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Chapter 26: Love....

Chapter 26

Title: Love....

-Hisoka POV-

I just threw another card on the wall and the card pierced the wall. There were dozens of cards that I had already thrown. I just need to wait for Gon and Killua to finish learning their Nen. Gon already instinctively knows how to use Zetsu… he did so at the Hunter Exam when he took my badge. He should definitely have the talent to learn Nen before midnight. And Killua… Illumi always says that Killua is the most talented member of the Zorldyc Family and my instincts say the same… he definitely is as talented as Gon.

I can't wait until they grow up so I can break them…. I should also try to instigate a fight with Mikasa. I don't know her Hatsu since she never used it on any of her fights to become a floor master in Heavens Arena. Though I do know that she is famous for her monstrous strength and mastery of all the Nen techniques, Basic and Advanced. She can use them all with pinpoint precision. But  doesn't fight anymore since she is already a Floor Master and is known to be in the top tier of the Floor Masters so there is not going to be any challenges against her.

Also I believe that after training her current student she will most likely be gone from here and I will lose my chance to fight her.

Maybe if I kill her student she would become angry enough to fight me.


Then as I am thinking these things I sense two Auras from the corner appear in front of me. Ahhhh Gon and Killua… I knew it… their aura also seems to be controlled now. That shows that they have got the hang of TEN not letting their aura leak away.

As they start walking towards me, and I while sitting down I just release my REN on them. But they with the help of their TEN are able to pass through. When they can finally walk through the hallway they arrive in front of me. I just keep smiling at them and say. "Welcome to the 200th floor. It seems you will be able to pass without undergoing a baptism."

Just by looking at Gon's face I am able to determine what they are here for. "I can guess what is the reason that brought you here Gon… your intention was to confront me after training in here wasn't it."

I see Gon frown and say. "The only thing I couldn't have expected was to see you here. This just makes it easier for me to win."

He must really be an enhancer. I just laugh a little. "Hehehe… you have become quite confident since you acquired Nen."

Then I point a finger up and form my Nen into a heart and then a skull and hide it with IN. I see that they haven't noticed it yet. So they don't know GYO or anything more advanced than that. Then I just stop using IN to hide my Nen and they can finally see the shapes.

While looking at their slightly surprised faces I just say. "Nen is quite deep and complicated."

Then I got up and started walking away. "To speak so arrogantly, as you are right now… I don't want to fight against you."

Then I turn back and look at them one more time and say. "Come out victorious from one fight on this Floor and only then will I fight you."

I then walk away. As I do so I see three people one in a wheelchair, one with only one arm and the other without any legs. 

Pathetic… they only fight against rookies in here… truly weaklings that will never become stronger in their lives.

As I am walking towards my room in the tower I see a little girl around twelve years old pass me. She has orange hair and is wearing a blue dress. She seems to be holding a tub of vanilla ice cream. 

Her name is Eiri. The student of Mikasa… even though she is the same age as Gon and Killua… her aura is more compact than them. She has been learning Nen for quite some time.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Should I kill her now… that would guarantee a fight with Mikasa. That would be fun. As I turn around and go towards little Eiri… I slowly take out a card. 

But suddenly I… feel a dangerous feeling coming from behind me. I immediately turn around and throw my card towards the danger. When I clearly see what the danger was. 

I see Mikasa. She just dodged my card that I threw. Then the card pierced the wall behind her. Hmmmm… interesting. 

<Bungee Gum>

The card which is stuck in the wall with the help of my rubbery Nen bounces back from the wall gaining a  higher velocity towards Mikasa's back. 

She just like always simply has a cold look on her face as she just takes out two small knives out of her pockets. She throws one towards me and with the other she just turns around and just pierced my card with it and with a swirl before her first knife even reached me. She turned around towards me and threw the other knife with my card towards me also. 

Smart… she was able to read my mind in a second… 

Then as both of her knives are coming towards me… I just use Nen and grab them… but still I can feel two deep cuts in my palm. That is quite some Nen in these knives…

A smile appears in my face as I say. "Well hello there Mikasa."

But with a cold voice she just says. "You are dead Hisoka."

Yep, it seems like she discovered what I was thinking and was about to attack her student.

When I feel her violent REN appear and I can feel a tremor in the air… I just lick my lips a little. I got hard just from sensing her Ren… her cold look, her powerful aura, that surgical control that she has over her aura… ahhh I think I am in love… 






(Also started another HxH story in there)

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