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100% Hubby Cheating | √ / Chapter 13: Epilogue - Dream Candy

Epilogue - Dream Candy - Hubby Cheating | √ - Chapter 13 by Marcel4eva full book limited free

Chapter 13: Epilogue - Dream Candy

Preston stood, shifting his weight from one foot to another as he awaited Rex's arrival with nervous excitement. They'd arranged to meet at the city's roundabout close to an Italian restaurant. Preston had walked because it was such a nice evening but had ended up being early, so he texted Rex to let him know where he was waiting at.

He caught sight of Rex as he turned his attention back to the cobbled street. Preston waved shyly, Rex's welcoming smile a delight to behold. He greeted Preston with a hug and an affectionate peck on his left cheek, looking clean-cut in a new black leather jacket and white chinos.

"Are you hungry? Or do you want to get a drink first?" Rex asked.

"I'm fine with whichever one you want to do," Preston replied. He was too excited to be hungry, but he didn't want to drink on an empty stomach. He wanted to keep his senses together tonight so Rex wouldn't use that as an excuse to turn him down again.

"Where would you like to eat?"

Preston grinned, turning away slightly with red cheeks. "Anywhere simple would do,"

Rex chuckled. "Of course you'd say that,"

"Not really," Preston began shaking his head in protest. "I don't want you to spend unnecessarily on me. I'm fine eating at any inexpensive diner around," Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Rex's eyes glistened with admiration. "You're too modest and it's a problem. Come on, that burger place looks good if you like that sort of thing,"

"Sounds good to me,"

The restaurant Rex had chosen was a simple, yet quality fast food type of place. You placed your order at the bar and had the food brought to your table by the stewards. Once they'd ordered, they managed to get a table close to the entrance so they could watch the people coming in. It was a crisp autumn evening and there were lots of people strolling about, enjoying the cool breeze.

"Oh goodness, that's a bad cold," Preston said as a middle-aged lady with bright pink hair waddled across the street, wheezing as she stepped into the evening bus. "A couple of hard candies would do the trick. There'd be no need for drugs,"

"You're not at work now," Rex sounded amused. "Now that you mentioned it, I think I'm developing a bad cough. I sneezed all through last night,"

Preston reached out to feel his temperature, concerned. "You can come over to get some hard candies tomorrow. It'd be gone before the evening's over by then,"

Rex grinned at him, and Preston flushed nervously, recalling Friday night, the scent of Rex's body as he'd leaned in to plant that kiss on his cheeks. Maybe Rex was remembering it too for he pressed his legs against Preston's under the table.

"Yeah," Rex's voice was deep and sensual. He cleared his throat. "I guess I need someone like you to curb my fevers all the time,"

"If you ever need anything, you know where to find me," Preston lost himself in a little daydream where he was Rex's boyfriend and got to take care of him whenever he fell ill. Maybe Preston could help taking care of other things too.

The arrival of the stewards with their food interrupted his thoughts.

"This smells good, thanks," Rex smiled at the girl who brought it over.

Preston had ordered a tomato cheeseburger with halloumi while Rex had ordered a hamburger with more traditional trimmings and colourful Doritos with sweet chilli sauce.

As they began eating, Preston tried to pretend Rex wasn't really there so he could chew more comfortably. He never liked the idea of eating under scrutiny — he just couldn't. But then he took a huge bite and the tomato started to disengage, and he ended up with juice and tomato pips sliding down his chin.

"Here, let me help you," Rex dabbed it off with a blue-papered napkin, seeing his plight.

Preston thanked him, then glared when Rex still stared, grinning.

"What are you laughing at?" Preston asked, swallowing. "You've got sauce on your face too,"

"Where?" Rex swiped at his face but missed the spot.

"Here," Preston reached across the table and caught the smear of red at the corner of Rex's mouth. He cleaned it with a napkin and beamed at Rex, licking his lips.

Rex tracked the movement, his tongue coming out to swipe where Preston touched him. "You're pushing me,"

"Me? How?" Preston asked innocently.

"You know it. Hurry up and eat, then I'll have you for dessert," He whispered the last part slowly, sending Preston's cock to overdrive.

Rex insisted on feeding him his chips, dipping them in the sauce and feeding them to Preston who decided to play dirty, licking the sauce off the chips before taking them into his mouth, holding Rex's hand steady.

"Damn," Rex growled as Preston licked his lips.

"What?" Preston avoided his eyes, putting on his best innocent face again.

"Your lips," Rex hissed.

"You want it?"

"I want everything. Your whole body and soul, Pres. I want everything that has to do with you,"

They were almost done with their food now but Preston found his appetite diminish as the seconds stretched on. He was filled with a rather strange kind of hunger for Rex.

"That'd be nice. Can I come over to your place?" Preston asked. "I'd have suggested mine but my flatmate's in,"

"My place's fine,"

"Perfect, how far are we talking about here?"

"Ten minutes,"

"Okay. Ready whenever you are,"

"I've got something to say," Rex spoke as they got up to leave. They didn't have to wait for their bill because they'd paid as they ordered. Preston regarded him quietly, his heartbeat picking up in anticipation. He knew more or less of what Rex was about to say.

"Before we leave, I want to ask you if," His eyes softened. "If you'd like to be my boyfriend. I want to keep seeing you. Indefinitely,"

Elation surged through Preston like bubbles in shaken champagne. He drew back, just enough to see Rex's face clearly and make sure he was serious. The intensity in his gaze left Preston in no doubt.

"Sounds good to me," Preston grinned.

They left, Rex's hand on the small of Preston's back as he ushered him through the door into the bustling street. Even that small bit of contact made Preston shiver but he knew he was safe with the man he was walking with.

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