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97.14% How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories / Chapter 169: Heading for Carmilla

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Chapter 169: Heading for Carmilla

"Vali contacted me recently," Azazel said while taking a sip of a strong drink he ordered, Masaru was sitting next to him drinking a glass of cola.

"Vali has been travelling quite actively recently and started searching for a variety of brutal monsters that are thought to be extinct," Azazel muttered, Masaru nodded as he too had the database of information he stolen from Khaos Brigade, and within there was many things he did not have a chance to read through it all.

"It seems like he was searching for them with uncertain evidence of them being alive, although I am more incline to not easily believe in this, but" Azazel stopped for a moment while glancing at the glass.

"With the Old One's rampaging, there are chances those beings are still alive," Masaru said while smiling wryly, "And if I was the leader of Khaos Brigade, I would target the host of the Holy Grail..."

"This---" Azazel stammered while glancing at Masaru with a stern face, unlike his casualness this time he was truly serious. "Would they?"

"Yes, think about it... Legendary dragons, Evil Dragons that were killed or sealed till they eventually died. Revived from the dead" Masaru said while recounting the information he did manage to read before he continued, "Or, something like 666, Trihexia"

"You----" Azazel could not finish what he was about to say before Masaru smiled,

"Best prepare for many what-if scenarios," Masaru said before turning his gaze ahead of himself, "This world is magical, many things are possible. We are not like humans without powers, we live in a fantasy great world. Where even Miracles exist, so it's only natural we have to take things others think impossible into account. For such things could happen"

Masaru stood up leaving the Bar, that was called the Black Dog bar. Just as he was about to leave he called out, "Thanks for the drink Tobio, please be sure to give the dog a jerky"

"I really have regressed after being in contact with humans for so long" Azazel muttered, "Just as he said, it's best to plan for every possible scenario regardless how impossible they might appear. Tobio!"]

"Yes?" The bartender who was currently wiping the glass he just washed, turned to glance at Azazel.

"Time to let the Slashdog team move," Azazel said with a stern voice,

Tobio nodded


[Boy, although I have many questions to ask. But you do realize that there is a fire chick here?] Drago said something that came to a shocked to Masaru who felt something was living amongst Drago and the others, he just ignored it.

"Since when?" Masaru asked,

[Well it was a while back when you spent time with your mother and girls. But anyway, from the looks of it, Suzaku mode has been unlocked. Although it's only its initial form] Drago said while glancing at the fire chick that was playing with Byakko while Genbu was looking over them with a warm smile.

"To think..."

[Another one occupied a spot in your soul, BOY! Are you a Pokemon Master!?] Drago retorted instantly,

"Think I should consider locking your internet" Masaru muttered fleetingly, instantly he felt as if he heard a mountain collapsed on the ground.

[I'm sorry my boss!!!!] Drago cried out prostrating, [Don't take my Webnovel away!!! I have yet to comment on the readers who love to comment on how trashy a book is, while ignoring how hard it is for some to actually write!]

"Never mind" Masaru muttered instantly ignoring Drago who went on and on about his book, "For now I best get Hiei to make their move..."

"Ulrika" Masaru called out when a magic circle materialized next to his ear,

{Yes Master?}

"Contact the Carmilla Faction, negotiate with them to sent Hiei Mercenaries to participate i ntheir civil war" Masaru said,

{But won't they decline, you should know that they are quite stubborn on solving vampire problems amongst vampires}

"Just give them a fraction of our intelligence regarding Qlippoth and Khaos Brigade" Masaru said,

{Understood, also Diana said that she is expecting you to be home on time. Since you did leave Sona at home after you left for a meeting}

"I actually forgot that I promised to cook tonight" Masaru said while smacking his forehead, a faint smile form on his lips, "I will be home soon"

{I will relay the message to everyone}

"Nin nin" Ophis appeared on Masaru's back clinging to his neck, her stoic face looked at him with expectations. Masaru sighed with a wry smile handing over a piece of candy to the dragon Goddess, even with his increased ability he still can't seem to sense this girl's movements at all.#

