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Chapter 64: Ch. 63 Meeting the Dursley’s

I left the station in a daze, getting weird looks from Susan and Amelia. Aunty asked if anything bad had happened, but Susan obviously didn't know. And so they just let me be. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

We got home and I just headed into my room. As I lay in bed, Sol felt my emotions through our link and decided to check up on me. She flew over and landed in front of me with questioning eyes. Seeing how I didn't notice her, she decided to nip my ear.

"Ow! Sol? Why did you bite me?" I yelled out as a result, effectively snapping me out of it.

But of course she couldn't talk, but I felt some annoyance and worry at how I was acting.

"Oh, that. Well something really good happened and I just couldn't really believe it went that well. So I was just kinda out of it I guess." I tell her as I pet her soft head, getting some cooing in response. I then decided to spend some time just petting Sol, like I did when I was a kid and she seemed to enjoy the nostalgic attention I was giving her.

So I just passed the time until Tilly called me for supper. I went downstairs and joined my family. They were giving me some questioning looks as to why I acted weirdly on the way here, but I was ignoring those.

After dinner, I went to the office to handle my duties as usual.

A few idiots tried to make trouble with some of FIRM associated stores, but that was resolved through the security each have hired. It seems those paying attention to the business side of things have noticed the trend of increased quality of product and manpower by going through my own companies. On the whole, the economic impact of muggle-borns has been increasing a lot and many having difficulties in other countries are coming here to find work under my initiatives. It also seems that the summer workshops for students are also going to be up and running soon, with advertisements going out in the Herald and the Prophet.

For BonesWorks, it has been going from strength to strengths. The werewolves who originated in Britain and who've come from abroad, willing to register and work under me legally have increased dramatically due to fair contracts and conditions. With the information spreading, people who just want to live normal lives, even with lycanthropy, are coming to my manufacturing, production and delivery centers for my products. With my personal defense runes cleared for production, it's been a good chance for people to find jobs under the Bones. It doesn't have an explosive market yet, but establishing my brands reputation before the return of Voldemorty and his merry men will make sales explode at the time.

The most important news for me is that my testing facility has been built. It took a few months to secretly have it constructed, but we've finally built a secure site for me to test the lycanthropy blockers I've come up with. With fifty rooms built to withstand three times the amount of force healthy and strong werewolf is capable of producing, safety equipment, emergency containment and fully prepared operation room in case of catastrophic rejection occurs. There has been an amazing amount of people willing to participate in the trials. Only werewolves in my employ actually know about the improved Wolfsbane that I've developed, with that and Geri's support, many want to help in developing this vaccine. Generous conditions have been offered for such risks, I'll be there for the entire testing period, alongside some former healers who've been infected by the disease and haven't been able to work in the field due to the risks they pose to patients. They've been a remarkable help for my employees since they're all werewolves, making them thankful for being able to do what they love.

Within the week, everything I had to take care of on my hand was handled. The full moon would happen on the 15th of June since I didn't miss it this month, and everything is ready.

It was now time to visit Harry and by extension the Dursley's.

I had to explain to my aunt that I would be helping Harry accommodate better to the magical world since I had a good amount of interactions with the kid during the school, my fantastic grades and reputation helping the Headmaster recommend me for the position. To which my aunt bought hook-line-and-sinker. I hate lying to her, but if she knew what was really happening, she would probably flay those muggles alive in rage. Death Eater/voldycunt made orphans are a very sore spot for her.

I simply decided to flame to 'Micheal Folster's' home located near Little Whinging. From there I got Scott to drive me to number. 4 Privet Drive. It was a nice ride since I let Scott buy things for his own uses and the car was one of them. Now, since I come from 30 years ahead, I'm used to a sleeker model of car than the ones currently available. Honestly speaking, most of them look like boxes on wheels to me. But Scott is into cars, said it's in every man's blood to want a powerful machine to ride. So I allowed him to even import a car to add to his collection, Might as well spend my ever growing amount of money on something, cause at this rate I'll be the youngest Billionaire on the planet. But let's just say he almost converted me when we were riding this sweet 1964 Shelby 289 Cobra, with dark blue paint and rocking the double white racing stripes. Feeling the wind in your hair while going down the freeway was brilliant, even if I'm used to flying on a broom. Just doesn't feel the same. I think I'll get my license to drive these puppies in a little over a year.

"So why are we headed into town Boss? I know you do business pretty much all over the country, but that place is pure muggle." Asked Scott as he was driving.

"Simple, i made an agreement with Dumbledore and a promise to the-boy-who-lived." I answer and I probably should have been gentler about revealing that cause Scott swerved a lot from the news. "Watch the road you idiot! Don't want to die on the way there!"

"We're going to see The Harry Potter!?" Was his response.

"I'm going to see him. No one can know I'm in anyway related to you or the Folster identity yet. So you'll be disguised and leave right after you drop me off." I order the man.

"Yes Boss!" He replied. Although he has weird habits, he's extremely capable as my aide. That's why I let him enjoy himself when he isn't doing anything for me. Pretty sure he had a hot-tub installed somewhere on the property, but I haven't really taken the time to look around for it.

We reached Privet Dr. and I hop out of the car to continue on foot.

'This place is so plastic.' I thought as I walk along the street in a casual white T-shirt and jeans, with my hair in a high ponytail since I had to stop from flying everywhere during the drive.

