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Chapter 35: Chapter 35

This store looks interesting

How does she know my name?

The only thing that occurs to me is that the old woman from the library had told her of my intention to visit her shop ...

But, even if the old woman from the library had notified her of my arrival, I never mentioned my name to them ...

There is something here that I cannot understand.

While thinking about this, I also focused my attention on analyzing the place

The store looks like an office, on the walls, there are multiple shelves with many books, there is also a desk in the middle of the room

There is a person on that desk, I cannot identify any characteristics because she wears a tunic that covers her entire body

All I know is that it's possibly a woman from her voice

"Come closer Alexander, being so careful detracts from your life" commented the woman

I have not characterized myself as being careful precisely, I thought

Then I replied "thank you madam for receiving me in your store, but it intrigues me at the same time as it worries me to know that you know my name"

"Ohh," she said in a somewhat sarcastic voice mixed with some laughter

"What's so strange that this old woman knows your name, young Alexander, the world is a wonderful and mystical place, where do you think you are right now, in a circus?"

"Remember boy, you are in my store, the place where the future, the past and the present are revealed to us" she said with a mystical tone of voice

"Or, isn't that why you're here?" was the woman's response

Although I could not see her face I have the feeling that there must be a smile on her as she asked

"Fate is capricious, in the future you will understand, again I received a warning, a new seer will come to see me, it's you, fate warned me of your arrival, young Alexander"

"Come, sit down and let's talk" the lady asked me as she pointed to the chair in front of her

I approached cautiously

After sitting down I decided to ask her some questions

"So ... are you a seer?"

"Seer, it is the name by which we are distinguished, so yes" she answered my question and after a few seconds of contemplation she continues

"Throughout history there are many names that have been given to us, the different periods of history have given us a certain respect and glorified our gift, from those times there is little left, currently we are few and we are getting old" the woman complained

"So, ask what you need to know Alexander, fate wanted us to meet today" said the woman as she put her hand on the table

It is the hand of an elderly person, her five fingers have rings of different sizes and different materials


"Madam, my main question is, what is clairvoyance? For what reason can we see the future and the past?" this question is something that has always intrigued me

If I can see the future does that mean that everything is already predestined to happen? Or can that future change?

The woman made strange sounds but in a low voice, I think it's a laugh

"That is an interesting question, in fact it is something that every seer has asked himself at some time in his life, but the answer to that question has not yet been answered my little boy, or not that we know of"

"What is the reason why we are special, different from the rest, no one has discovered it yet Alexander, some predecessors have proposed some theories to these questions, but you don't need to know them at the moment, you don't have the necessary knowledge."

it seems that there are many secrets or complicated topics ...

I have a feeling that today is going to be quite a long day ...

I Continue with my questions

"Those visions that we see, of the past or the future always have some relation with us and can they be changed?"

The woman was silent for a few moments, contemplating the question

"It is a complex question that you ask, boy"

"First, you must understand something about the seers that the books do not explain to you, each of us has the power to see the past or the future, but this does not mean that we are equal to each other,"

"There are two ways in which our gift manifests itself, the first we will call the natural or original form, which as its name indicates does not seem to have a pattern or something that influences its appearance"

"The second we call as" control "where the seer has managed to identify a means by which his gift can be manifested"

"When we talked about how our gift is manifested, we understood that it is different for everyone, some have visions after sacrificing a sheep or after smoking tobacco, only some very powerful seers can have absolute control over their power, but they are very rare in all history "

"many seers never manage to find that something that controls their visions"

"Young people like you are just beginning to take control of their powers, normally the first times your gift manifests it does so unconsciously, that is, you do not know what action is that activates your gift, another possibility is that you have performed that action unconsciously and having activated your visions, but this is something internal to each seer, it is forbidden to interfere in the secrets of other seers "

"As long as you cannot control your gift, the visions will always have an impact on you, your past or your future"