"You came from Rias's house?" Masaru asked, Ophis nodded. "That's good, you can help others. But don't do everything, let them struggle for it. Only then would they appreciate your help, giving them everything would only make them expect more things from you. Although I doubt she would do it"

"Nn, Asia is kind" Ophis said while munching on a cola flavoured chewy toffee,

"That's good, as long as you understand" Masaru muttered as the two of them head home,


"As expected" Diana said with a smile, she knew that vampires would conduct themselves arrogantly. Yet she felt quite proud her son managed to take them down a nodge or two, "They always act like that"

"Please have some tea" Ichika brewed tea for everyone after they all had dinner,

"Here is your glass of juice mother" Akeno offered a glass of orange juice to Diana,

"Thank you dear" Diana said to Akeno,

"Well I have warned Azazel about things since I realized that he and the other higher ups have been letting their guards down against Longinus and other mystical things of our world" Masaru said with a wry smile, 'Only someone like me who was once human, would consider these things. Since Magic was impossible to beging with, despite not remembering everything. That was something I could definitely remember'

"As long as your cautious, it's good. But don't be too overly cautious" Diana reminded Masaru before taking a sip of her juice.

"We should go search for those dragons nyan" Kuroka made a suggestion that suited her character, she joined the espoinage department of Hiei where she took lead in travelling in the world, spying, gathering information and the likes.

"I will allow you to investigate them, but remember to keep distance from Qlippoth" Masaru warned, although he never said this to anyone. But he felt a growing threat if the Old One's decide to form an alliance with the remaining terrorist group, his hand was already full with them separate and together would only make it chaotic.

"Yes!" Kuroka jumped feeling happy to gain another mission to scout,

"I will be heading to the territory for a day or two" Masaru said, "There is a few plans I need to set in motions so our territory can continue to grow"

"Our territory is already comparable to a King Class Devil Household, just what do you intend to do?" Diana asked,

"I'm preparing" Masaru said with a stern face, his eyebrows furrowed, "In case the devils turn against us"


Three days passed, Masaru went through the territory making sure everything was going as planned. It took some years, but the territory became entirely self-suffecient. Most of the plants, trees and magical beasts found across the underworld required in daily consumption, has been reared in the territory while researching methods to increase their output and how to maintain their required enviroment so they flourish and multiply as much as possible.

Masaru intended to allow his territory to flourish with it's own resources without requiring things from outside, almost making his territory appear to be independent with only trades made when buying products other than food. Thus allowing even Commoners to live lavishly if they manage their finances well enough, yet it was all for his preparation.

After living as a Devil for a long time, Masaru came to understand that the Devils mindsets are quite easy to influence. Especially when they feel threatened by someone or something, especially Nobles.

Ever since the council became quiet since his recent increase in strength becoming a Satan Class Powerhouse, or Mid Class God powerhouse. They instantly stopped their pestering towards him, his family and territory all together. But Masaru knew these devils were still scheming behind his back, even with Hiei aiding him from the shadows, there was still things he could not prevent from happening in the open.

Masaru had been patient with them since their existence was still required, and his plans for the devils would evolve into two different paths. Success or Failure, would depend on which path he would take. Hench, why he had focused mostly into developing his territory independent while enriching the education sector to make up for the talents the territory required.

"You know, I have already stepped down as the patriarch of the family" Dominic said while glancing at Masaru, "Yet you are leaving again, so when will be able to officially perform the ceremony?"

"Hehe, sorry grandfather. I will make sure to set time aside for the ceremony" Masaru said while chuckling, although he had already been working as the patriarch he had yet to officially ascend.

"Hmph! Who cares about ceremonies, my grandson is such a splendid Patriarch. He does everything efficiently without even needing the girls to complete anything for him" Calfa said feeling proud, meanwhile Masaru felt ashamed.

'Grandmother, the girls are working just as hard as me. I only divided work according to their interest' Masaru thought with a wry smile,

Yui was in charge of the Department of Health & Social Care, this includes Hospitals, Research Facilities in charge of researching health medicines for Devils, like the sleeping disease.

Ingvild was in charge of the Home Office, as well as the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government. As the Queen of Masaru's peerage, she was nominated to become the public figure for the peerage who will interact more often with people, and she was approachable due to her kind nature. But being trained by Diana, she was no pushover.

