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100% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 23: 22 - Incident After Class

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Chapter 23: 22 - Incident After Class

Three beauties, side by side, created a dazzling sight for everyone who was watching them.

The first beauty have a cold temperament that give off an aura of sort with the intention as such 'don't talk to me at all' with her gaze alone, while the second one has an indifferent temperament that could be told simply looking at her absent-looking eyes, the last standing at the side have quite the opposite personality, which is pretty socialize as she seems to be talking to her nonstop, even when the other side didn't answer nor say anything back.

She is the type of person that could talks for a couple of days without getting tired or running out of topics for it, which were why the boys have forgotten about her beauty underneath her tomboyish and friendly act toward everyone. She was a beauty that one feels closer when talking to you yet also kind of distance for some reason unknown. It was hard for normal boys to get to know her more. That was one thing, another thing was she likes to joke around. Perhaps, she was doing it for the sake of running away from the topic regarding romance.

Anyhow, seeing the three beauties in front of them, the senior was left speechless with their mouth gap wide open and their eyes feel like coming out of their socket.

They have heard the rumors about the two beauties from this class, aside from the transferred beauty.

But they didn't believe it since beauty would usually become well-known yet they have never heard of them other than merely from the rumors which they ended up forgetting about it later on.

But when they saw the two beauties with their own two eyes, they feel like wanting to give a punch to their past self for not even trying to see the person in rumor.

They looked at each other for seconds before grinning and walked toward the girls.

The boys growled at this scene.

How could they not know what's the intention of these group of senior coming here for? It's obvious to pluck the three flowers from their class.

They wanted to walk forward to stop them but were unable to do it because they were weak compared to the senior who looks very formidable.

It was an obvious decision, the group of senior was professionally trained because they were from a football sports club unlike them, who were only doing sport because of fun or in free time.

They looked toward the senior as they arrived in front of the three flowers.

Xiao Youyue feels disgusted when she read into their mind.

They were absolutely idiotic beyond imagination, she simply couldn't believe it.

How in the right world, would they ever think that they have the nerve to the thought of making her theirs?!

She doesn't care about the other two, but by reading their mind, she was unable to let it go.

They were beyond trash, even trash looks better in comparison of them.

But then again, she wanted to see how these two acts toward them which were why she retreat from making a move.

She changes her presence in their mind as nonexistent like that of a pebble on the roadside as they easily walked passed her.

The other students didn't find it abnormal at all.

Shiori finds it weird that this group of senior actually ignored such cold beauty right in front of their face as if she didn't exist, but when her eyes moved away from Xiao Youyue to the senior group, her suspicious disappeared from her mind in that instant.

Sera was just too indifferent to care about as she was more interested in figuring out a way to clear some of her games when she came back home with Sebas.

The group of senior finally arrived right in front of the two girls.

Shiori looked at them by raising her left eyebrow, it was an eye contact of asking 'what are you all here for'.

Sera was still... looking indifferent as if the group of senior didn't exist at all in front of her.

What runs through her mind is.. better keep it a secret that only she knows about.

The group of senior visibly twitched their mouth as they found that these two beauties are quite a rude one.

They are beauty, alright. But that doesn't mean that they can look down on us.

Countless of woman has pursued them to the end of their life by any mean yet none ever reach their caliber or a taste too high for the ordinary woman.

You only have a beautiful appearance, yet to see how big a mountain is and how cruel of reality it could be.

Having a beautiful look could be an advantage yet it could also be a disadvantage or even a potential disaster in a certain case.

The group of senior thoughts very highly of themselves.

They were from a wealthy family, born and raised with a golden spoon.

They were flattered everywhere they go and any woman would be happy to serve them, all it needs was just a word from their mouth.

They feel a little bit hurts towards the two beauties rude behavior but decided to hold down their anger and instead let out a snickering smile on their face.

In their mind, these beauties were already in their grasp, waiting to be pluck anytime they wanted to.

