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Chapter 48: The Goal

After being convinced by the head of the wizard section, the elders of the section were all in agreement.

"Ah, yes! It would be nice to have someone to take care of the undesi... underestimated poor souls in the third section."

"Indeed, our hearts have ached every time we thought on the fact that they were still there... That they had to live in such an environment, I mean."

"It is for the sake of the academy!"

The opinions seemed to have taken an abrupt turn, and everyone now seemed to show magnamious care for the poor students.

They then turned towards the warrior, urging him to voice his opinion.

"Ah. It would indeed be great to finally have someone that can take care of the third section. And it would be great for our academy to finally be whole again."

Had the other party been stronger, he might have had some reservations about having him as an potential adversary. Foo might have a high adventurer rank, but according to his first hand source, the rank was more or less gained by trickery. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As he had no strength as a warrior nor as a wizard, he should be easy to control. And as the wizards seemed to realize, there were opportunities that presented themselves when all three positions were filled.

The only thing that was worrying him was that this Foo seemed a bit too scheming. But then again, schemes are of no value against pure strength. No matter what elaborate scheme that he came up with, it could easily be destroyed with a display of strength.

In fact, it might be a good thing. As the wizards seemed to love schemes, were Foo to outwit them then the warriors would profit.

"As such, we called for this gathering to welcome Foo as the new section head. We have great expectations for you. Please prove to us that they are not misplaced."

With that, all of the elders were nodding in agreement.

But Foo felt the beginning of a headache. What was up with this outcome? Were they not supposed to doubt his suitability for the position?

Well, they had after all approved of him already. But they should have voiced more doubts. Only then would he be able to present the idea of the exchange.

As it was now, were he to suggest that he would step back if he gained the information he was after, he would be seen as desperate to get it. And as it seemed like they had plans to use him, they would definitely refuse his resignation, and increase the price. As such, he had to beat around the bush when he asked for the information.

"I will certainly do my best, and I hope that you will share your wisdom."

Some sweet words were never wrong. Indeed, the elders' smiles seemed to be even more beaming than before.

"And to do a satisfactory work, I now have to peruse the library, if you excuse—"

"Ah, I am afraid that that is not possible." the wizard head interrupted.

"You see, accessing the library requires merits. Only by contributing to the academy or showing potential would one be allowed to enter it."

"This is because the books inside are very valuable, and there are too many students for us to be able to allow everyone to enter."

"And as we have to be impartial and just, we cannot make an exception for even a section head."

"Of course, were you to clean up the section under your supervision, that would be counted as a great merit, and you would be able to read as many books as you like."

The tone of the elder clearly showed that he knew for sure that it would never happen. They would definitely try to get him to chase the trash away, and if he does that, they could kick him out as he have gone against the ideology of the school.

And if he were to try to improve the quality of the students to a level where they could not deny his contribution... well that was impossible. Once trash, always trash.

Foo's headache loomed even closer. The showing of potential and such would be no problem if he wanted to access the library of the warriors. He was quite confident. But that would not help for the library of the wizards.

As it was certain that the books that he wanted was in the wizards' possession, he had to somehow show potential in magic... But due to his body rejecting magic, that would be really hard.

Another trick like in the examination would not work. The elder seemed adamant in preventing him from accessing the library, and his current success was only because they were planning to exploit him.

To show potential in magic, he had to access the books about scripting. But to access the books, he had to show potential in magic...

It was the catch 22, whatever he did to access the books, the elders would probably just use another excuse to prevent it. It seemed like they looked down on everyone that did not have talent in magic, to such a degree that they would never allow them to "contaminate" the sacred place of learning, also known as the library.

And it just happened that Foo was seen as one of the talentless. And there was not really anything he could do about it. Well, he could try to get a bit more creative... But that would be like admitting defeat.

The wizards did not think that he was a threat, that he was unable to increase the status of the third section and that they could exploit him as they wished?

The hell with that! Who was the one that exploited? It was Foo! ... *cough* Ignore that, Foo was innocent and would never exploit anyone or anything...

They seemed to look down on him, and how could he take that? He had to show them his skills in management games. Let the trash cover the world in their glory!

Uhm... that did not sound right...

But one thing was for sure, anyone that thought to exploit Foo and stand in his way would have a... interesting time ahead.

ZombieSpy ZombieSpy

I used my awesome calculation skills (read: used the internet) to calculate how old my novel is. And it concluded that it is 49 days old. The current chapter is number 48! That means that I am actually only one chapter behind, as I go for one chapter per day. How awesome ain't that!

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