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69.56% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 62: Training Plans

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Chapter 62: Training Plans

The last burst of thunder had seemingly discharged the clouds, leaving them depleted. It was as if they had done their purpose, and was now dispersing.

The sun appeared where the clouds had been, and was now casting its warm shine onto the gathered students. If they were slightly cold before, they were now getting warmed up by the pleasant sunshine.

It was almost as if the weather said, "Why did we even bother to warn you? Oh well. You have chosen the path of certain doom, so lets make your last time more enjoyable..."

With his speech over, Foo turned towards Abner, who confirmed the students enrollment, "We did indeed manage to cheat the system. All students were successfully enrolled!"

However Foo frowned at the choice of words. What the heck did he mean with `cheated`? They were clearly doing legit recruiting! And the students were already residents of the third section, he was just making it official...

Refraining to comment on the words choice, as it might lead to deeper inspection of the subject, Foo then turned towards the students again.

"Congratulations! However, we will all have to fight to improve! The current state of the third section is dire!"

Unsurprisingly, there was no one that objected to the statement.

"But as long as I am here, I guarantee that you will all reach great highs!"

If the conventional way did not work, he could always cook up some unconventional ones... There would certainly always be a way. The students might not like it, but he was doing it for their sake after all...

In fact, he had now been trying to decide on what way he was going to use to strengthen the students. One problem was that he had basically no resources at hand currently.

Although there were many students, and the majority, if not all, would certainly be willing to chip in, their gathered resources would still be pathetic. And Foo had way too much integrity to ask the equivalent of a beggar for money. At least when it made it seem as if he was incapable of gathering it himself...

So until his plan to milk the elder of money had progressed further, he had to do it with the resources at hand. Or rather, without any resources.

However, he still had quite some ideas with these financial restrictions. For example that new title that he got, [The Illusionist].

The fact that he received the title must mean that the system acknowledged his skills with illusions. And the system was basically just an assisting system. That meant that he might be able to use this `Illusion` thingie with the help of the system.

He was reluctant to make a skill on his own, like he accidentally did with his... uhm... ❰blade skill with the name that must not be mentioned❱. He was not a cheater after all. And the system was crying about r​ape afterwards... That would leave anyone unsettled.

Anyway, the genius idea was to utilize the system to legitly make an illusion skill. As he had been recognized as an illusionist, the system should help him make illusions legitly.

The next thing to consider was what illusions is. Based on his earlier use, and the system's recognition, it was the way of distorting the truth. By utilizing the system's assistance, he should be able to introduce more magic into the illusions.

He could not use magic with his body, yes, but there might not be a need for that. The way of using illusions was to show an alternate truth, and distract one from the real truth. Basically making things appear to be something that they are not.

Normally, illusionists from his old world would make use of optical illusions and other ways to manipulate the audience's perception. However, now, as he had the assistance of the system, Foo could try an alternate way of illusions.

The type of illusions that were on Foo's mind was injected illusions. This kind of illusions was often found in literature and storied. Instead of using the targets actual senses, the illusionists injects the illusion directly into their mind.

It is more of an hypnotist's way of work. To make the target think he sees things, rather than having them see things that makes them think in a certain way. Of course, not limited only to the vision, but other senses as well.

Well, to summarize it, he would try to project thoughts into the students' minds. What thoughts to inject? Obviously the thing that the students lack the most is experience. Assuming that talent is impossible for them.

As most learning came with costs, no one was there to guide them, and it was dangerous to do alone, the students had a hard time to gather experience.

However, this was where Foo's brilliant idea came in. Put the students in a trance where they will experience a game world based on the current world. Then put in training, combat and stuff, and suddenly they will be able to gain experience!

Of course, that would not help them train the body. But that could come afterwards! What was most important was that they understood how to do things, and especially to stop inducing damage to themselves...

In a virtual world, they would be able to experience everything as if it was real, but at the same time be in no real damage. And Foo should be able to increase the perceived timeflow inside the virtual world, basically enable them to gain many months of experience in a few minutes! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The whole concept was a bit sketchy, but with the assistance of the system, things should work out! If the system was not cooperative, he would have to be a bit more creative...

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