are of a higher standing, but have much stricter requirements."

Nodding at himself, amazed by his own knowledge, the receptionist continue: "They would try to awaken the children as soon as they are deemed to be able to understand which choices to make. If they are too young, they might make mistakes or get harmed by the skills. However, normal people usually wait until adulthood before they awaken. This is because they have to ensure that they are compatible with a class of higher standing. If they are too eager, they might get some crap class like `Citizen` or `Laborer`. Their hope of the future lies in the classes they get. Someone with a combat class is highly sought after by the governance, and they will be able to make a living on their own too. And production classes, although often of a lower standing, can usually make a living. One might even get lucky and get rare classes!"

The receptionist seemed to lose himself in reminiscence of his past. Who had not dreamt of getting a legendary class? But, alas! They are not called legendary for no reason. It is almost impossible to get one. He himself was fortunate to get a decent combat class, or else he would not be here today.

Leaving the past behind him, the receptionist looked at Foo and said: "At your age, one would usually have awoken long ago. Usually we could recommend some crash-course to rookies that want to be adventurers but have not awoken yet. That is to assure that they can get a compatible class. However you are way too old now. It is almost impossible to change your designated class. The past would wight too heavy for you to be able to change it, unless you would be willing to pour in lots of effort over decades, without the assistance of the system, to increase your chances just a bit."

Trying to dispel the depressing atmosphere, he continued: "But in some ways i am envious! Usually one is greatly tormented of when one should awaken. Should one wait just a bit more to increase the chances of getting that class that you want? Or have you prepared enough? One can not wait too long either, as the others would leave you long behind. But you have none of these worries! The only thing you should do is to awaken as soon as possible! No point in waiting! And based on that you survived for so long without the system, your class will surely be awesome! It might even be a legendary one!"

By realizing the implications, the receptionist became excited. Even Foo was getting affected by the excitement. ``This is actually a game-like world! It is just that i have not `awoken` yet! And i might get a legendary class? How awesome is that!? Hehe, that God also said that he had give me some blessings, it might actually be a class even better than legendary?``

Lost in his thoughts, Foo barley noticed that he agreed to go and awaken right away. The receptionist just threw out a "Take over for me!" to his colleague before dragging Foo through the city and to the temple. Never ones to miss excitement, the drunkards also staggered after them. Impressively, their paths got straighter and straighter, until they could also run along with them.

Torn between the excitement and the rules, the professional and hard working colleague hesitate a millisecond, before he locked the guild with a "Screw the regulations!" and joined the fun.

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