"you can train your power with some branches of clairvoyance, such as tarot cards or the crystal ball"

"The future ... is a complex subject to understand, let's say that in a general way the future can be changed, one way or another"

"On this subject, there has been a lot of discussion among us, some affirm that changing the future is not possible, what you can change is the way and the time in which that future materializes but not the result, others affirm that many times we are too weak to influence the lines of destiny but we can " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"There are several theories on this subject"

"But you must learn to walk before running"

"The mysteries of clairvoyance are complicated Alexander, our predecessors have dedicated their lives to studying it and few have discovered anything significant" was what he explained to me

"our Gift is dangerous alexander, the mysteries of the future and the past are complex"

While I was commenting on this, she began to slowly bring her body towards me, she approached as far as the table allowed her and stretched her bare hand towards my face

I frowned at this but decided not to move away, I wanted to see what she was going to do with her hand.

Slowly her hand came up to my face until it touched me

I felt the touch of her wrinkled skin, she began to rub her hand all over my face, her fingers looked like brushes painting my face

It is a somewhat disturbing scene the truth

While I was thinking about this, she started saying things very slowly while her hand kept moving across my face

"Mmm yeah ..." in a low voice

"You look like that boy who came a short time ago"

"Your future…"

"your past…"

"Death, black, darkness, fog," while saying all these words she began to speak faster and increasing the strength of her voice

"You represent death, black is your past, your future is in darkness, the fog is at the door that calls you and waits for you to cross it."

Great, she can't say things clearly I thought, she kept talking

"your mother is in a black place, is a transition"

"your father ..." when she said this her hand stopped

With a soft voice, almost a whisper I could hear the following

"no no no no"

"can not be,"

"can not be"

"can not be"

"an ancient demon" she said screaming while tightly grabbing my face

After a few seconds she released me, but her condition didn't seem very good.

She was shaking and babbling nonsense

"impossible, it's impossible"



"he broke the rules, he broke them, he broke them, damn, damn, no, no, no, it can't be, he broke them".

While I see the woman saying many nonsensical things, she in her chair moves erratically, in one of those movements the hood lifted and I could see her face

I wish that hadn't happened

She was a totally haggard face, pure bone and skin, the worst was her eyes.

she did not have…

Their sockets were empty

it wasn't exactly a captivating sight ...

This situation is getting more and more disturbing,

Damn I need a drink

I have my wand ready for any situation

After a few seconds and several more words, she seems to have regained some sense and tells me

"Get out... right now!"

I gently get up from my chair and walk back towards the door, while my back was towards the door, my vision never leaves the woman, well if that can be called a woman ...

I got to the door without a problem, she continued sitting in her chair and babbling things that she could no longer hear.

"Thank you very much for your indications ma'am, I hope we meet again," I said goodbye and left the store

An experience ... ehhh, Unique, I imagine

outside the store I thought

I need a drink, I'm going to Tom's inn

ps: for some reason it is the second time that I share this chapter, the first time I gave it to publish and it left the page, when I realized it was not published and I did not save a draft either, I lost all my editing time because I had not saved it either :(

exluthor exluthor

Hi everyone, I had you a bit abandoned, I know I said it was going to be a weekend but things got a bit complicated, I was really busy, so much so that I haven't even had time to read my own favorite novels.

But I should be able to get back to normal by now. I was going to be able to another chapter reporting this but I thought "hell it seems like a lie to get out of trouble, I better wait for when I place the chapter I report what happened"

I thought I could start uploading chapters almost 1 week ago ...

Going back to the chapter, Alexander has a conversation with a supposed seer, there is some interesting information and something hidden, I wonder if anyone grasps it, things got out of control quickly at the end of the chapter, it seems that there are problems with Alexander's father

I am not very happy with the result, the truth is, but it was a complicated chapter, I changed the result and the conversations several times, in the end I decided to leave this one to continue with the story and not get stuck.

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