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16.66% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 3: 3 - Is this really Vampire ? I want a refund!

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Chapter 3: 3 - Is this really Vampire ? I want a refund!

In front of her stood a beautiful looking girl.

It was so beautiful that makes Sera feel a little bit envious even though she is quite a beauty herself.

( I'm not a girl so you don't have to feel envious of my look. )

Oh, thank god.

" No! That's impossible! "

( How is it impossible? Would you like to see the proof of it? )

Sera stare at the undefined-gender-good-looking person in front of her.

She feels like she hears a voice inside her head, is it just her imagination?

( Yes. it is just your imagination. )

Indeed, there is no way someone is speaking in my mind.

I have some special power that can be considered as supernatural but it was not strong enough to be helpful in my daily life.

It was at some point I feel like rather than special power, it was more like some type boost(?).

( You are indeed a special human. )

No, I wouldn't go as far as thinking that I'm some sort of special existence.

That was—

" Are you the one talking inside my mind? "

Being on alert, she asked.

At this point, even a dumb penguin would take notice of it.

The person in front of her just stares back at her, not opening up their mouth to talk.

The smooth silky black hair—


Black hair?

She stares at the person in front of her.

The previously white snow long hair has become a smooth silky short black hair.

If she looks even closer, she could see that the pupils color has also changed.

From crimson red pupils into normal chocolate brown pupils.

The person in front of her now looks totally different than the person she just saw before.

( You noticed it fast, Sera. )


" You really are talking in my head. Who are you? "

( Nice to meet you, Sera Landfall. My name is Sebastian Winstanley. )

" Sebastian Winstanley? The name sounds like someone from royalty. "

( Indeed, I am sort of royalty. )

" You are from royalty? "

( Yes. The royalty of the Night. The King of Night, or did you prefer Vampire instead? )



The King of Night.

The immortal being that subsists on blood.

Legend says the only way to kill a Vampire is with a holy stake through the heart while at the same time you have to burn them completely, leaving nothing behind, only ashes remained.

It said that the Vampire could only be active at night and if they were to walk in the day, they would be burned to death or turns into ashes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/3---is-this-really-vampire-i-want-a-refund!_34569392733869774">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/3---is-this-really-vampire-i-want-a-refund!_34569392733869774</a> for visiting.

But the being in front of her is fine even when the sunlight shines on him.

( I am different than the vampire that you thought of. )

" How are you different? "

( I can't be killed even with holy stake into my heart. )

( The sunlight did nothing to me. In fact, I like getting a sunbath. )

( I didn't drink any blood ever since I was born yet I am fine, right here and now. )


..are you sure that you're a vampire?

How are you, Vampire who didn't drink blood, even be called Vampire?!

Don't ruin my impression of Vampire, you fake!

" didn't have any of vampire mostly known weakness? "

Garlic might work, just like the other from the stories.

( If it was what you thought of then no. Why would I get hurt by garlic, a vegetable? )

[ AN: Don't look down on vegetables! They are a frightening existence to the children who love meat! I was once like them too. ]

" How about holy water? "

In some story, the vampire is like an evil creature and so, they would turn into ashes if they got hit by holy water.

( What's that? It sounds like a good drink for me. )

" ... "


M Country, A Street, F Building's Underground.

" My Lord, we have found out the betrayals. What is your command? "

Said the person in all black attire, exactly those of assassin's attire.

But these assassins were bowing to the person called 'My Lord' in front of them.

'My Lord' was 2 meters tall, He has a ferocious face that of monster.

It was very unsightly but none dare to say it in front of him.

There was that one time someone was whispering about it to his friend but 'My Lord' accidentally heard it and that person was torture to the point that death was a better option.

Even his friend was fate to suffer with him.

After that, none even dare to mention anything about it.

" Who was it? "

" Yes! It was the old man of a certain company. "

" Old man? Hah. Certainly, he is, only an old person would do for what he did. "

" But he should be dead by now isn't? "

" Yes! But he has a family and his only child have the blood of 'royalty'. "(Assassin)

" You mean the blood of 'scum' right? "

'My Lord' let out his killing intent toward the assassins before pulling it back.

The Fallen was truly scary, don't even mention if they let out their killing intent.

The assassins felt like they were getting a thousand cut everywhere around their body.

Although it was short, in these few seconds, it feels like a long time has passed.

" Y-Yes. "

The person went quiet for a few minutes before giving the instruction.

" Kill it. "

" Yes! "

The assassins vanished from existence, disappeared to somewhere else, for their mission, That is to kill the innocent child.


Mother's House.

" Oh my, My Dear Sera, who is this handsome gentleman here? "

"... I picked him up at the mansion. "

Even I found it unbelievable when I said it but that was nothing but hard cold truth.

" Oh my~ "

Behind my daughter who gives out an exhausted expression, there is a handsome looking boy which seems to be the same age as Sera.

He has a smooth silky black hair and eyes which is quite common for Asian.

But he has an aura of royalty surrounding him.

With his good looking face and the special aura he emitted, it can't be helped for people to mistake him to be someone from royalty.

" Oh my! you're so fast my dear~ "

" what are you talking about? "

" fufufu~ Mother is proud of you. "

" what do you mean by that? Hey Mother? what are you talking about? Hey? "

As Sera was about to question her, the handsome looking boy opens his mouth and said something that can be considered as a bomb.

" Nice to meet you, mother-in-law. I'm Sebastian Winstanley. Please take care of me from now on. "

After saying that, he bows.

" Oh my~ "

" Wait. What are you doing? What are you even talking about?! "(Sera)

" ??? "

Tilting his head to the side, he appears confused by her question.

Although it was quite a cute expression that it actually went unnoticed by the two people.

" I'm introducing myself. Isn't this is how you do it in this country? "

" No! There is no way it's like that! Where did you learn it from anyway? "


" Manga. "

Aka the Holy Bible. [ AN: This is Sebas and I agreed! ]

" Manga has ruined you! "(Sera)

[ AN: Every day we stray further away from God.

Sorry, I just wanted to say this once. ]

" It's really a piece of work. I'll have to buy some later on too. "

" Hey, are you listening to me? They are the reason that's making this awkward! "(Sera)

" Money huh. It has to be this country currency but I don't have any. Hmm... "

" aren't even listening to me. "(Sera)

Looking at the two chatting warmly (from her point of view), a smile appears on her face.

Ever since she lost her father, Sera has not been smiling that much.

She has been looking quite scary ever since I have taken on a position as CEO of her now deceased father's company.

She must have wanted to give me a helping hand by putting a lot of effort into her studies, but I'd much preferred if she uses her future for her own instead of me.

She also needs to enjoy her life like the other girl at her age.

So that's why Mother won't question you where did this boy come from.

Mother will give you full support filled with love instead.

Because of the misunderstanding has not been thoroughly explained, Sera's future has been decided.

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