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81.52% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 73: Trouble

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Chapter 73: Trouble

Foo started to feel a headache appearing. He was just trying to patch the skull a little... How did it turn out like.. this?

It was like accepting the job of hanging up the name sign on a dog house, and when done the dog just got a new gigantic and futuristic palace... Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It might even be a little worse than "little overboard"...

As he was lamenting over the injustice that the skull thing was so crude, he would not have gone overboard if it was properly made after all, Foo then got disturbed by messages.



Your manipulation of life, souls and holiness have awed the heavens!

The title [The Creator of Life] gained!




You have created a new race!

Race#hf839w8gy9j8w93fdqks0kdck9w3urf8w79hfseh9f38hf98w7rf9h34 created!




Your utilization of your brain have reached unprecedented heights!

The skill ❰Parallel Processing - Mastered❱ gained!


The messages stunned Foo. The title `Creator of Life`? Was that not a bit of exaggeration? He did just fix the skull a little...

But then again, as he saw that the soul and stuff was flawed, he did some improvements there too... To slaughter countless people to perform a resurrection spell for a flower... There was obviously something wrong there. And not to mention the wear and tear, corruption and other stuff.

As he was fixing stuff anyway, he of course fixed it a bit too. And that could indeed, although a bit far fetched, count as making a new life form...

But the name of the race was just gibberish! Why did the system have such a bad naming sense? Or rather, it did not have any at all!

``Could it not just call it Angel. Anyone could see that it was more like an angel than... whatever the system called it...``



You have successfully renamed the race `Race#hf839w8gy9j8w93fdqks0kdck9w3urf8w79hfseh9f38hf98w7rf9h34` to `Angel`


``Gosh! I have to do everything!`` Foo thought as he decided to ignore it.

But the thing about parallel processing made more sense. When Foo was deeply immersed into his work, he had an epiphany. To split up the thinking for for different aspects of the work, and as such increase the working speed.

The only drawback was that he did not remember much of what he had actually done. Due to the large amount of parallel thoughts during that time, it was all just jumbled up into a mess.

He could recollect some things that he had done, but the majority remained just a huge tangled web of incoherent thoughts.

But then again, he did not need to remember all details, right? He was confident that he did everything as good as he could, so there was no need to doubt the process.

And he could not possibly have added anything weird, right? Like some planetary annihilation weapons?

Suddenly Foo felt a shiver down his spine. Why did he think of that as an example?! Was there any deeper meaning behind that thought?!

``Oh, never mind. Don't sweat the small stuff! Not my problem.``

Luckily Foo was not one that remained worried about small pesky problems. There was nothing that proved that he had added it. It was just some stray thoughts.

And there was a larger matter at hand; how was he going to hide the new creation? One of the predicted benefits of repairing the skull was that it would be easier to hide.

As it was before his small patchwork, the miasma made itself noticeable due to the clashing. It might bring trouble if the inquisitor noticed it.

If the skull was repaired, it was likely that the stuff would be contained. And if he had succeeded with replacing the miasma with holiness, they might be able to get away in the case the inquisitor actually noticed it.

Of course, that required that they did not treat holiness the same as they treated miasma. One could consider them two different sides of the same coin.

But that was unlikely. In the worst case, they would probably just demand to have the holy skull handed over. Or start to worship it...

But now, he had larger problems. There was no way that he could just hide a human sized angel. It was a tad larger than what the skull had been...

And if the inquisitor managed to find it... It would be no simple matter. The unlikely case that they would treat it with hostility was bad enough. Foo did not want anything to destroy his magnificent work.

But it would be even worse if they started to worship it. After all, what would that make him, as its creator?

To have lots of people worship him would compel him to care for them, and that would be bothersome!

As such, this ticking bomb had to be hidden! And the fact that he had made it must be kept secret at all costs!

Looking at the two other men in the room, Foo then coughed lightly, and spoke, "Everything about this thing must be kept a secret, understood?! And do you have any ideas on how to hide him?"

However, it seemed as if they did not hear him at all. Their big and star filled eyes were glued to the angel.

"Gah! Everything do I have to do myself!"

He had to think of something. He could maybe draw it into his body as he use to do with Lucifer... But that would dispel any magic, including holiness...

And he was not that sure that his creation would survive that. His creation was perfect, and would as such be able to handle the dispersion of holiness, but the consciousness was still unstable, and would need the holiness to stabilize it.

He had just removed the evilness after all, to make up for that, it had to be in contact with holiness for a while. As such there was no quick way out.

He could not expect too much from the angel itself, as even if it woke up, would be too unfamiliar with its new body to be of any help. Even using magic would be a problem for it, as holiness was new to it.

So, bury it in the ground? Even Foo would not do that. Although it did not need oxygen and such, that was just too mean. It was not because it would dirty his spotless creation, and insult his magnum opus.

But how should they manage to hide it then? If only he had something that would make it unable to be seen... Something that could fool the vision of observers... Something that gave an illusion that there was nothing there, or gave it a more normal appearance...

But where could Foo possible find something like that? It was not that he was an expert in this field, was it?

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