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Chapter 17: Want

[System: Dear Host, DANGER AHEAD!]

[System: Dear Host, the vampire king is coming toward us. Please turn around and run.]

[System: Dear Host, it is not the time to think about food or sex. RUN! I don't want to die here with you.]

Huang Qiuyan can't hear the sound of loud alarms or the screaming system in her head. Her mind is focused on the strong masculine scent and call of his blood. She is a few days old vampire. She can't resist the spell cast on her by a pure-blooded vampire like Klyn.

On the other hand, Fu Sheng finds something odd. The scent of Huang Qiuyan is getting stronger. Why is she running in his direction? Is something chasing her? He speeds up to find her sooner. If that woman dies before he finds her, then Fu Mian will be upset.

Huang Qiuyan's eyes are clouded. She is blindly following her instincts. When she gets his scent, she can't figure out whether she is longing for his blood or other things. Her mind is full of perverted images, thanks to Klyn's treasure book.

Fu Sheng is the current oldest vampire on earth. Compared to Huang Qiuyan, the spell's effect is slower and low compares to the spell's effect on Huang Qiuyan. So, when he sees her charging toward him with a red face, he thinks that she wants to fight him. He moves away when she runs in his direction. She collides right at the tree, breaking it in half and then, falling and rolling on the mud.

"If we fight, it won't end in a good way for you." Fu Sheng glowers at her. "You should stop fighting and come with me."

[System: Dear Host, why are you so suicidal?]

Huang Qiuyan gets up quietly.

[System: Dear Host, please. Don't lunge on him.]

Huang Qiuyan lunges on him.

[System: Dear Host, no! Please use hands or a cucumber. Don't force yourself on him.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Fu Sheng grabs her by her arms and scowls at her peculiar expression. She is looking at him with sultry and dilated eyes. She rubs her waist against his and mumbles something inaudible.

"What?" He leans in to hear her words.

She lifts her head near his ears and murmurs, "Want."

He blinks his eyes, but his vision is clouded. He can hear her irregular heartbeat. She is emitting a delicious fragrance. His heart starts to beat in the same rhythm as hers. He still tries to resist her and tries to push her away weakly. She cups his face and sucks his lips wildly. There is no one who can resist the allure of the true mate. A single moment of temptation is all that the spell needed.

Like a dam that's been broken suddenly, Fu Sheng kisses her back. He places his palm behind her head and puts his arm around her waist. He explores her mouth, not giving her a single chance to explore.

He suddenly lets her go and breathes in deeply. She parts her swollen lips to catch her breaths. His dark eyes meet hers. At that time, Fu Sheng doesn't remember who he is or who she is. He only knows that his heartbeat matches her. She is his true mate. She wants him right now.

The sensual images flash in his mind. The heated desire fills him. He tears off her clothes. She tries to grab on his clothes, but he pins down her arms above her heads. She moans in a complaint. He kisses her throat, slowly sucks it. His hands wander over her body. His every touch is adding to the flame for her. She closes her eyes and whimpers desperately, "Want."

Even if he can't think at the moment, he understands what she wants. She can't wait. He lets go of her and takes off his clothes. She is too impatient to wait. She frantically tries to reach for him, but he pushes her down with his one hand. She let out a soft sigh.

He parts her legs. She is already ready for him. His eyes linger on her for a moment before he lifts her waist up. He settles himself between her legs. His eyes linger on her before he penetrates his erection into her. When she cries out loud in pain, he leans toward her and digs his canines into her throat. He sucks her sweet blood and completes the blood bond.

"Ah!" Huang Qiuyan's painful cry turns into one full of ecstasy. He licks the wound on her neck and thrusts harder into her. Their hearts beat as one as he delves deeper in her wet cave. She arches her back. He holds her waist tightly. He comes inside her at the same time when she feels her release.

They are gasping for breath. However, it's not over for them. The spell becomes stronger and there are 1000 more positions to try.

"I knew that you had it in you, my king." Klyn claps his hand while watching the scene in the mirror. "You should make her want until she can't hold herself any longer. The first time is the best time to make an impression. You have executed the position in the first try. Thanks to me, you have lost your virginity and complete the mating with your true mate. Now, it's time for the second one. Yes, hold her like that. Ooooh! She's feisty. Queen, take the command. My king, you should grab those full peaks when she is moving like that...Should I record this to watch again later sometime?"

Kyln is not the only one excited to watch this. Creepy eyes see Huang Qiuyan and Fu Sheng from the sidelines. She appears right in front of the worried Fu Mian and yells, "Princess, our king has done it."

Fu Mian frowns in puzzlement. "What did my daddy do?"

Creepy eyes blinks shyly and say, "He has made her your mom."

"They got married?" Fu Mian jumps in glee. "Really?"

"Ah...that..." Creepy eyes look to the right. "They have not gotten married yet. They are doing what married couples do."

"Huh?" Fu Mian is disappointed. She makes a face. "Speak clearly."

Creepy eyes peep at her with excitement. "Princess, they are making each other happy. They will definitely get married to make each other happy every day. I am going to keep my eyes on them. I will be right back."

Creepy eyes disappear from the wall, leaving a clueless and confused Fu Mian behind.

Norah_Koch Norah_Koch

Recently, I had to google Klyn's treasure book a lot to write these type of scenes.

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