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67.64% I'll show you a Villain / Chapter 23: Lucky Horse (3)

Lucky Horse (3) - I'll show you a Villain - Chapter 23 by M_Lexi2 full book limited free

Chapter 23: Lucky Horse (3)

"Being a former army general, a member of the special forces, and at one point a Ghost Agent; Blind Bulldog has done it all!! And when he got into debt, got addicted to drugs and ended up getting sold to Chae-Won-Il his life in this arena began and he has been the reigning champion for five years!" the presenter introduced him.

"But now someone may finally take the Champion Title from him! It is Weasel Kid and his owner Lu Dong!"

Cheers, hoots and feverish screams broke out as Weasel Kid and Lu Dong entered the hall. Just like Blind Bulldog, Weasel Kid was leashed like an animal and completely naked. Lu Dong was an old Chinese man that outwardly looked friendly and charming, but with every step he took, he was whipping Weasel Kids back and pulling at his leash to strangle him.

Weasel Kid was scrawny and malnourished, so skinny that you could see his spine jutting out from his back. He was covered in vicious scars and openly bleeding wounds. However, instead of weakness and defeat, there was a craziness in his eyes, something feral and rabid. He was more of an animal than a person.

"Weasel Kid, a homeless child brought up by Lu Dong to be the most savage and brutal fighter that we have ever had. He's a newcomer but he has completely dominated the scene these past few weeks and he has killed all his opponents. Will he make Blind Bulldog his latest victim?!"

Chants and people yelling "WEASEL KID, WEASEL KID, WEASEL KID!" filled the hall. It was obvious who everyone was betting on.

As I watched this, I felt Min Ho's grip on my shoulder become tighter as his hands began to shake. This very place went against his justice. "This is disgusting" I heard him mumble. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";ll-show-you-a-villain_19779083706361905/lucky-horse-(3)_54155514912752908">;ll-show-you-a-villain_19779083706361905/lucky-horse-(3)_54155514912752908</a> for visiting.

I smirked slightly, this was only the start. How could he be disgusted at something so tame?

Both the fighters got into the cage, and then a loud horn was blown and the fighting commenced. There were no weapons just two people fighting in hand-to-hand combat, scratch that, two animals fighting hand-to-hand.

At first, Blind Bulldog had the advantage, he grabbed Weasel Kid by the waist and smashed him around the cage like he was some ragdoll. His weight class gave him an obvious edge. In a matter of minutes, Weasel Kid was bruised and bleeding from being pummelled and the hall was filled with the satisfying sounds of his bones crunching and breaking upon impact. Any normal person would have given up from this, but Weasel had an intense amount of willpower.

He hung onto Bulldog like a snake, clinging to him and refusing to let go no matter how much he was shaken, and then it happened. He bit into his neck. When Weasel Kid opened his mouth everyone saw his sharp teeth that had been filed to a deadly point.

His jaw sunk into his neck and the crunch from his bite echoed into the hall as the crowd turned silent.

I felt slight envy as I saw Weasel Kid pull his jaw back and rip out a chunk of bloody flesh from Bulldog. Blood sprayed out into the air like a broken sprinkler.

Weasel Kid didn't stop there, he was starving and ravenous. He hungrily gulped and dove back down to bite Bulldog. Of course, Bulldog tried to fight back, his growling became louder, he ran straight into the sides of the cage, even smashing himself against the cutting barbed wire just to shake off Weasel Kid, but nothing worked. No matter how much he flailed or used fancy judo moves, Weasel Kid continued to cling to him. Holding on tight as he bit into his flesh and began to eat more and more of him.

His cries filled the hall, desperate pleading cries. Soon enough he was begging to be saved. His tongue appeared to be gone, cut out long ago, but Bulldog clearly shouted the words "HELP ME!" He shouted this again and again until Weasel Kid started eating his voice box.

By that point, Bulldog stopped moving. His blind eyes lost their light. They were filled with that beautiful stillness, a stillness that only comes with death.

He fell to his knees and then his body slumped forward.

Realising he was dead, Weasel Kid slowly relinquished his hold but he didn't stop biting. Soon the only sound we could hear was "CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH."

I couldn't look away, it was mesmerising. I felt some drool build up in my mouth.

"WEASEL KID HAS WON!" The Presenter announced.

The crowd was initially silent but then a few hands clapped and soon enough the crowd was loudly shouting and clapping their hands. They continued to chant, "WEASEL KID, WEASEL KID, WEASEL KID, WEASEL KID".

They continued to cheer even as workers came into the cage, shot Weasel Kid full of sedatives, restrained him and dragged him off to some unknown location.

"It makes you hungry doesn't it?"

I turned and noticed Sang Min staring at me, the entire time he had been observing my reaction. That starved look in his eyes had only grown. I nodded at his question, I couldn't deny it, I felt like I had been walking in a desert and had finally glimpsed water.

Sang Min smiled at me, and said, "I'll show you something good then." He turned to Kang Seung and whispered in his ear, at first Kang Seung seemed annoyed but then he smiled and nodded approvingly.

"Min Ho, come with me. Sang Min will look after Kang Ho until we leave."

Min Ho didn't respond, it was like his brain had frozen. He was still trying to process the scene that he had just witnessed.

"Min Ho?"

When he didn't answer Kang Seung the second time, Chul Soo came up to him and slapped him sharply across the face.

"Huh, uh I'm so sorry! Yes sir." Min Ho seemed to come to his senses, and he handed me to Sang Min and bowed deeply, his body shaking.

He looked like a pathetic lost puppy as he walked off with Kang Seung and the rest, he glanced back at me nervously but he didn't dare say a word. I almost wanted to go with Min Ho, but it was probably better to leave him with Kang Seung, he would probably see something shocking with them, and have his resolve break faster. Also, I was curious about what Sang Min had in store for me.

I hoped it was bloody.

Once they were gone I glanced at Sang Min and gave him my most innocent and charming grin, "So where are you taking me?"

"Somewhere you can satiate that appetite."

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