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50% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 11: 11 - The Ninja and Little Monster

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Chapter 11: 11 - The Ninja and Little Monster

Looking at the person in front of him who fainted, he was left confused.

Just how in the world did he faint? Was he so angry that he fainted?

There's no way it's like that right? I mean an assassin that fainted due to anger is a bit..

Well, it doesn't matter since I'll kill them all anyway.

Since they were here, they should leave their body behind.

I've changed from the past naive me.

If they came with the intent of killing or hostility then I'd be taking their life from them.

I have also grown, getting stronger is my first priority.

They must have gotten even stronger than before as I can feel their aura everywhere around the world.

This also included those people who have betrayed me for power and cowardice, afraid of dying from human by siding with Devils.

Although now, I don't really care much about them.

Even if they were destroyed by fighting against each other, I won't stop nor do anything to them.

But if they were to cause trouble to this daily life that I have taken a liking to, I would go as far as destroying their root, leaving none alive.

Feeling the presence behind him, precisely on his shadow.

A figure came out of his shadow and appeared before him.

The figure was female, her beautiful silky black hair was so long that it reaches her bottom. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/11---the-ninja-and-little-monster_36224521463710205">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/11---the-ninja-and-little-monster_36224521463710205</a> for visiting.

Her ocean blue eyes sparkled like the stars in a twilight dark sky.

This was her appearance as a 'normal' human.

She was none other than one of his subordinates, the specialized one created from his own blood.

She was created way later after Shiro, Solely for the reason of getting money to buy holy bible(manga).

Now, it wasn't because Shiro was incompetent, not at all.

In fact, she was very competent and she takes her job(Maid) very seriously.

Because she was cold to other people, it was hard for her to find a job.

Since he was going to create someone for that, he might as well go for a specialized one.

She has an intelligence and witty personality which suits her as she was specialized in dealing with information.

With her metamorphosis ability, She could change into anyone she has seen with her own eyes which is very useful for spy conduct and gathering information.

She is also a very professional killer aka assassin.

If she were to fight against the previously fainted assassin on one vs one, she would have won very easily.

It was not that he was weak but she was simply too strong even without using her full power.

Her name was Shinobu(Ninja).

" Have you finished the job? "

" Yes, Master. "

He could smell a bit of blood coming from her.

It was the blood of these assassins group, the one waiting for an opportunity to attack Sera.

She finished the job pretty smoothly and swift as they didn't even notice that they were already dead as their head falls with the body as if the string has been cut.

Their expression was still the same as before, only in hell could they know about their death.

" Then I should give you a new instruction. Find out their information and who sent them here. "

" Yes! I'll send the report tomorrow at your room, Master. "

" Good. I'll see you later then. "

The girl mysteriously vanished inside his shadow after saying that with the assassin's dead bodies.

Now that the guy upstairs has been taken care of, I should leave since I shouldn't be here at this time.

I have some money left after buying a couple of game that was released a few days ago.

I guess I would be reading the holy bible(Manga) at the bookstore.

I'll come back home later to play the game together with her.

With that plan in mind, He leaves the mansion.


Somewhere in China.

* Smash! Bang! *

The sound of a desk being smashed apart was heard from the room.

The subordinates were so scared that they were keeping their mouth shut and silent as if they are simply air.

" Can you say that again? "

" Y-Yes! The assassins that were sent didn't return and- "

Before his subordinate even finished repeating the same report, his head detonated and exploded from within as the brain matter splashed on the floor as the body fall down without its head.

" Useless! "

" Why are you even alive when you can't even simply kill a bug that simply has a little bit of power?! "

" You guys! "

The subordinates grimace when they were called.

They quickly went forward and bow their head down.

" Y-Yes! "

" This time I'll be giving you three days to finished it, Three days! If you didn't finish it within three days, then you can go to hell with your entire family! Got it?! "


The subordinates immediately get out of their way from the room.

They were about to open the door when the door was opened from outside and a female walk in.

She has beautiful red hair which is identical to her father.

She also has pretty silver eyes that she took from her mother.

Her body was very enchanting and alluring but with her personality, none dare to even look at her.

She was none other than the daughter of their boss.

They quickly and swiftly move away from her as she walks right in an arrogant manner, ignoring all the people inside except her father.

" Father. "

" Little Youyue, didn't father already told you not to come here? "

The mad monster was long gone and what replaced it was a simply doting father.

The smile of a doting parent simply gives the subordinates chill in their body.

Without further do, they run away immediately.

But they were stopped by the little monster.

" Wait. "

They were frozen solid when hearing her voice.

She was called as a little monster simply because she is crazy.

She always causes trouble wherever she goes, not even a day would she keep quiet as calm as a little lamb.

She only listens to her father, so no one was able to stop her when she gets in trouble.

This is also why her father was not letting her joining this side of the trade.

In China, she was a beauty that so many people have been chasing and fawning over her.

But in her eyes, they were simply ant, Weak and Useless.

Money was nothing in her eyes, she only looks in their strength but seriously, who need strength in a society where your social status is more important than that?

So there are not many of people who actually have quite a good strength since some of them depend on the modern weapon instead but in the end, they were still simply human.

She was far more superior to any of them.

With her prideful and haughty personality, there's no way for them to even get close to her, even psychically.

If one dares to cross that line, they would never be seen again.

" Father, why don't you leave this to me? "

" Listen here, My cute and precious daughter. Father doesn't want you to have anything in this trade.

You can have anything else you wanted but father will not agree on this. "

" And plus, it is very dangerous for you. Although you are my daughter and you also have my power, you are still young. "

" I won't talk to Father anymore if you refused. "

" M-My lovely Youyue... But this simply.. "

" No. "

A moment of silence passed.

The father and daughter were having a staring fight.

The daughter stares were simply powerful and mighty, But the father fight back!

In the end, It was a useless struggle.

The daughter has won and took the mission!


Beijing Airport Airline.

" Remember this okay, My Lovely Daughter. "

" You have to do it secretly and don't let anyone see and make sure to watch your surroundings when you're going to do it, okay? "

" I know, I know. Of course, I remember it since father keeps on mentioning this every single time. "

" This is the most important thing! So you have better put it in your head. "

" Okay~ Then I'll be going now. "

After bidding farewell to her father, she went toward the private airplane that was own by her father.

She is leaving China, her homeland and country. Her destination was Country M.

Looking at the figure of his daughter getting into the private airplane, His doting parent aura has long gone and was replaced back to the scary aura that of The Fallen's.

He picks up his cell phone and gives a call to his subordinate at the Country M.

" Yes, My Lord? "

" Make sure you watch my daughter really well. If I ever heard about her getting hurt, I'll be flying right to your place. Do you understand? "

" Yes! "

MinxMean MinxMean

Who like School Arc ? Cause i do.

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