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8.33% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 1: 1 - There is a Sleeping Beauty in the coffin ?

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Chapter 1: 1 - There is a Sleeping Beauty in the coffin ?

A certain girl can be seen walking past the street.

The girl seemed to be of high school student from her outer appearance wise.

As of today, it's a holiday for her and the other students.

By looking at the surrounding as the boys around her age giving a glance at her from time to times just shows that she was quite a beauty.

But as she was used to this, she ignored them all.

Today was supposed to be the day where she could get lazy all day long as it is the started of the holiday.

It's been tiring ever since she started putting a lot of effort on studies and that's why when the holiday came she feels like all the energy was exhausted and all she wanted now was to relax, both for the mind and body.

Eating chips while watching anime, Playing the game all night, Reading the novel and etc.

She had it all planned.

But before she could even do one of them, her phone rang.

" My Dear, Mother has found a good place for you to live in. "

" What are you talking about? I'm already living in the school dorm so there is no need for that, Mother. "

" No, My Dear. There are times that girl at your age need a private space which the school dorm couldn't give. "

" What do I need a private space for? "

" I'm sure you'll need it in the future. So, why don't you check out the place first? Then you can tell me if you like it or not, okay? "

And so, she was forced to visit the mansion she was told to look at.

It's definitely not because she thought that she could be lazy all the times aside from school.

Definitely not.

With that in mind, she decided to go at it.


Looking in front of her, stood a huge mansion. Although it was a mess as it was abandoned, it is still a huge mansion.

As for the reason it was abandoned?

There is a story about that, or rather a rumor that she heard while asking on the way.

It was abandoned because it was haunted or so the rumors said.

They were saying the one who built the mansion is the cause of it.

The owner was found dead for a few days as some old neighborhood happens to pass by and smells rotten stinks surrounding the mansion.

They then walk towards the mansion's front gate and press on the ring bells a couple of times.

As no one giving an answer after a few minutes, they decided to go in as they suddenly have a bad feeling creeping in.

What they found was a rotten corpse sleeping on top of the bed.

It looks so peacefully, if it weren't for the rotten smells around it, they would have thought that the person was just sleeping. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/1---there-is-a-sleeping-beauty-in-the-coffin_34501326075383149">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/1---there-is-a-sleeping-beauty-in-the-coffin_34501326075383149</a> for visiting.

That's when they decided to calls in the police.

The mansion was sold after that.

But the incident keeps on happening to the one who bought it.

All of them dies the same way.

They don't know what the cause of their death is.

And so, people brought shaman, exorcist, someone from suspicious cult and etc.

In the end, they said that nothing is wrong with the house and neither the land.

After that, no one bought the mansion as it was left there.

" No. This is definitely a no. "

" This mansion look exactly like those in the horror movie. "

" But it's so big and from the look of it, this mansion probably once a grand mansion like those rich people used to live. "

"It even has a big garden, well now it's just a full of weeds though. "

Leaving a sigh behind, she decided to walks in.

Although she was frightened at first, she was not scared.

Even though the mansion looks pretty old and dusty with all the weeds around but once it got renovated, she's sure it will look like a grand mansion.

" Mother said the land around the mansion is pretty cheap since it's haunted and all. "

To her, Cheap from her Mother's word is considered a million or so, it might be even more.

As she walks around the place, she found a single room that stood out among them.

In a spacious dusty room, there was a single coffin.

Even though it was dusty everywhere around this mansion, yet there is no single dust on the coffin.

This must be the cause of all those rumors.

But she had never heard any rumor about the coffin in the mansion.

Is it that, the owner saw the coffin one day and it led to their death or something like that.

" Oh, why wouldn't there be a coffin in the haunted mansion? "

Although she was shaken, she still decided to walks slowly toward the coffin.

* Creak * [ AN: Thanks to a certain kind-hearted person. I'm dumb okay?! ]

The coffin was wide open.

Inside it was a sleeping person (or it could be a corpse).

The gender is unknown but from the outer appearance, it can be considered as good looking.

The hair color is pure white.

It's the same pure white that of a beautiful snow white.

The color of the clothes is the opposite of it which is all black.

Its color is deeper dark than the night.

It can be seen as a beautiful girl as the hair was so long that it almost reached the bottom.

Looking at the figure, it should be the slender type.

It could also be a handsome boy.

It has such an androgynous look and figures that people could make a mistake judging it.

And she is one of them.

" A beautiful girl? "

The more she looks closer, the more she accepted the fact that the person in the coffin is a girl.

It's definitely not because she finds it hateful that this person's beauty is slightly above her.

Definitely not.

As she was staring at the girl(?) face and her body suddenly she feels like someone is staring at her.

Looking up, She saw something that surprised her.

The once closed eyes are now wide open.

Staring at her, straight to her eyes.

The eyes color is that of a crimson red.

She swore that she had never seen someone having that kind of eyes, even on the internet with all those powerful Photoshop around as it didn't look as realistic as this.

But this one is so real that it was unbelievable.

It was the first time that she saw it.

It was beautiful yet scary.

MinxMean MinxMean

Hey there, Minx here!

I hope you enjoy my story.

I would be happy if my story make someone's day.

I don't need it to be great or anything.

English is not my main language.

If there is error here and there then please tell me.

I'd be grateful.

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