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3.57% I’m Voldemort (MCU Xover) / Chapter 9: C9 Gringotts (4) + Tests

C9 Gringotts (4) + Tests - I’m Voldemort (MCU Xover) - Chapter 9 by AlienWarlord full book limited free

Chapter 9: C9 Gringotts (4) + Tests

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The second Alluk heard the question 'Am I royalty?', he busted out in deep laughter. Seeing the goblin across from him laughing at his question, Tom's eyebrow twitched and he glares at Alluk. Once Alluk saw Tom glaring holes into him, he controlled his laughter and rained himself in.

"*cough* Well, you're technically a member of the Pendragon Royal family, but the wizarding world has long moved past the times of monarchs. Although we are a backward world in many ways, we have a type of democratic system. Although it's not a full democracy, the leader of our country is an elected official. Could you still go by the title of Royalty? Yes, but you would hold no power in the government as royalty. That doesn't mean you don't hold any power at all as you are still nobility, but in the realm of a king or prince, you're quite powerless." Alluk clears his throat and explains.

"Huh, thanks for explaining. Do you have books on our system of government that I can purchase? I need to start studying to get these things down." Tom asks, hoping that he can start learning these things quickly.

"No, do I look like I work at a bookstore?" Alluk reply's gruffly.

"*sigh* Can you write a list of books you know that I can purchase once our business is concluded?" Tom asks in exasperation.

"For a price, yes." Alluk says greedily.

"Sure, just name the price." Tom replies without worry due to the oath of fairness they both took.

"3 Galleons." The goblin reply's and a piece of paper appears in his hand.

"Here, you stingy goblin." Tom says jokingly as he slides 3 shiny gold pieces across the table.

"It's nice doing business with you." Alluk says and hands Tom the paper. "Now, onto your question as to how you are the heir to Pendragon and Le Fay from a muggle family." He ponders for a moment before continuing. "Pendragon and Le Fay were half Siblings, so you are a descendant of one or both of them. Since they are related, you could be heir to both while only being descended from one. Quite lucky for you. As for them being muggles, the riddle family is most likely a muggle family that is descended from a squib. That squib was a pendragon, Le Fay, or both. That's the likely explanation." Alluk says.

"That makes sense." Tom nods as he takes in Alluks explanation.

"Now that that's out of the way." Alluk waves his hand and four boxes appear. "These hold the heir rings and Lord rings for Slytherin, Le Fay, Pendragon, and Gaunt. Except the Gaunt's Lord ring is currently in the possession of your uncle Morfin. You may only wear the heir ring, as the law states that you must graduate Hogwarts before taking up a lordship. The heir rings are yours to wear as we speak, but let me warn you now, the second you place the Gaunt ring on your finger Morfin Gaunt will know of it. He will know who you are and based on your status as a half-blood, he will not be happy."

"Hmm, will the Wizengamot be notified if I wear the rings?" Tom asks, hoping he answer is no.

"Not unless you wish me to notify them." Alluk replies easily.

"No, I would rather stay low profile, for now, thanks." Tom denies Alluk immediately. "I'll take the Slytherin, Le Fay, and Pendragon rings. Leave the Gaunt one where it was for now. No need to bother old uncle Morfin just yet." Tom says with a bloodthirsty smile.

Alluk nods in approval and slides over the three boxes. The Gaunt box vanishes back to wherever it came from. Tom opens the boxes and sees two rings in each box. The rings in the first box are silver and green with the symbol of a coiled snake bearing its fangs. The only difference between the two rings is the thickness of the lord ring. The lord ring looks like a ring someone would receive if they won the World Series. While the heir ring is similar in shape, but it isn't nearly as large and pronounced. These must be the Slytherin rings.

The next box has two rings as well. The shape of these rings is the same as the last box, but the overall theme is different. These are black and purple with a symbol of a waning moon. These must be the Le Fay rings.

The last box, once again, has two rings. The same shape as the last two, but just as before the theme is different. They are gold and blue with a symbol of a sword in a stone. These rings are obviously the Pendragon rings.

'The lord rings are a bit big and gaudy for my tastes.' Tom thought as he gives the rings a once over.

"I must give you another quick warning." Alluk says as Tom was about to reach for a ring to wear. "It's said that the lord ring of the Most ancient and royal house of Pendragon would test the wearer. Although you aren't putting on the lord ring just yet, the heir ring could try to test you in a more minor way. In fact, all of these rings will probably test you. They are from such notable and powerful people, after all."

Hearing this, Tom nods and decides to save the Pendragon ring for last. First, he grabs the Slytherin heir ring and places it on his finger. As the ring slides onto his finger, Tom could hear someone speaking parseltongue in his mind. Whoever they were said '~Reply now or die~'. Thinking that this may be the test for the Slytherin heir ring, Tom reply's in parseltongue as fast as he can.

'~hello~' Tom thinks I'm snake tongue.

After he replies, the ring glows slightly and Tom could hear the voice again say '~You qualify~'. The ring then stops glowing and the voice disappears as if it was never there in the first place. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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