Akeno was in charge of the Sacred Gear research department, this was something she had asked for since she knew Masaru himself was also leading a team to research sacred gears in details. So she decided to take over for him, and allowed him to place is focus on other things.

Stephani was in charge of Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. As the Yaoi reading girl who loved entertainment, she felt that it was her calling to introduce various kinds of things into the people's life. Hench she ended up in this post.

Ulrika took charge Cabinet Office, Business Department. Being a business and management orientated person, Masaru moved her attention to developing his country while he took over the management of Hiei Personally. Ichika acted as her secretary.

Everest took charge of Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, naturally this foodie dragon who dream of being a chef automatically chose this position which allows her to live her dream while helping out Masaru in dealing with things related to food and villages in the edges of the territories that might have unique ingredients they could make use of.

Angelica took charge of the Tourism Department,no need to add here. This girl simply wants to travel.

Roygun took charge of Department for International Trade which came to a surprise, but being the oldest in the group. She took charge of handling communications with other territories and factions as representative of the Belial Family. While Ingvild was the Local Figure, she was the Internation Figure. This was another indication of Masaru's plans, should he failed. Which was why he called this an "international" trade.

Jeanne took charge of the Ministry of Defence, being in charge of both enforcements and military division. She who wield her sword for the sake of protecting as she vowed, chose to take on this position.

Sakura too charge of Ministry of Justice, as someone who believes in justice. She decided to lead the people on the road of justice, free of corruption. Or so her ideal is. Sona was already in charge of the Educational Sector, so she continued working as she had been.

Shirone & Kuroka, the two of them working together with Masaru behind the scenes, Hiei became the Secret Services of the Belial Family which no one knows about. Although. Hiei was still seperated from the government. Masaru still set up a tiny branch within Hiei that would act as a information gathering department that can send information to officials that are not part of his peerage.

Despite the set up, each of the girls were naturally supported by veterans who trained them in their respected tasks and did the work till the time came the girls could do the work on their own without requiring much assistance.

With many things removed from his hands, Masaru could finally act as a President or Prime Minister of his territory where reports would only be given to him, having meetings with the girls along with their respective department teams to discuss relevent topics related to the territory, along with other things.

He had more time to focus on setting Hiei's future plans, with spies planted all over the world in each factions thanks to the Command Seal. It could be said that Masaru's ears were all over the place, each movement made from the factions he would know. yet there is still many places he had yet to infiltrate, like Qlippoth.

"Well we can simply complete the ceremony, and you will be recorded as the youngest Patriarch of the Belial family" Dominic said with a proud smile,

"I will not let your expectations of me down grandfather" Masaru said while smiling at his grandmother, "And I will make my grandmother proud"

"The young generation is growing up so quickly" Damian muttered with a tone of nostaligia, "It has only been a few years, but everything happened so quickly and we managed to restore to our former glory and even surpass it... We are grateful to you, Masaru. My great-grandson"

"hnn! Hnn!" Cleria nodded with a bright smile, she arrived together with Ishida to say farewell to Masaru who would be leaving for another trip again.

"Thank you everyone" Masaru said while bowing to his family, he may have grown stronger. He never became arrogant, he still placed his family to his first priority.

"I will be lonely" Akeno muttered with a lonely expression,

Masaru gently brush her hair from her face before giving her a light kiss, "I will be missing you girls as well, I will take you all on a date again when I return"

"It's a promise" Akeno said with expectant eyes, Masaru smiled warmly.

"Make sure to be safe" Ingvild said with a warm smile before embracing Masaru giving him a light kiss,

"I will be back before you know it, make sure to contact me if anything out of the ordinary happens. We can't afford any mishaps" Masaru said with a smile but his voice was stern.

After saying his farewell to the rest of the girls he looks towards Sona, "Make sure to activate the magic circle if anything happens alright?" Masaru said, hearing this Sona nodded since she could remember how many times he reminded her of this. Which meant, he was expecting something.

"You ready?" Masaru asked the three girls behind him.

