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3.6% I’m Voldemort (MCU Xover) / Chapter 8: C8 Gringotts (3)

C8 Gringotts (3) - I’m Voldemort (MCU Xover) - Chapter 8 by AlienWarlord full book limited free

Chapter 8: C8 Gringotts (3)

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Once Tom paid the 100 Galleons, Alluk waves his hand causing a knife and bowl to appear on the table.

"Hold your hand over the bowl and cut your palm with the knife. The knife is enchanted so that any cuts sustained will heal after a few moments." Alluk instructs.

"Will there be any leftover blood? If so what happens to it?" Tom asks as he stares at the dagger warily.

He doesn't know if there's some sort of blood magic out there, and he certainly doesn't want his blood used in anything of the sort. Alluk sees his reaction and does his best to reassure him.

"All blood will be used in the inheritance test itself. You have nothing to worry about. Although I understand your wariness in giving out your blood. One of my ancestors once gave his blood to a friend of my clan. He said it was for a ritual and it wouldn't cause my ancestor any problems. Let's just say that person didn't stay a friend of our clan for much longer. He also didn't remain living for much longer either." Alluk explains, causing Tom to become warier of his blood falling into enemy hands.

"I'm going to need an oath that what you just told me is true." Tom says, flat out refusing to continue until the oath is made.

"Hehe, you really are like a goblin. If we find some goblin ancestry in your inheritance test, I may adopt you into my clan." Alluk chuckles and nods his head in approval. "I swear on my magic that everything I've stated about the inheritance test is true." He states and wordlessly conjures a light at the top of his finger to prove that he still has his magic.

Once Alluk proved to Tom that all of his blood would go towards the ritual, Tom took the blade in his right hand, held his left hand above the bowl, and cut his palm. Blood drips into the bowl and pools at the bottom. A moment later, the cut heals and Tom pushes the bowl towards Alluk. Before handing the knife over, he checks it to be sure theirs no blood left clinging to it. There was none so Tom handed the knife back as well.

Alluk placed the knife to the side and conjured a piece of paper and a wooden board the size of a large cutting board. Carved into the wood is a bunch of runes and arrays that Tom knew nothing about. Alluk placed the paper on the far left side of the board and pours the blood into a small well on the opposite side. Once the bowl is completely empty and doesn't have a single drop of blood remaining, Alluk places the bowl to the side next to the knife. The blood flows from the well and through the carved arrays. As the blood passed through the arrays, the runes begin to shine.

As the runes shine, the blood flows from the carved arrays and is sucked into the paper on the left of the board. Suddenly, red writing appears on the paper. Once the writing appeared, the runes dimmed and stopped shining. Alluk took the paper and read it over without much thought. His eyes widened and his cold goblin heart skipped a beat. He hit the jackpot the second this kid chose him in the lobby. Tom's accounts would make him and his clan a mountain of gold. Even if he only gets 4% of the income, it would be far more gold than his clan has seen in ages. Alluks mouth started watering at the thought of so much gold entering his vault.

Alluk brought his emotions under control as swiftly as he could and handed the paper to Tom. Tom couldn't see his face as the paper was blocking it, so he just thought Alluk was being thorough and reading everything on the page. Once he took the paper from Alluk, he saw something that he definitely didn't expect.


Thomas Marvolo Riddle

Father - Thomas Riddle

Mother - Merope Gaunt (Deceased)

Paternal Grandfather - Tobias Riddle (Deceased) [Muggle]

Paternal Grandmother - Elizabeth Riddle (Deceased) [Muggle]

Maternal Grandfather - Marvolo Gaunt (Deceased)

Maternal Grandmother - Lelani Gaunt (Deceased)

Maternal Uncle - Morfin Gaunt

Godfather - none

Godmother - none

Heir Gaunt by blood and magic (Maternal side)

Heir Slytherin by blood and magic (Maternal side)

Heir Le Fay by blood and magic (Paternal side)

Heir Pendragon by blood and magic (Paternal Side)


25% of Olivanders


(Other businesses listed have gone out of business long ago. Also, Gaunts are too poor to have any stakes in businesses.)



Main Vault 38,684,921 Galleons

Dark artifact

Rare books



-Le Fay

Main vault 87,941,743 Galleons

Dark artifact

Rare books




Main vault 53,941,743 Galleons

Random artifacts

Rare books





Hogwarts Castle

Slytherin Manor


-Le Fay

Le Fay Castle

Getaway Manor



Ministry of Magic Headquarters

Tintagel Castle


(The list of Pendragon properties is very long)


As soon as Tom started reading, his eyes widened the same as Alluk. This is far more than he thought would appear on this paper. There's no way that the Tom Riddle from the Harry Potter books and movies knew about this. Either he never went to get an inheritance test, or this world is slightly different from the books. The more likely answer is that this world is different. Tom may have to look into some things to see if they align with the books and movies. Hopefully, this is the only divergence from canon. Otherwise, Tom's future knowledge would go to waste.

"Wow, this is my lucky day, huh." Tom says as he places the paper down. "Although, I don't understand a few things."

"What do you not understand?" Alluk asks.

"Firstly, how am I heir Slytherin, yet grandfather and uncle aren't, or have they not come to get the inheritance test?"

"Oh, they've been here alright. Every Gaunt comes to get an inheritance test as soon as they can." Alluk smiles wryly at his memories of the Gaunt family members flipping out when they learned that none of them were heirs to the most noble and ancient house of Slytherin.

"Then why am I the heir and they aren't?" Tom asks.

"The answer is simply magic. All of the Gaunts were seen as unfit through magic to take up the mantle. Salazar set some filters in place to keep who he deemed unfit from taking his name and ruining his house. He was smart to do so, as every Gaunt I've met has been an insane nut job. Your uncle Morfin Gaunt, who's the head of house Gaunt, refuses to speak English and only talks in parseltongue. Don't even get me started on your late Grandfather." Alluk explains.

"Alright, but how the hell am I the heir to Le Fay and Pendragon? Especially through the muggle side of my family, and last but certainly not least, am I royalty now?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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