" Hey beauties, how about hanging out with us? "

" You don't need to worry about skipping class, I could just give a call to my dad and everything will be solved. "

" Yeah, We know a fun place around here. Don't worry about money, we were plentiful enough to last you two for decades. "

Said the group of senior, disregarding the other girls' disgusted look and the boys' hostility-filled eyes.

Who cares about all these ants that couldn't do anything to them?

They thought that the beauties will definitely agree and would desperately cling to their thigh.

But it was unmistakable simply that their imagination was running wild and was suddenly woken up because of the beauty's reply.

" How about no? Just looking at you guys already give me the creeps. "

" Oh, you were talking about money? Excuse me, but are you talking about this range? If you couldn't even afford it only this much then don't even think about it. "

Shiori went on and on with her rambling.

They feel like taking a shower of cold water on their whole body, it woke them up from their daydream state.

But her last word makes them feel amused, How could you even dare to talk about that range of money when you didn't even have a meager of it.

They simply found her word absolutely nonsense.

Before they could open their mouth—

" My best friend, Sera right here, her mother were CEO of a certain giant company. "

" Do your parent even came close to that? No? Then get out of our way. "

The seniors went pale when they heard the shocking news.

Although their parent was wealthy, they are not in any way comparable to that level.

It is simply because there is an unsurpassed wall stopping them in their tracks.

Only a genius with special skill could bypass that wall and when they did, they will be someone who is truly deserved their name to be known in public and definitely influential to the society.

They have never heard of Sera's mother name, but they have heard about the company.

Sera was brought back to reality when she heard her mother is mentioned.

" What is going on? "

" It's nothing. Just a group of idiotic senior. "

" Oh. "

But thinking about it again, they also find it weird.

If you have such a company, then why would you still go to school to study?

Eventually, you would inherit the company and lead a life that is much more plentiful and marvelous than any of them that pale in comparison.

That's absolutely a lie, Impossible, said the devils(Xiao Youyue) in their mind.

They simply couldn't accept that particular harsh fact.

Because of that, they instead choose to force the beauties to come with them by using a slight show of violence.

One of the senior was going to take hold of one of Sera's hand but before he could grab it, he suddenly fell down and groaned.

" My... balls... "

He was putting his two hands toward a particular area with a pained expression.

It was as if, he had been hit with the most powerful attacks and unexpected to the only weakness for a man.

The boys that were watching from afar, flinched and also put their hands on one particular area down below while muttering, I feel your pain, brother.

They also feel chills running through their body when they saw that slow yet powerful kick heading toward the endgame.

They could also faintly heard a cracking sound, it was the sound of an egg that was broken apart by a force of violence.

" Were you trying to do something just now? "

Said Sera nonchalantly after giving a kick toward the senior that was now groaning in pain like a headless chicken.

" Y-You! "

" Me? Me, what? Do you mean the kick? Sorry bout that, my body just moved by itself. It must have judged that the senior groaning like chicken down below was going to do something bad to me... not like you would understand it anyway. "

" Pfft— "

Shiori by her side couldn't take in her reply and laugh out loud.

She didn't seem surprised on Sera's little violent actions, it was because she already knew.

Whenever she visits Sera back to when her father was alive and kicking, She would always complain that her father is cruel, her father didn't treat her like a girl at all! and etc.

She literally talks about everything as she complained about the injustice treatment from her father towards her.

That was also the day that Shiori founds out about what Sera does in her weekends.

It was... better left sealed in her memories.

Because it was a truly unbelievable story, but it is undeniable the truth when she looks at the pictures on the table shown by Sera.

It was a picture of Sera having a brawl fight with a brown bear that was as big as her like some sort of scene from a hot-blooded manga for high school boys.

The second picture was Sera standing on top of the bear's corpse while wiping the sweats on her forehead.

She won the fight! That was the only thought that came through her mind at that exact moment.

Her father.. was truly unbelievable.

To make your own daughter fight against a fearsome wild bear as he watched by the side.

MinxMean MinxMean

Just a little announcement, i might take a break somewhere in the future.

I was kinda not in the mood to write chapter for the past few days. Truly sorry in advance!

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