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Chapter 61: Tournament at Last?

Unaware that the students had subconsciously seen through him, Foo continued his speech.

"I have gathered you all here this lovely day...", but after a quick glance rain that was still going strong, he revised his words after a light cough, "This auspicious day!"

"It was namely this day that I was appointed as the section head of the third section!"

After waiting a while for a cheer that did not come, Foo considered if he should make some of those `cheer now` signs that were used in tv studios...

"As the new section head, I have decided to make an recruitment drive for the `Magical Warriors`! To select eligible students, I have decided to hold a tournament!"

This time however, Foo got an pleasantly surprised murmur from the audience.

"The tournament will start as soon as possible!

You all might wonder why I choose this day? It is because of profound reasons that I will not be able to explain properly.

But amongst other things, this weather will allow you to show me your resolve!"

Sensing that there was some worry amongst the students, Foo then explained his genial plan.

"I will accept all students that show any comprehension whatsoever regarding magic and martial combat.

The ones defeated in the tournament will not have any lower chance of getting selected. As long as they are capable to show anything that I can use as an excuse for their enrollment, I will gladly welcome them!"

At this point in time, the audience had seen through this plot. The realization that everyone present probably could properly join the `Magical Warriors` made them burst out in cheers.

Currently they were just outsiders that resided in this section as they were driven off by their teachers. But now they had the chance to properly join the section that once had the highest standing of the three.

Just the fact that they would have a section head that seemed to care from them promised lot for their future. The man might seem a bit young compared to the other section heads, but at this point the students were glad at anything that might improve their situation.

Foo then turned towards the receptionist.

"Can you organize the tournament?"

He of course would dump the bothersome stuff towards his subordinates, if you could call them that. Well, `slaves` seemed a bit harsh, so subordinates it was!

Lighting up in excitement at the opportunity to be the organizer at such an important event of such a huge scale, the receptionist quickly got to work, discussing the matter with Abner.

While they were talking, Foo looked out over the spirited students gathered in the field. Luckily the weather was still warm, and as such the rain was not that bothersome for the students.

And to his surprise, Foo did not notice any cold at all. The only thing that bothered him with the current weather was that his drenched clothes were uncomfortably clingy.

Suddenly Foo happened to overhear the discussion between his subordinates. The tournament would stretch over a couple of days, maybe some weeks? Screw that!

Although he had indeed planned on using a traditional tournament, as if taken from the novels, how could he have expected that there would be so many students?

Were they to follow the original plans, it would indeed take quite some time to get it all over with. Especially when they did not have any staff to help them.

And how could Foo be patient enough to hang around here for days, just to pretend to oversee the tournament? Impossible!

Foo might have patience for the oddest of things, like carefully observing slight changes in a dataflow. But this was just so boring!

"Forget it! This is way too bor...derline irresponsible! To be able to properly observe the capabilities of the students, we should go with a battle royal!"

Blinking at Foo's interruption of her plans, the receptionist tried to protest, "But—"

"No buts! We have to care for the students! As such we should just let everyone just battle it out against each other.

The warriors uses fists and the wizards may use non-lethal spells.

The fight starts in five minutes!"

Gosh, if you wanted to get something done properly, you have to do it yourself. Foo had almost been trapped here for a couple of days, doing some boring stuff.

This was all an excuse after all, so they should just go on with it.

After exchanging helpless glances, the receptionist and Abner quickly announced the tournament format.

After the five minutes was up, the slightly confused students hesitatingly started the fight. However, after a little while they started to get more and more spirited. And soon a proper fight was going on.

However, Foo could not bear to watch it. How was that fighting? The students were roughly on the same level, somewhere far below zero...

If someone could survive the self-inflicted injuries in the fight, that would surely mean that they had high potential!


After some time the students had reached a standstill. They were not strong and skilled enough to knock each other out, and most injuries was self-inflicted. After the energic struggle, they were all exhausted.

Taking this opportunity to end this farce that he once called a tournament, Foo announced the ending.

"Please stand down!" Foo called out. Upon his interruption, the exhausted students turned to him with great expectations in their eyes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

For the first time, they were actually glad for the rain, as it helped them to cool down to a more comfortable temperature after the intense struggle.

"I am happy to inform you all that you have been accepted into the third section! I will make sure that you all will improve way beyond your wildest imaginations!"

Giving a beaming smile to the students, Foo waited a bit for the information to sink in. When he saw the happiness emerging in the faces of the students, he continued.

"Welcome to the third section!"

The statement just so happened to be accompanied by the most forceful burst of thunder as of yet. Giving the students an ominous feeling.

If they were to listen carefully, they would almost be able to hear that little voice in the back of their minds, ``Crap! We are screwed!``

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