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Chapter 68: Training Gone Wrong - Easy Mode

After that, the tournament started. Although it could barely be called one. Who the heck used a battle royal?

It just felt as if a lazy person was in charge of the planning. Of course, that was definitely not the case. The new section head seemed quite responsible and energetic.

As the rules forbid swords, it was truly the perfect match with our nameless man. His level with combat was way above the present students. It was just that he had trouble with swords.

As the swords was removed from the equation, it was mere child's play. But he was more sensible than to beat the heck out of the others. He just dodged attacks and did some harmless throws.

He did after all not want to hurt anyone. And if he rendered people unfit to continue, they might risk missing the enrollment. As such, he just threw his opponents around like he was handling children, although many was way older than him.

The ending was exciting, or maybe a bit anticlimactic. Everyone passed, as if everything were just a ploy for some long-winded excuse...

Barely had he been able to experience his utter joy, when he was suddenly sent for training. Everything flashed before his eyes, and he had a slight feeling of falling.


Suddenly the world stabilized before him, and he noticed that he was standing on a wide meadow. It was a beautiful sight, with butterflies stuttering around the colorful flowers. Cute rabbits were happily jumping around, soothing one's heart.

The wind gently caressed his skin, as the sun pleasantly warmed him with its bright shine.

Taking a deep breath of fresh air, he felt spirited. But then again, he was puzzled over why he was here, and how he got there.

Seemingly to answer his questions, the space before him suddenly distorted and showed a being hovering in the air.

The being had a radiant halo around him, and an aura that was soothing to the soul. He had a heavy but kind presence, reminiscent to that a god would have.

In fact, everything about him was otherworldly. Hovering there in the air, one would definitely guess that he was a god that had descended from the heavens.

"Greetings mortal!" the being spoke. His voice ringing pleasantly to the ears.

Studying the face of the god in front of him, the man suddenly realized that it was the section head from before!

"I have summoned you to this realm, as we are under a great threat! The evil powers in the world have started to mobilize, and are threatening the peace of the world!

Kingdoms crumble and humans betray each other. You have been chosen to save the world!

Unfortunately, you lack the strength to take on the whole world. But fear not! I am here to help you!"

Gaping at the revelation, the man felt a surge of excitement burst forward. He was chosen to save the world?! It was as if taken from the legends!

Anyone would once have felt a deep desire to become the hero. And it seemed as if he was chosen to become one!

Feeling the heavy burden on his shoulders, he resolutely decided to give everything to meet up with the expectations.

Who would have known that the unremarkable section head from before was actually a god that was looking for people that could save the world?

"You will start training in this realm. Do not worry about anything else, I will be here for you!

We will start the training in the easy mode. To give it a slow start and then increase the intensity as you get stronger."

Feeling ready to take on everything that the god before him could possibly throw at him, the man was getting really hyped to start the training.

It could not possibly be any worse than his grandfather's, and this time the goal was to become a hero! Even if it was twice as harsh, he would still endure it!

"To start with, let's do some push-ups."

Easy! Although the training with the swords did not go well, he was still regularly doing daily exercise that his grandfather had taught him.

As such he quickly threw himself to the ground, getting into the stance for push-ups.

However, in his eager to impress on the deity, he did not notice the bee that were on a flower that he happened to place his hand on.

"GAAAHH!!!!" the man roared as he flew up. The bee had stung him in his hand.

Holding the stung hand tightly with his other hand, he started to curse. And gosh did he curse! The most valuable set of skills that he had inherited from his grandfather was the endless source of curses...

As time went by, and curses was thrown out, the hand started to swell. After just some moments, it had swollen to almost five times its original size. And the pain was unbearable.

Suddenly the man felt dizzy, and the world turned black.


Suddenly, he opened his eyes and saw the same peaceful meadow reaching as far as the eye could see. However, on the ground there was a corpse. His corpse.

The hand was almost the same size as the body, and the skin already showed signs of decomposition. A truly horrible sight that broke the tranquility of the nature around him.

"You was careless! That was a highly poisonous bee! Luckily, I am able to bring you back from death in this realm. However, I can't do the same when we get back outside! As such you have to learn to avoid such dangers!"

The man felt a chill down his spine as he remembered the pain from before. Luckily, it was now gone. But the memory of it was still haunting him.

Too ashamed to make any excuses, the man just stood there in silence as he reminisced about the training he had with his grandfather. He had also taught that you should always be mindful of your surroundings.

The fact that he had become accustomed with the relatively safe environment in the academy greatly shamed him. What would his grandfather say if he had observed the scene from before? He was surely turning around in his grave!

"What are you waiting for? Get back to the push-ups!"

Taking a deep breath, the man once again took the stance for push-pus. This time he carefully observed the ground, making sure that there was no hidden dangers.

After taking the position, he started the workout. One push-up, two-pushups... But he then suddenly lost the feeling in his arm.

Losing balance from the unexpected feeling, or rather the lack of it, he rolled around to the side.

Puzzledly he looked at his had, and was stunned to see that rashes was quickly traveling from the palm of his hand, and up his arm. Before he could reakt, it had already reached his torso.

Some moments later, it reached his head, and the world turned black once again.


Back at the same spot. Only, this time there was two corpses lying around.

"You have to be more observant! That was a lethal plant. One touch and you would die for sure."

So far the man had not dared to speak in the presence of the deity. It was as if he was afraid to taint the air with his mortal voice.

But now he could no longer contain himself, "What the heck is this! I would say that I am an expert in push-ups, but I have died twice before even doing five of them!

Is everything here out to kill me!?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The low amount of swear words showed that he still held back in the presence of the god. But he could not hold back everything.

"No, of course not everything is out to kill you..." the deity said, while looking if he was explaining something easy to a child.

"Some things will only paralyze you, leaving you to die on your own. While other creatures would use your body to lay eggs..."

Shocked at this revelation, the man then exclaimed, "How the hell is this easy mode!? The difficulty of this training is way beyond that!"

He had not even done the most basic of warm ups, and he had already died the most horrible deaths twice!

Chuckling lightly, the god then patiently explained, "We have not started the training yet. We are just at the stage where we are checking your normal exercise routine, to see if it should be improved.

We are currently not at any difficulty level. Only when we have the current task out of the way, we will increase it to the `easy` difficulty."

This was not even the `easy` mode yet? It was even below that?! Then what would the `easy mode` look like!? And the ones beyond that?!!!!

He suddenly had a really bad feeling. Maybe he should have run when his instincts told him to at that gathering before...

Taking a step back, as he saw a cute rabbit looking at him with its adorable eyes from afar, the man felt a crisis approaching. Cute rabbits? As if! If he knew this world correctly, they were definitely mourderus butchering machines!

The more cute they pretended to be, the more likely it was that they were even more horrible. Oh dear, rabbits did not lay eggs, did they?

``Ah, grandfather! Please take me back to our pleasant and love filled family activities! I was wrong to call them hell! I was just a frog in the well! I miss youuuu!``

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