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100% HP9999999999 / Chapter 21: robbery

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Chapter 21: robbery


 Suddenly, I heard a loud sound that shattered the glass from the bottom of the stairs and several screams. I wondered if something happened on the first floor, and I and the shopkeeper rushed down the stairs.

"If you don't want to die, don't give money !!"

 There was a masked duo of men, and one of them was pointed with a gun by Mr. Kiel. Customers who run away from the store one after another. It is a real robber.

"Oh, robbery ... !!"

 The shopkeeper's face turns deep blue. It 's a bad thing that 's involved with me, this robbery, what 's the security of the village. Is it normal to aim for such a small general store?

"But big brother, isn't this pretty strong ...?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Huh. Look carefully, aren't you trembling?

 As the robber said, Kiel was dripping sweat and shaking his whole body.

"Fu, Fufu. That's why I told you, here is the battlefield ... !!"

 No, this uncle is unlikely to be reliable. What is that muscular body for? Isn't it impossible to have a gun pointed at it?

"Oh !! You guys should be raised with both hands !!"

 The robber points a gun at me and the owner. I don't think I can hurt a DEF99999 me with a scratch, but the owner is different. If a normal human being is shot with a gun, it will not be free.

"spell[Absolute barrierAbsolute barrier]! "

 I made an invincible barrier appear in front of the shopkeeper. This secures the safety of the owner.

"Wow ah ah ah ah ah !!"

"What is it, what are you ?? Since when ?!"

 Then the two robbers looked at me and had a mixed expression of astonishment and despair. What are they doing? I've always been here since I was asked.


 I realized I was back to the King. I completely forgot that [Transform] can be solved by using other spells.

"Bah ... monster ... stuffy ..."

 The store owner who saw me stripped his white eyes, squirted bubbles from his mouth and fell down. It 's kind of a shock to be fainting at me instead of being a robber.

 Is that okay? This figure would be more appropriate to discipline these guys.

"Both robbers who were bad luck.

 I slowly approach the robbers.

"Ku, don't come ah!"

 The robbers triggered the fire and the bullets were shot at me. But for me now, the bullets seem to move slowly like soap bubbles.

 I received the bullet with one hand. Stunning robbers.

"Do you want to catch more? Next is the turn."

 I threw the bullet back. The bullet praised the robber's face and crashed into the outside ground, causing a large explosion. Is n't there anybody involved?

"Damn, oh, oh !!"

 A robber fires a gun. If my body hits a bullet, it falls, and if it hits, it falls. Naturally, the damage to me is zero.

"It 's useless. You ca n't even entertain with such toys."

"Wow, ah ah !!"

"Oh, please calm down, big brother !!"

 The robber began to shoot a gun all over the store, whether it was completely confused.

 Then I saw a single bullet flying towards Mr. Kiel. No, this person was also an ordinary person! It won't be in time!


 A bullet hit directly on Kiel's forehead. Surprisingly, however, Mr. Kiel was not victorious and had no wound on his forehead.

 When I was wondering what was going on, Kiel's eyes were open.

"You guys ... Do n't do this crap and if you want money, why not start with a part-time job !!"

"Hi, yeah yeah !!"

"I'm sorry ah ah ah !!"

 Due to Kiel's anger, the two robbers rushed away from the store. It's okay to chase it separately, but is it bothersome and left alone? They would have disciplined enough.

"... I was surprised. No way, your true identity was the king."

 Then Kiel walked to me.

"Well, do you know the rest?"

"I just listened to the story, but I don't know if you could see it in this way. Actually, I felt that I wasn't just a person when I first saw you."

 Is it true. I don't feel like a retrofit because it's about this person.

"But it's a big deal. Most people react as if they had encountered a monster when they looked at me."

"I'm a warrior who has been fighting for 15 years in this store.

 But you were so upset when the robber pointed her gun at you?

"It 's a monster or whatever, but it 's still a friend who survived this battlefield."

"... a funny guy"

 I've always been seen with fear from people, so I felt fresh and a little happy.

"But if you look now, it looks like you 're not just a person."

"...I do not know"

 Kiel smiles small.

"Hmm, don't sneak me. I'll never see you again."

"Will you come here anymore?"

"Naturally, as long as the store owner is overwhelmed, it 's not going to keep working at this store."

"... Is that true? That's a shame"

 But there is one thing to do before that. I go up the stairs and quietly enter the room on the second floor where the owner's daughter is sleeping. And I put my right hand over my daughter.

"spell[All-purpose healingAlmite healing]! "

 I cast a spell. This completely cured the child's illness. It is also released from every day of drugging.

 As I went down the stairs, I noticed a shopkeeper who had fallen down on the floor and was distracted. If you can use [all-purpose healing], you can recover from fainting.

 May I leave this as it is? I feel like I wanted to see what kind of face I would see if I knew my daughter's illness was cured.

"Farewell shopkeeper. It was a short period of two hours, but it was helpful."

 I had one more thing to do. I have to pay for the salary I worked for. However, the shopkeeper is in that state and will get it.

 I worked for two hours, so I should have 10 copper coins and 3 plus copper coins for my daughter's treatment. I took thirteen copper coins out of the counter drawer and put them in my pocket.

"Now, Kiel. I left the rest up."


 I disappeared from the store using [Momentary Movement]. I said I would never meet again, but I felt that I would meet Kiel somewhere again.

 And later I realized. "Maybe it would have led to a great image of the overlord if I made the store owner know that I cured a sick girl."

 I was very sorry.

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