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70.83% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 16: 15 - Transfer Student (2)

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Chapter 16: 15 - Transfer Student (2)

" Good morning, Shiori. "

" Morning~! "

" You are as lively as always huh. "

" Hehee~ Of course! "

It was just like any other day, she went to school and give a greeting to her classmates and went to sit in her place.

She looks around, searching for a certain individual, but she didn't find nor see a shadow of it.

Which mean her best friend didn't come to school just yet.

Usually, she would have gone and greeted her best friend right about now.

Whenever her best friend has free time, she would occasionally be seen playing on her phone secretly during class back then.

But now, she was always focusing on study. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/15---transfer-student-(2)_36450961266363549">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/15---transfer-student-(2)_36450961266363549</a> for visiting.

When she was about to invite her to eat lunch she was flustered when she saw her best friend eating a box lunch on her desk full of books.

Apparently, she was eating while reading a book.

It was hard to bring her the topic of eating lunch at the cafeteria when she insisted on having a book with her.

Although a success, she was still reluctant while on the way to the cafeteria.

She knew the reason behind her best friend changed.

Obviously, she was really close to her after all, so she has heard that her father passed away in an unfortunate incident.

She has gone to her place when she heard the news, even though Sera tried to act normal, it was easy for her since Sera was bad at acting in the first place.

She spent some time in her place by playing games or watching movies and etc.

But even so, she was still down after all that.

She tried her best to help her best friend to lessen her depression.

After a couple of days passed, she improved a bit, although not much from the other viewpoint.

She was going to spend some holiday with her but then she remembered the promise with others and eventually forgotten about it.

When she goes to school, she was worried that Sera might have been depressed since she was alone in a holiday but when she saw her appearance when she walks in the class, she was glad that she's wrong.

She doesn't seem to be any depressed, in fact, doesn't she seem even better? Is what she thought but she might have imagined it.

So she greets her like always and the day goes on.

She found out the reason for it when she saw one of the transfer students.

" Alright, everyone quiets down. "

We didn't even make that much noise, Teacher.

" Today, you have a new friend that will be joining in your class. "

" There is two transfer student to this class starting today. "

Heh~ Transfer student at a time like this? How weird.

Well, the class probably didn't care as they cause a ruckus immediately afterward.

They eventually talk about how a boy faction prefers having more beauty while girl faction wanted a handsome guy in their class.

I'm onto the later, of course.

" Sera, Don't you think that it's weird that we're having transfer student around this time? "

" well.. yea, I guess so? "

Why would I ask her that when it was obvious she didn't give any attention to another thing when she only focuses on studying when she came to school.

Hmm~ maybe it's just me that thought like that.

" Ehh~ But we don't want to be like the teacher. Still single—"


Without saying anything else, she could only give her prayer to the girl, hoping that she could at least survive.

The sound of an object cutting a wind flashed beside the victim and went straight into the wall.

Thankfully, the victim survived the unspoken hell.

Looking at the teacher leaking out a dark aura behind her, the victim was scared speechless as her face went pale.

Well, you are on your own, comrade.

I bid you safety and farewell.

Joke aside, Let see what kind of transfer student that is coming.

A figure of a male wearing the school uniform with a figure of a girl wearing the same school uniform as they walks inside the class.

As she looks closer to the figure of a male, she has a sense of déjà vu.

As if, she has seen this guy somewhere but didn't remember.

Both of them have a foreign look, but the girl hairstyle seems more likely to appear in anime.

This was the first time that she sees a different hair with her own two eyes, other than in TV.

She is definitely beautiful, even more than a celebrity or idol on TV.

She would likely be famous instantly if she ever went into the entertainment industry.

She was not jealous at all seeing a girl that seems to radiate an aura of perfection, it was because that type of girl likely has a dark side.

She would rather go out of her way to not get in her line but she has to keep her appearance as an overall 'happy girl'.

As she was thinking about how to introduce herself to this troublesome girl, the guy that she ignored previously due to déjà vu feeling released a bombshell into the class.

With a sudden bomb like word, she remembered where she has seen this guy before.

It was on the first day of the holiday when she went out to play at arcade game that she saw her close friend, Sera was walking with an unknown guy and she misunderstood it as a date.

She was going to ask her close friend but later on, she eventually forgot about it as she enjoys her holiday.

Oh, My Dear Sera, That was way too fast! You should not!

Living with a guy in the same house is immoral! You don't know when the guy will turn into a beast!

No, wait. Perhaps.. She already... No! No way! Tell me that is not true!

If someone looks at her face then they would have laugh since she was making all kind of expression at a time.

" No way! "

" It's already too late! "

" Our Goddess... Damn you! "

" ... "

" Y-You're living together? Cohabitation?! " (Teacher)

" Yes. We are living together, in the same mansion. "

Sebas was seen to be confused as he tilted his head to the side when seeing the class reaction.

Only Sera, at this moment, feel the panic as her quiet daily life can be seen getting far away from her.

She wanted to deny it but it was the truth, she took a moment to think of a way out of this with all her brain power.

But suddenly she heard a voice inside her mind.

( Oh, so that was why they reacted like that. I see. )

He was reading my mind?!

( I was curious on why do these people react like that so I have to read your mind a little bit. Don't worry, I didn't read anything else other than that. )

No, Wait! That's not the problem!

Please, stop what you were going to do-

Before she could finish her word, Sebas already opened his mouth and said.

" I came from Overseas but I didn't know anyone here nor have any place to stay. "


" I ended up walking all around the place asking for a place to stay but no one was able to help me. But then, a certain girl passed by and started talking to me. "

What is this person talking about?

" She said that I could stay at her place since she was living alone anyway. I don't want to trouble her but she said its fine and silently muttered that she needs friends, I heard it since I was close to her. "

Wait, what?!

" It was when I heard what she said that I agreed. She can be cute like that. "

No No No!

What are you talking about?!

Who said I need friends?!

I have plenty of them, alright?!

( Don't worry about the details. Look, it works. )

Looking at her surrounding classmates that were staring at her with a strange gaze, she realized that she has fallen deep in the pit.

Silently, glittering stars fell down to the dust.

Don't even mention her peaceful life, now, she wanted to hide in a hole so much in order to run away from that entire strange gaze.

Even her close friend was sending that kind of gaze to her.

It was painful.

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