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22.28% How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories / Chapter 38: Different creatures, are they ghosts!?

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Chapter 38: Different creatures, are they ghosts!?

"Lord Diehauser, it appears the vision of young master Masaru has just happened. We secured lady Cleria with her lover as well as the Devils who joined hands with the Exorcist to kill them"

The one who was reporting was Sariel, a Fallen Angel whom Diehauser has recruited and the only one whom Masaru did not have much chance to talk with.

"Damn!, Make sure to watch over them. We just managed to capture this big fish. We will be arriving shortly, sent Janet and Julie to follow Julia towards Edward. According to Edward, it seems Masaru has been trapped in a house that a stray devil was in and all the signs point at these creatures Masaru faced in the Vatican"

"I will arrange for them to move immediately"

Sariel closed the call walking towards the two of the four pawns in the peerage,

"Janet, Julie you two shall follow Julia and assist Edward. Masaru seems to have met with trouble and it is possible to be those strange creatures"

Janet and Julie did not ask questions and disappeared before Sariel could say anything else because Masaru was the little brother of these two ladies everything else is simply useless in their view at this moment.


Masaru who saw the note immediate froze still not daring to make a movement, he stared at the space of the room calculating the square meter of the room in order to know if he attacks the roof with a big attack could it implicate the house.

Jeanne was unlucky because she was a distance away even if she looks ahead she could see the girl wearing a white robe crawling on the roof like a crawling spider, her skin appears to be deathly pale white but the face was bluish with her eyes showing signs of popping out.

If Jeanne was not experienced in facing monsters she might have screamed by now, she even noticed the girl made contact with her eyes and she could no longer move her body. It was as if something entangled her from within her body.

She wanted to burst out the holy magic within her body but it did not move like how she wanted to. She wanted to call out to Masaru but the words did not come out.

Once the calculation was complete Masaru silently cast a weapon enchantment spell using the spellbook as a medium since it was holy attribute, at the same time he circulated his Ki at full drive mode.

With a swift twist turn, Masaru unleashed a heaven splitting slash at the creature who did not expect him to be so resolute to destroy the house killing it in one blow, Jeanne who was being suppressed felt her control over her body was slowly coming back.

"What was that!?"

Masaru searches the surrounding while he cast barrier magic to prevent the rubbles from collapsing on him and Jeanne.

"That was weaker than I expected..."

Masaru looked around while being vigilant that the ghost might appear somewhere,

[It appears I found something for you]

'What is it?'

[Cast a Detection spell for undead]

Masaru who did as he was told could suddenly feel the presence of the other creature that was standing still because of the sudden destruction to the house,

[It appears these creatures specialize in stealth and Mind or soul related powers, that girl of yours was being held down by shackles which were why she could not warn you]

'Why did you not warn me?'

[Because you already knew and you were even thinking of a plan to strike, the only reason you managed to kill it... Well, it is in my speculation but from the last facial expression of that creature, it did not expect you to destroy the house]

'So we can conclude my theory of the door is most likely true?'

[Yes, the other creature is hesitating at the moment so I suggest you take the girl and sprint without attacking, I feel that other creature's power is stronger than the girl that died]

Masaru pulled Jeanne into his embrace shocking the knight girl,

"Sorry but for now I need you to cooperate with me, we are escaping"

Picking her up in a princess style Masaru kicked the door open, he could see the shadow creature was at the bathroom, so he took the chance to run straight for the rails that prevent people from falling off the floor, he jumped over it directly landing on the steps near the ground floor running full power towards the main door.


The roar of the shadow beast could be heard as it snapped out of its stupor rushing madly after Masaru, but by the time it reached the ground floor. Masaru was already out of the dimension through the door.



Seeing Masaru and Jeanne just came out of the house Julia, Janet and Julie immediately launched attacks demolishing the entire house to the point that even dust was not spared.

Masaru who just escape from that house could not help but collapse on the ground, that roar of the shadow beast truly was fearsome. It was strong enough to shake his soul, it was only because of the spellbook protecting him and Jeanne that they did not die from that sudden attack.