But it's really horrendously overdone in this suburb. Everything is almost exactly the same, from the houses, to lawns, to decorations. It's so 'ideal' would be the word to describe it. It is a picture of what was sold to be the ideal life for a common family to have in the 80's & 90's. But whatever, I finally reached number 4. The infamous house of the Dursley's. Let's see how I can play with these cowardly and jealous 'people'. So I knock on the door.

A few moments later it opened and I saw an extremely overweight child with blue eyes and dark hair.

'That must be Dudley. Looks like a much fatter movie version of the kid. Must be before the diet.' I thought.

"Who are you?" He asked rather rudely while eating a chocolate bar.

"I should be a visitor your parents are expecting, please notify them." I responded with a smile that didn't reach my face.

" MOM IT'S FOR YOU!" He shouted into the house and left.

And then came Petunia Dursley, looking like she did in the movie, but with the same eyes as Harry, showing her relation. Much to her dissatisfaction I'm sure.

"Who are you? I've never met a young man such as you." She asked with suspicion.

"I am the one the Headmaster has warned you would come Mrs. Dursley." Was my simple reply. As a result of my words, she paled noticeably, probably fearing what I would do.

"You seem afraid. Probably should be after what you've done to the kid, but I'm sure you'll be more than happy to know i am not permitted to use magic here, so rejoice. Now it would be better to head inside to continue this conversation no? Don't want the neighbors knowing you aren't 'normal' now do we?" I said with I bright smile as she let me in.

It was then that the last member of the family exited the living room, Vernon Dursley. It does seem like most people are mixes of movie and book descriptions because the man is a blonde and although he was considered beefy, it looked like mostly fat. As he was about to ask something he saw me and stopped.

"And you must be Vernon." I say with a smile again. "Let us talk in the living room shall we? And please bring Harry down from the room you've locked him in."

"Who are you to order me around in my own house?!" He bursted out in outrage as his face was turning purple in anger.

With a sigh I take off my glasses and put them away, then I slowly open them as they start to resemble raging flames and my usually concealed predatory aura exploded out, stopping the two from breathing.

"I am someone not nearly as tolerant as Dumbledore you pathetic excuse for a human being. If it was up to me, I would have had all of you incarcerated for severe cases of child abuse and neglect. I would have made your lives a living hell for putting a child who's already lost so much in his life, through what you have done. You have no idea how horrible what you've done to the kid was and you don't care because you, Petunia, are a twisted and jealous child with an inferiority complex, and you Vernon, are a tiny minded imbecile. What you've done to Harry could have easily led to him developing an Obscurus, an extremely dangerous and deadly magical entity born in children who are abused into suppressing their magic. It would have killed everyone in this town you call a home. Now shut up and bring Harry down. I will then tell you what is going to happen and you will have no choice in the matter. If you are clear nod and go get the boy." I ordered with pure venom in my voice.

Petunia couldn't run to get Harry fast enough, and as I put my glasses back on and calm my aura, Vernon's legs lose their strength and was forced to sit on the couch, with pure terror on his face.

The woman hurried back with a confused Harry, likely due to the way she was acting. He saw me and looked happy due to what we had talked about. He entered the room and I gestured to sit near me. As he did I couldn't help comparing myself to him. Black vs silver hair. Red vs green eyes. Tall for my age vs short for his. Muscular and fit vs thin and damaged. It honestly angered me seeing the boy acting so fearful and hopeful.

"Harry, you have nothing to worry about. Everything will be handled shortly, just don't be surprised about how I'm going to act. You aunt and uncle need a firm hand." I whisper to the boy in order to prepare him. He nods and waits.

"Now. Harry has suffered tremendous abuse under you. Because of Dumbledore's request, I'm not having the two of you arrested right this instant. But my passivity comes with a cost. I don't care if you ignore Harry, but he will no longer be your servant! He is your nephew for you Merlin's sake! You will simply need to give him three meals a day and let him in and out of the house, that's all you vile people need to do. Simple no? In exchange, Harry will be spending most of his time away from the place. Isn't that great for you? I will be inviting him over either to my home or outside during most of the summer, actually reducing the meals you'll need to provide to the boy down to two. Exciting isn't it?" I say to these people with sarcasm and disgust.

"But if he tells me you've abused him, locked him in his room, stopped him from contacting either me or his friends, or that you punish him because your baby whale or for anything that isn't actually Harry's fault... I will scramble your brains until you beg me to let you pamper the boy." I declare as I use a bit of legilimency to make them experience some of the pain I had, making them scream out in shock.

I stand up as they flinch at my movements and simply turn to Harry.

"Go grab your wand and owl Harry, I have everything else you'll need at my house." I gently say to the boy who hesitates slightly, wanting to ask some questions but i stop him.

"I'll answer your questions after we've left alright?" I simply say, making him nod and run upstairs.

I wait a bit and he comes back down with Hedwig, still a beautiful snowy owl she is.

"Alright then. We shall be off. Lovely talking with the two of you. I hope for your sakes it doesn't have to happen again." I say with a bright smile and walk Harry out of the house.

Alexander_the_grey Alexander_the_grey

Sadly I’m not killing them or sending them to jail. I know it sucks. But what can you do?

Anywho, Harry has been caught.


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