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85.86% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 77: The Little Girl

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Chapter 77: The Little Girl

Just as Foo was trying to recall what he might have forgotten, he noticed the old man approaching. Behind him was two figures.

The man was carefully scrutinizing his surroundings, jumping at all shadows. Showing signs of an approaching mental breakdown. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The little girl at his side, however, was currently skipping happily. Whistling a catchy song that Foo would definitely refute were plagiarized from a game in his old world, were anyone to ask about its origin.

As they approached Foo, he asked, "Everything went well with the training?"

Whatever he felt he had forgotten about must not be important, and as such he just shrugged it of his mind.

Hearing the question, the students turned to the trio. Seeing the look of the young man, they shot him gazes with sympathy.

Jumping high at the sudden voice, the brother then exclaimed, "How can you call that training!? It was hell! No! Worse than hell!"

The increased intensity seemed to have taken its toll on him. He was much worse of than the other students. It might have something to do with lacking skills and a weak mind too. Not that his mind was weak anymore, as he survived that.

"Luckily you seem to have grown a conscience and reduced the intensity for Odelia!"

"Ah! That's right! I should probably have lowered it a little... It might have been improper to make it the same as yours after all..."

He finally remembered what he had forgotten. A little girl should probably not be put through the same training as the others. Some changes should probably have been made. Maybe changing the focus of the training...

Hearing the response, the brother could only stand speechless, ``How the heck can you forget to do that!? And why the heck does she seem livelier than before?!``

Seemingly having the same thoughts, the other students the made their way towards Odelia.

"It can't be?! She went through the training too?! Such a poor weak little girl!"

"But she seems to be just fine!"

Reaching the trio, a student from the group then asked her the question on everyone's mind, "How did you even manage to pass that first jungle?"

Looking at the student with adorable innocent eyes, she answered, "Burn it down~ Burn everything down~ Boosh! BOOSH!!"

After standing speechless for a minute, the student then said, "You... used fire? In the jungle?"

"Burn everything down to the ground~! No problems then!"

The cogs was turning inside the student's mind as he tried to wrap his head around it. But indeed, if you burned the whole jungle down, there would be no pesky hostiles constantly trying to ambush you...

And the tracking was not dependent on `physical` traces after all...

"But then how did you pass the second trial with the water?"

"Burn it~ Burn it~! Boosh! And it is gone!"

Vaporizing the water? That... might work? Then the fishes would all be boiled, or suffocating. And it would just be a simple walk towards the goal...

"But the next—"

"Burn it~ Burn it~"

This little girl clearly had an unhealthy addiction to fire magic... Thinking that every problem could be solved with it... And even worse was that it seemed to indeed be the case!

Chuckling happily, Foo then turned towards Odelia, "Haha! You did well! I see great potential in you!"

Responding with a beaming smile, she then chirped, "Praise me! Praise me more~"

As Foo continued to praise Odelia as he patted her head, the other students just shook their heads. ``Neither of them are normal!``

After a while, the angel approached Foo and sat besides the girl, "Pat me too!"

Giving some awkward pats, Foo then instructed the angel while pointing at the brother, "Now, be a good angel and give that poor man a hug."

He seemed to be close to a mental breakdown when he arrived, and the matter with Odelia did not make things better.

As the angel was basically flooding with holiness, he could soothe the soul and mind of others with a hug.

A bit reluctantly, the angel then made his way to the brother, and gave him a big hug despite his initial protests.

Pointing at the angel, and tilting her head adorably, the little girl asked, "What is that?"

"Oh? That is just a troublemaking thing that I created. It might seem like an innocent child sometimes, but take note that it once was a terrible evil spirit before."

"Eh? It's evil? Buuurn it~?"

"No no no, it's not really evil anymore. I fixed it. It might be making troubles, but I think he is good at heart!"

"Evil can be fixed?"

"Yes, it is possible in some ways. Although it is usually hard. Advanced techniques is often required."


"Ehh. I think fire is hard to use for that purpose. It is more a matter of mental manipulation."

"Metal maplitation?"

"Just be kind to them while being on guard for attacks, and you might succeed. You have to be patient and forgiving. But at the same time not allowing them to fool you."

Feeling that it might be a difficult subject, Foo then started to look for changes of topic.

Suddenly, he realized that Odelia and... her brother was not registered as students of the third section. They were away when the enrollment scam... err... the thing earlier happened.

As such, Foo called for Abner to fix the registration. As they had finished the training, there should be no problems with the excuse to use.

That might actually have worked on the other students too. To send them to the training first. It would certainly have been much faster...

But then again, what would a life in another world be without the obligatory tournament arc? It was not that he did not think of the better solution, it was that he felt that the tournament was missing.

Relaxing again, as the bothersome stuff was done, Foo casually swept his gaze over the students.

And immediately regretted it. After they had calmed down, they were now gazing at him with worshiping eyes. And he could hear them whispering about his awesomeness.

Feeling a shiver down his spine, and an urgent desire to flee, Foo then turned to look at the tower in the center of the academy.

``Ah, I wonder how the wizard section head are doing in this fine weather? Have he procured the documents for me yet?``

ZombieSpy ZombieSpy

Oh my (arch)god! Another chapter again! As the first one was for yesterday, you should count this one as today's. You might get lucky and get more today! Or a couple tomorrow! No promises tho~

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