Julia and Julie came running towards Masaru, Janet wanted to go as well but she went towards Jeanne who was only knocked unconscious.

"Are you alright?"

Masaru who heard Julia's concerned question could only smile helplessly

"That was dangerous in a different sense...."

While Julia was using magic to scan Masaru's condition Julie began to ask him questions but Masaru started to explain it all at once.

"It was that dimension again... the same one I faced in the Vatican but the creatures inside were different, unlike the creatures in the Vatican that had super regeneration and required you to only cut the moving core.

"These creatures were physically weak as long as your attack is imbued with holy magic, but what makes them more dangerous is the ability to attack the mind and soul, just as we escaped from the last creature I knew I could not take one just one of its Roars almost damaged our souls however it was thanks to the spellbook we are saved..."

"What about the stray devil?"

Masaru looked at Julia with a wry smile,

"I am not sure what state it is in currently, but it's dead for sure"

Edward came running while tears were running from his eyes, he started to inspect Jeanne first then Masaru before thanking heavens earning him a divine punishment in his mind for thinking about that subject that is taboo for devils.

"Thank goodness your alright"

Masaru felt happy that Edward cared for them and felt responsible but Masaru tapped his shoulder

"This is not your fault like I said in my report we don't have a method to scan these dimensions so it's like gambling. At least I managed to gain more information about these creatures"


"Why have you been targeted?"

Diehauser was speaking with Cleria, after the event where her life was targeted by devils, Diehauser was only able to prepare a safe house for her because of Masaru's vision.

"I stumbled upon a dark secret... This includes something the nobles did with the Rating game"

Cleria who was supposed to die and seal the information of the King Piece from the Devil World survived thanks to her cousin's "visions", she began to tell the information about the king piece but the knowledge she had was too limited but it was more than enough to cause an uproar.

"No wonder Masaru said that whatever you found is important enough to make the old devils target you"

Diehauser looked at Sariel who just finished his interrogation,

"Did you compile the list of Devil Family's involved in this?"

Sariel nodded but his face was cramped,

"I have, but the troubling matter is the fact the Bael Family is involved in this as well"

Just hearing that was enough to make Diehauser have a headache but shortly a magic circle materialized from Julia who was calling Diehauser to report

"Masaru and Jeanne are safe, it was as expected those creatures... We are on our way right now"

Diehauser felt that there were too many things happening all at once

"Come to the safe house"

After a while Masaru arrived, when he saw Masaomi and Cleria he already knew what was going on, he looked at his father

"Father leave this situation to me as well as the creatures, this is something the Belial Family can't handle so I will speak with Ajuka to hear from him what we should do"

Diehauser nodded at his sons suggestion since it truly was a matter too big for the Belial Family to handle

"Sorry, big sis Julia but can you teleport us to Ajuka's Research facility?"


Ajuka who was enjoying his tea stopped drinking when a pulse of magical energy emitted from his floor slowly forming the crest of the Belial Family so he waited and soon Julia and Masaru appeared.

Looking at his disciple's face he could guess the news was not going to be good. He immediately activated the isolation formation of his office to prevent anyone from listening in on their discussion.

Masaru first began to report his second encounter with the creatures and the information of a new kind of creature greatly intrigued Ajuka's interest especially the fact that the dimension is for some reason heavily relying on the physical structure of the real world to maintain it's space.

But the information about these creatures walking around in the human world troubled him greatly, especially the fact that some humans appear to be helping them. But since they could not do something about it immediately they shelved it for later, then Masaru began sharing the information Cleria discovered about the King Pieces and the relevant families that sent assassins to her to conceal this information.

He already knew a bit about those top rating game people having those pieces but because of the lack of evidence and his position he could not make a move, however, Masaru felt angry.

"I have a plan if your willing to hear it out"

Ajuka was quite interested in this boy's idea, it will surely be flashy,

"After researching for several months here I came across an interesting subject about stray devils, since the piece causes mutation upon betrayal I thought what would happen if the core piece that maintains the functions of the Evil piece is nullified.

