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66.66% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 15: 14 - Transfer Student (1)

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Chapter 15: 14 - Transfer Student (1)

" Alright, everyone, quiet down. "

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" There is two transfer student to this class starting today. "

When the teacher finished saying that, the class went chaos.

" Teacher! The transfer is a girl, right? It has to be! "

" Yes! We need more beauty in our class! "

" What are you boys talking about? It has to be a boy! A handsome boy! "

" Seriously, boys in our class all have an ordinary look~ It was disappointing. "

" Quiet down, everyone. Why do you care so much about this anyway? All of you should be focusing on study instead. "

" Ehh~ But we don't want to be like the teacher. Still single—"


There was a sound of an object cutting through the wind passed through close to her ears.

Looking behind her, there was a pen that was deep within the wall, you could still see smoke coming out of it.

She feels the chills running through her back when she saw that.

" You were saying? "

There was a frightening smile on the teacher's face.

Her smile seems normal but when you look at her eyes, it doesn't seem like the eyes that a teacher should have toward her students.

There was also a dark aura coming out of teachers back.

Although the teacher is seen to be smiling, her eyes are definitely not.

That was the eyes of someone wanting people's blood and those eyes were looking straight into her.

Feeling the sweat on her forehead, she tried to calm her mind and heart before opening her mouth.

" N-Nothing. I was just saying- Umm, I don't want to be single forever! Yes! That's right! "

This student must have not heard the rumor of this teacher.

That was because what she just said previously was the sore spot that hit the teacher the most.

She had tried so hard to find a partner for marriage but after a few weeks in a relationship, they eventually broke up one way or another.

It was mysterious as to why they broke up.

The teacher was actually quite a beauty herself.

Even some student has fallen in love with her and has tried to pursue her when they graduated later on, but they have met with the same ending.

It was likely that the teacher was fated to be single for the rest of her life.

" Cough. Now, we should introduce the two new transfer students. You two can come in now! "

The moment she said that the class was fallen into silent.

The door was opened and two figure walks in.

The first figure is a female that has a golden ratio that of the model.

She has an attractive bright red hair which is not common in Asian.

She also has pretty silver eyes which show that she has clear eyes that are very bright and healthy.

Overall, she is what every girl out there called perfection.

All the girls inside the class were pretty obvious seeing how they were a dark aura behind them filled with jealousy and envy.

The boys were obviously so excited as if they have a won a billion worth of lottery.

The girls were left disappointed but one of them looks toward the other transfer student behind the Overall-perfect girl.

She was immediately sent to the world of a garden filled with flowers all over the surrounding.

Although he has normal black hair and normal brown eyes he got a very outstanding look and figure.

His look was so outstanding that all girls in class except one were having a hard time looking at him without blushing as red as an apple.

He even has an amazing golden ratio that of a model, It was weird seeing that both of the new transfer students were very outstanding, to the point that it was unbelievable.

Now, it was time for girls to cheers out loud as if a football fanatic has seen his country has score one goal to finish the game.

The boys were filled with murderous intent immediately when they saw him right away.

They feel that it was unfair that such a good looking boy exist!

They wish that they were in that boy position, just by his look and figure, he could score a girl easily like picking a pebble on the street.

Although they don't mind having a beautiful girl around.

Overall, the class was in chaos the moment these two amazing figure walks in.

But there was one girl that feels otherwise.

The girl was none other than Sera Landfall.

( Why is that vampire here?! )

She was staring straight at him with the gaze of asking what he is up to.

He feels the stares coming from her and responds back by smiling and waving his hand at her.

It was at this moment that the girls in the class realized that the handsome transfer student has an acquaintance with someone in their class.

By following his gaze, they immediately know who was the waving for.

They feel conflicted the moment they knew who it was and some have a bitter look on their face.

Because they knew that she was far better looking compare to them, just like the transfer girl.

" Oh? So you already know one of my students? "

( Oh no! Don't say it! Please! )

Sera was using all of her power thinking of a way to stop him from dropping a bombshell.

She got a feeling of déjà vu, thinking wasn't this the same feeling she felt when he introduces himself to her mother by dropping a bombshell like it was nothing?

She has to do something—

" Yes, Of course. After all— "

( No! Please. No! Don't! )

She was sweating so hard thinking of a way to stop him but in the end, she didn't find anything that could stop him.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed inside her mind.

She immediately raised her hand and said.

" Teacher! I need toile— "

But it was too late.

" We lived in the same house. "


The whole class was fallen into a world of silence.

She can hear the sound of her peaceful school life has also fallen apart by the nuke dropped by him.


The illusionary of the mushroom cloud has destroyed her peaceful world completely to oblivion.

It was at this moment that she feels like cursing the shxt out of him for the rest of her life.

The vampire that was oblivious to what he had done was only simply smiling innocently.

This was a day that she will remember for the rest of her entire life.

She had been thinking all about this that she didn't notice the glaring coming from the other transfer student at her.

She had seen that type of glares all the time and now, even her classmates have been showing that kind of glares in their eyes.

And so, she simply didn't notice that the transfer student was also glaring at her, by adding one to a hundred won't be noticed much after all.

MinxMean MinxMean

Do you expect a normal life when you are abnormal yourself? No! I won't let it be! MWUAHAHAHA

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