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32.75% Hunter x Hunter: A Selfish Wish (COMPLETED) / Chapter 18: Who am I...

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Chapter 18: Who am I...

Chapter 18

Title: Who am I...

-General POV-

When Jax looks at the thin person who is now wrapped in bandages. When the other person opens his eyes he is immediately in panic and tries to get up… and with great difficulty he does so. Jax doesn't stop him at all, he just looks at him with indifferent eyes.

As he sees the slightly dazed look on the man's face, Jax decides this is the perfect moment to ask him a question. "What is your name?"

The other guy instinctively answered. "My name is Kidd."

Then Kidd looks around and asks. "Wait… who am I?… how do I know my own name, what is happening?"

Jax just looked at him strangely and looked at Kidd with a 'worried' look while saying. "I don't know much about you. I found you at the side of the road. The only thing I know is that you fought my student at the Heavens Arena."


Kidd was concentrating hard but he just couldn't remember anything about himself… what was going on… why can't he remember. He lies down again since he was feeling quite a lot of pain just from standing up. Then he asks the man that helped him. "Where did you find me and in what condition was I in when you found me? Maybe that will give me a clue to what is going on."

Jax just frowns in concentration as if trying to remember something. In the end he simply says. "I found you in an alley… you were overdosed on drugs… you were also beaten up and almost had a lot of internal bleeding. If I didn't bring you here to do a surgery you might have died."

Then Kidd looks at his hands not knowing what to do next, not even knowing who he really was, did he have a family. He never suspected that Jax is lying, his confusion and amnesia making him susceptible to Jax.

Then the  young doctor (Jax) that saved Kidd, just gets up and  starts walking towards the door... but suddenly he stops and turns around to look at Kidd again. His glasses reflecting the light, so from his position Kidd couldn't see the look on Jax's eyes. 

  "Since you don't remember anything and you are my responsibility now… so you can stay with me and my student until you find your road in life. I don't know what you used to be but… when I found you with all of the drugs in your system and close to death… if you go chasing after your past… be careful of what you look for." Says Jax with a neutral voice but still giving him a warning.

Then Jax pulls off his bloody gloves and throws them in the garbage bin next to the exit, and then goes outside of the room. Leaving Kidd all alone in the room… with his thoughts…


Then as Jax goes outside of his room leaving Kidd behind… he can't help but contemplate the previous situation. 'I definitely don't 100% know how the brain works but, I know where to hit one… to make it 100% clean… I definitely won't be having druggies as my students. They are unreliable and prone to mistakes. I can't have someone like that in my presence.'

Yes, Jax completely obliterated Kidd as a person. Leaving behind only small, or in this case instinctual parts of him behind. 

'Lets see how useful you can be to me… Kidd.' Thinks Jax, as a smile appears on his face. 


So like this fifteen days pass, Mikasa and Kidd both were sitting in the ground meditating with their calm controlled auras flowing through their body though Kidd's was a little shaky. Jax is just sitting there and reading a book about the latest medical discoveries.

Though Mikasa and Kidd always train around the same amount he can't help but compare his progress with Mikasa's. She was already advancing and learning things ten times faster than him, if it took him ten days to learn something it took Mikasa just one, even though he was an adult he couldn't beat her even in physical contests. He couldn't help but hate his past self… even his body would have become a cripple if Jax didn't help him…


Then suddenly an alarm clock rings out. Jax just looks at it and gets up. Goes towards the clock beside his bed and he turns it off. 

Then he started walking towards the door. When he arrived at the door he told his students. "I have my first fight on the 200th floor. You guys can also come and watch it if you want… might learn a thing or two from it."


When Jax arrives at the Arena he sees that his students have already found seats amongst the spectators. Then as his opponent gets on the arena he has a smile on his face. He is an average built man with one leg. Then the referee says. "Start."

Immediately Jax uses his new hatsu and uses IN to hide his Hatsu. His opponent uses Nen on his fists and tries to attack Jax. And as soon as he gets close… his eyes just widened and…


He falls in the ground… when the referee sees this he immediately says. "KNOCK OUT. Winner Jax."

The audience… is… confused… after all the fights in the 200th floor aren't supposed to be over so quickly… even his students seemed confused at what happened.

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After the fight when he goes to his room both Mikasa and Kidd are confused. Then  Kidd asks Jax. "What was that Ja-.. I mean Sensei… how did you defeat him."

Jax just looks at Kidd and says. "Kidd you are around my age having you call me sensei is weird… also… that was my new Hatsu Ability."

Then Jax just has a playful smile on his face as he jumps up and starts walking on air…  then he starts floating.

They look even more confused now, then Jax just points at his eyes and says. "Use Gyo."

Mikasa and Kidd  do so though Kidds Gyo is a little unsteady… and what they see shocked them immensely… and when they saw it they both thought… 'W -What even is that.'







We see that the MC has gotten stronger. With his new Hatsu his fighting ability is about Phantom Troupe member. He just needs a little more fighting experience to FULLY display the POWER of his stats which are higher than the average Phantom Troupe's members. 



(Also started another HxH story in there)

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