"Yes-nyan!" Shirone said with an excited face, she felt elated when Masaru chose to take her along. She knew that he would require her purification flames should things become troublesome.

"Yes" Yui nodded, she intended to gather some herbs and various plants of the Vampire country to research them and see if they could also grow them in the territory.

"Ofcourse Master" Ulrika said while being dressed formally, she will be incharge of negotiation business deals in Roygun's place since the latter would be staying behind.

"We will be meeting up with Azazel and Rias, take care everyone" Masaru said while waving at his family before he along with the three girls vanished when the magic circle teleported them away from the gardens at the back of the Belial Manor.


In the basement of the Hyoudou Family House was a massive teleportation circle, Masaru had packed his luggage into his inventory together with Shirone's, Yui's and Ulrika's luggages, the four of them will be going with Azazel to the Carmilla Faction.

Rias and Kiba will be heading for Vladi Household to get some answers first before they will decide how to move forward, "We will be taking the flight to Romai, before taking another private flight to head to the Vampire Country" Azazel explained,

"Won't teleporting work?" Issei asked,

"That would cause them to misunderstand our intentions" Masaru explained, "Those arrogant Vampires would believe we are invading them if we teleport directly, even if they asked our aid before"

"Seriously..." Issei muttered with a gaped mouth feeling shocked,

"Nin nin" Ophis appeared on Masaru's back, looking at the Dragon God Loli Masaru smiled wryly. He knew she had been spending some time with Samsara, his girls or with the girls in Rias's peerage. But she had been sticking close to him most of the time, just like now. This dragon goddess really liked doing whatever she wanted.

Masaru, Shirone, Ulrika, Yui, Rias, Kiba and Azazel got on the magic circle, along with a little loli ninja after saying their goodbyes to the Gremory Peerage. After a moment the surrounding blurred before Masaru and the rest found themselves inside a alleyway, near the airport, within the city surrounded by people walking to their work or homes.

"The plane is ready" Azazel said as he starts to lead the group,

Masaru took out a packet of sweets giving it to Ophis, taking the packet she jumped off Masaru's back. She immediately took Masaru's hand, walking beside him while looking at the surrounding people walking past them minding their own daily lives.

"Let's go," Azazel said as he began to walk towards the airport where the Jet was located at,

After a while of walking, they arrived at the airport security gate, after having each of them identified they were led by a security guard towards the private jet arranged for them.

"So what do you intend to od at the Vampire Nation?" Rias asked Masaru, since Azazel was going to handle the talks with Empress Carmilla there was nothing else that would require Masaru to actually come with them.

"I'm going there to meet someone... an acquaintance from the past" Masaru answered vaguely as they climbed into the jet that will fly them towards the mountains.

"Oh? It's a girl?" Azazel asked with a lecherous smirk on his face,

Masaru raised his brow "Yes it is"

Masaru answered making Azazel chuckle while Yui, Shirone and Ulrika glances at Masaru hoping to hear more about this girl from him, "What?" Masaru said seeing the interest look in his girl's eyes, he knew they would feel jealous but won't cause trouble for him. So he had no qualms talking openly about it.

Masaru chuckled as he looks towards Azazel, "It's someone I met during the time I spied on Khaos Brigade in the past"

"I see, that contact will come in useful" Azazel nodded,

"She will" Masaru gently pants Ophis's head, while glancing at the glaring sun "I just hope our guesses would be wrong"

"Kuku, with my bad luck affecting you... I'm sure it will end up bad" Azazel said while laughing nonchalantly,

"Nice" Ophis mumbled feeling happy being patted by Masaru, this prompted Shirone to ask for head pats as well.

"Nyan" Shirone purred with her eyes closed, this caused both sides of Masaru to be occupied so Yui and Ulrika followed from behind.

"Everything will be fine" Masaru said with certainly, "Because I will use IT for the first time, and they won't expect it" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

CompleteNoob CompleteNoob

Sorry for the delay, been working for Nine days and I still have to work three more days -.- Hopefully this coming weekend I am off, it will be back to normal so I can post every weekend.

Anyway, here is my very first Filler Chapter, Love it? BWahahahahaha, Well I will head into the main stuff after this anyway so take care out there people

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