"The fun fact is when the evil piece that usually generates and feed the body it's special kind of energy suddenly stop, strange corrosion starts to encroach the evil piece before poisoning the body, naturally, if this poison is treated within two weeks the host will survive at the cost of several thousand years of life span. But any more than that then the chances of survival go slimmer with each passing day"

"This is really a scary plan, you do realize if other people notice this then you will be executed?"

Hearing Ajuka's reasonable point Masaru smiled

"It can't be traced or more like the group of targets we will be using this on can't have themselves investigated, since they are using King Pieces that is suppose to be banned in the first place"

Hearing Masaru's reason Ajuka could not help but praise this boy as a genius but sinister scary genius, he too believed losing several thousand years of lifespan is a bit heavy a cost but they have to get those pieces back.

'Well they can only blame themselves for having those pieces in their bodies'

"The plan will be this, we can have you the creator of the Rating Game have a banquet party with all the top players including my father and everyone else. I will move in between as a Staff member and nullify their pieces.

"The next step is to wait for at least three days while keeping an eye on hospitals that might take in any of them where you will appear. Speak of how you wish to ensure their health and will send them to the best hospital to heal them, naturally, you will force them to accept them.

"Having all the king piece wielders in one place you can record the extraction process in the presence of several household heads as witnesses... With this, those involved have no ground whatsoever to stand on"

"Brilliant, the plan is quite detailed and easy to execute. Not to mention having other teams attend the banquet will prevent them from pointing fingers at me, it will be at the moment I visit them at the respective hospitals that will signal them that I know"

Masaru smirked as he really enjoys speaking with Ajuka who can think similar to how he does, he nodded

"That's right, before you move to their hospitals send in men that are strong ahead to the hospital to guard them as we can't have them die on us"

Ajuka could not help but laugh

"Kukuku, I never imagined that I would be collecting the king pieces in such a manner, I can have Sirzech involved in this since he is looking for chances to suppress those old devils as much as he can"

Julia who listened quietly could not help but tap Masaru behind his head causing the boy to turn and look at her

"Masaru, make sure you never tell anyone even your peerage about Worthless being able to do such a dangerous thing"

Masaru naturally understood her point and reassured her that he will not mention it and it will be something he will definitely not use actively because even he feels fear if such a thing were to happen to him. Once Masaru and Ajuka finalized their plans, Masaru and Julia left the Research facility and a Happy whistling Ajuka.


"I see, I will naturally join the party"

Diehauser nodded after hearing the plans, although he felt it was a bit too sinister but for the sake of capturing them all together in one location he can accept this much.

"Aunt Cleria, you will have to hide in this house for a few weeks together with Masaomi"

Cleria who only recently learnt that Masaru was the one who arranged her to be saved including her lover, she truly felt she owe this wonder child a big debt of gratitude. Even Masaomi felt his nephew-in-law was amazing.

"Yeah, but remember to visit us you hear me?"

Cleria snuggled Masaru firmly on her lap refusing to let him go, that attack on them was quite a scary experience because of the fact Devils were weak to Holy element. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_41208417888561044">!_41208417888561044</a> for visiting.

"Aunt Cleria, why not make Masaomi your Queen?"

Hearing Masaru's suggestion even Masaomi felt surprised as they never thought of this way, by having Masaomi reincarnate into a devil they will be truly able to live together for thousands of years. Cleria stood up swinging Masaru like a plushie

"Thank you Ma-kun! You really are our family's wonder child!"

Masaru who heard that title could not help but cramp up thinking

'The title is alright while I am a child, but what if I become an adult? Will the people still call me Wonder Child as an Adult? or perhaps... Wonder man!?'

These past two days the Belial Family spent their family time in the Safe House while Masaomi who just reincarnated as Cleria's Queen was introduced to the family, naturally, everyone was not one bit bothered about his past and even felt respect for this man who was willing to sacrifice his life regardless of his belief or status for the sake of love.

Damian even ordered the servants to record this event that will be a romance history of the family for many years to come as a lesson, only by willingly facing Death for the sake of your love can it truly be called True Love.

"Wonder if everything will go according to plan..."

Masaru muttered feeling a bit restless, he managed to save another two people with his knowledge. But what is about to happen, he did not have knowledge of. This will be a walk into the unknown form this point forward

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