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Chapter 19: 18 - School (1)

Class A.

Inside the class, you could only hear the voice of the teacher who was teaching the student about her subject.

She is certainly remarkable at her job as a teacher, she can be seen as pretty strict yet gentle at time.

When she saw one of her student asleep, she didn't say anything.

Just continue on her teaching, but one can see the ending of that student.

The boy close friend could only give his prayer to him since he has given up on trying waking him up.

Although boys probably wouldn't mind spending their time with this beautiful teacher, even if they get slaughter afterward.

They are boy, after all.

Looking on his left, He could see the girl was focused on her class.

She seems to be in her world and in that world, only she and teacher exist.

He wonders if this girl is actually possessed.

It was a simply unbelievable sight to him, this girl was truly a massive sloth in the house.

Everything she does in the holidays is all spent in her room, half of it is her laying on top of the bed.

But looking at Sera's current concentrate expression, one couldn't tell that this girl was once a sloth.

He could answer the entire question asked by the teacher, all because he could find the correct answer on their mind.

He could easily score and became a top scholar but would rather not do that.

Simply because he wanted to enjoy and feel the youth of this modern generation.

Although some of the students in school complained about how hell the school is, they still have to come to learn.

Because what they learned will decide their path to the future.

If one studies hard, they could make their path easier to walk.

They are not genius, after all.

He found that the modern world is very interesting than in the past.

One could talk to each other even when they are on the other side of the world.

He used to send a message using his subordinate but it could potentially take three days for the replied to reach him.

This Smartphone is truly an amazing invention.

The guy who invented it must have been a genius of heaven.

He was shocked speechless when Sera teach him how to use it.

Within such a small metal like structure, it was amazing that one could do a lot of things with it.

You could also find all kind of information on the so-called 'internet'.

Though not all information is accurate, it is still useful nonetheless.

Looking outside the windows, He could see the traffic of vehicles passing by.

He was reminded of when he first got in the carriage, It actually hurt his butt so bad on his journey to someplace.

It was simply torturous.

But the modern vehicles now advanced so much that carriage was the thing of the past.

Even the horse was now using as a mount for horse racing.

You could even go to the other side of the world by getting on an airplane.

Although expensive, it was worth the price as it was way easier and comfortable.

It was unimaginable to the person who lived in the past such as him.

Gaia would definitely be happy looking at how the human has come to.

From a simple Hut build by wood to a house building by brick with strong structure.

The modern era was truly like an eye-opening to him.

As he was reminiscing of the past by looking outside the window, he didn't notice that the teacher has seen his action.

She silently walks toward him.

The boys were grinning evilly while the girls were worried about him.

Sera has noticed his plight but she smiles with the mischief intent and didn't choose to help him.

" Student named Sebastian. "

The teacher called out to him but he still didn't give a response.

The eyebrows of the teacher were twitching toward his unresponsive action.

Before the teacher could say another word, Sebas suddenly turn toward her.

" Have you finally done with your daydreaming? "

" Now, try to finish the question on the whiteboard. "

The boys were sneering at his bad luck for getting on teacher's bad side, they were waiting to see his defeated figure when he couldn't answer the question on the board.

He replied with yes and get up and walk to the front.

The teacher was going to teach this new transfer student a lesson because he was daydream during her class but when she saw that all the answers were correct, she immediately falls into an awkward silence.

" the answer... is correct. "

Muttered the Class Leader who was known for her intelligence.

The boys went silent like the teacher while the girls let out a relieved sigh.

Sera were secretly clicking her tongue.

Sebas quietly went to his seat after finished answering the last question.

He continues on his daydreams as he looks outside the window, the teacher could do nothing to this godly scholar since it seems that he was good at her subject.


Ring! Ring! Ring!

As the bell resounds through the whole school, it was the moment the student was released from the hellish hours.

But the devil (teacher) never forgets to give students massive homework before they left.

The students left their class one by one, some with the defeated figure while some were just happy that they were finally able to have fun after-school.

Sera was the former, She listless walk toward the school gate.

She didn't even care about Sebas beside her.

But when she accidentally saw him in the reflection windows, there was a flash of bolt running inside her mind.

She suddenly went from a depressed mode toward happy-go-lucky.

Sebas curiously inquired her about it.

She replied with a smile, but inside her mind, she thought that since Sebas seems to do good in the study then all she need was to ask his help later on about the homework.

It was an easy win for her since he was living with her.

Sebas could only helplessly shake his head toward this shameless girl.


" Ara, I didn't know that Sebas has transferred to your school, Sera. "

She was really surprised when she heard that Sebastian just transferred to Sera's high school.

Because Sebas look matured than the boys at Sera's age, she has thought that he was much older than her daughter.

She feels the impulse of wanting to know about his origin but managed to hold back when she looks at the two in front of her.

" How does the first day at school goes? "

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" Yea right. it was not interesting at all to me. "

" Did Sera caused trouble at school? "

" Wha- Mother! "

Sera shouted at her mother.

She didn't know how her mother comes to that conclusion.

Or rather, it was more like Sebas that is causing her trouble instead.

Her peaceful school life...

" No, Madam. She was quite the hardworking student at school. "

" I see. "

Sera gives harrumphed at his replied like it was obvious for her to do just that.

" But I never knew that she only had one friend at school. "

" Ara, Is that so? "

" No! I have other friends too! "

" But I only saw you speaking to Shiori alone. Who else was there? "

" I definitely only talked to her today- "

" See. Where are the so-called 'other friends'? "

" You'll see them tomorrow! I will show you then! "

" I look forward to tomorrow then. "

" Hmph! "

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