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48.27% Hunter x Hunter: A Selfish Wish (COMPLETED) / Chapter 27: Different Perspectives of Strength.

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Chapter 27: Different Perspectives of Strength.

Chapter 27

Title: Different Perspectives of Strength.


-Mikasa POV-

I just look at Hisoka. His face doesn't really hide what he is feeling. Jax always said that if you aren't 100% sure that you can defeat your enemy then… go for the kill. Hisoka has never really hidden his Hatsu. Sometimes he even says what abilities it had. I don't know if he maybe has a condition that makes his Nen more powerful when he explains his Hatsu or what.

But I do know one thing for sure. Hisoka is definitely a difficult opponent for me. His Bungee Gum is very tricky to deal with. 

So I just use REN… my Aura explodes. I have a higher amount of Aura than Hisoka but… that means pretty much nothing in a Nen battle and our difference isn't that big. Though he already is at a disadvantage, he carelessly caught my knives and cut his hands. I acted like I took those from my pockets but in reality I conjured them. 

Since I wasn't in my bear suit, this Hatsu of mine that is like a Nen Curse didn't fully apply the Unhealing curse that doesn't allow any injuries given by my knife to heal at all. 

Those small cuts in his hands will take around a month to even start showing signs of healing.

Plus I am not alone… Eiri my little student though she is weak in comparison she can definitely give an edge in the battle after a single opening between combatants of our level is enough to decide the battle.

Eiri just has a calm expression and looks at me. I just nod at her. Since Hisoka has his back towards her and his front towards me… he can't escape from here.

Then Hisoka just calms down. He looks behind him and then at me again, puts his hands up and says. "How about we leave this for the ring…"

I still keep my guards up and my look gets even colder. I am not going to fight him if there is no benefit to me. So I just say. "Ok."

Then we both relax our Nen. Then I just say. "Eiri come here."

Eiri just looks a little confused and scared while saying. "Sure sensei."

Then as she is coming towards me I observe Hisoka like a hawk. As soon as he tries acting suspiciously I will attack. It would take half a second to fully activate my Hatsu and go full power. Then Eiri just came towards me, having forgotten about her ice cream, the ice cream already fell on the ground as soon as Hisoka tried to attack her. 


Then when we reach my room. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Hisoka would have died if we fought but Eiri would also have a high chance to die too. He is a maniac and his actions unpredictable… 

I just look at Eiri who has a scared look on her face. Even though she didn't say anything in front of Hisoka she was definitely scared of him. Then I just pat her head and say. "Don't worry my little doll. I will protect you."

And even though I said that with my usual monotone voice,  Eiri still had a bright smile on her face. She just suddenly hugged me. "You are the best sensei."

 I couldn't help as a small smile appeared on my face. "Also we will be moving to a new place… a place where even though I didn't go there sensei used to say that it is perfect for helping people learn Advanced Nen techniques."

Then I feel Eriri hug me even tighter while saying. "I love you sensei."

When she said that my cold face that only had a small smile morphed into a bright smile. If people who knew me saw this they would say that it looked strange on my face. I wonder... is this what Jax felt when he took me in. Though… I wasn't as affectionate as Eiri… 


When that thought comes into my head I can't help but think about Jax. He hasn't been seen anywhere during these last couple of years. There hasn't been a clue to where he is.

Then I suddenly hear Eiri say. "By the way sensei, where is this place that will help me learn Nen better."

My face goes back to my usual monotone look as I say. "Well the name of the place is called… Greed Island."


-General POV-

During this time in the deep darkness of the ocean where light can't even reach anymore. Where only the strongest of underwater creatures, those who can handle this type of water pressure can live. 

A strange sight can be seen in there. A young looking man who seems to only be around his early twenties. He was just punching and kicking the water all around him. And his punches and kicks seem blurry most of the time the ripples around him are keeping away the creatures that were looking at him with predatory eyes.

Suddenly he… just stops in place and looks around him. Even though no light comes to this place he just sighs as if noticing the creatures that had him surrounded.

Then a strange aura came out of him…


As if the sky had started falling, an even heavier pressure than the bottom of the ocean descended. The giant fish that could swallow ships whole. Just stopped moving. They had… died… just from feeling the Aura of this person. 

Then the person's terrifying aura that was darker than darkness… just receded back into his body… as if it was all just a pigment of the imagination all along.

He had killed dozens of these giant creatures that had lived in this dangerous dark pit their whole lives and they were one of the most dangerous beasts of the human continent. They had all died… just like that… from fear and simply… the raw power of his Aura.

The guy whose appearance can't be seen but he just...


 Faster than most fish known to humankind he swam forward  and in a  blink arrived in front of his victims. 

Then he touched them with one hand and… a tablet appeared on his other hand. When he does that all of these these giant creatures disappeared one by one. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After this the person just… looks up… and he…


The water around him trembled as he swam upwards. Creating numerous waves on his wake.


In seven seconds he arrived at the surface of the water… his black hair was all soggy and his brown eyes were closed… then he opened them. They squinted for a split second. He just looked around and thought. 

'Canon should have already started…'

He then pointed his hand up and. *poof* a floating big chest appeared in front of him. 


Then he pulls out a wooden boat out of the chest. Something that should be impossible to do due to the chests size. Then he climbed on the boat and he started pulling out clothes… more specifically a stylish black suit with a black tie. Then he put on some glasses. As he does so, he takes a breath of fresh air and smiles. "I haven't had to breathe for a month since I was under water. As expected it still feels more natural than holding my breath for months."

Then he pulled out a phone from his box and he called someone and when they picked up he said. "Hi there I am Jax Miller… and I need a boat at… the middle of the ocean?... actually just follow my phone signal."

He moved quite a bit underwater during his training so he isn't exactly sure where he even is.






Canon is around and Jax has become a scary monster. But what will happen next… find out in the next chapter of… Hunter X Hunter: Selfish Wish.

P.S: The MC is kinda OP when compared to other humans, but my next HxH won't be so OP, but I am not gonna nerf my MC or it will ruin the story.🤣🤣🤣



(Also started another HxH story in there)

HolyJoker HolyJoker

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