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20.83% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 4: 4 - What is this sorcery?!

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Chapter 4: 4 - What is this sorcery?!

At a certain place, on a certain crowd street.

There are two people walking side by side and both of them stood out like a sore thumb in these crowd street.

One is a beauty like that of a princess or a daughter from a rich family while another one is a handsome guy that emitted a special kind of aura surrounding him.

Both standing beside each other seems like something coming out of drama to the one staring at them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/4---what-is-this-sorcery-!_34591441216926386">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/4---what-is-this-sorcery-!_34591441216926386</a> for visiting.

The guys were staring because of envy while the girls were staring out of jealousy.

In their head, there is a single thought which they all agreed upon.



Their thirst for blood is so strong that a certain vampire ended up giving a glance at them.

Since the vampire didn't know the cause of it, He just ignored it.

The beauty has noticed the stare from others but chooses to ignore since she's already used to it.

But today, beauty feels like there are a lot of eyes on her than a normal day.

The beauty is called Sera Landfall.

The handsome guy beside her is Sebastian Winstanley.

Sera was currently on her way back to her Mother's house.

She has told Sebas to stay at the mansion but he insisted on following her.

At first, she thought it won't be that much of a problem.

But later on, she realized that was a mistake.

( Sera. )

" What is it? "

She looks at the person beside her—

there is no one beside her.

Once she realized he was not by her side, she looks around.

She noticed him going into a certain bookshop.

" Wait! "

She runs after him.

Once she was inside, she saw him reading a culture book called manga.

She lets out a sigh as she walks toward him.

( What is this? Is it children's picture book? )

" No, it's a manga for teenage boy or girl. "

( Are you sure this is not for children? )

" They are some that can be considered that but the one you're reading now is not it. "

( hmm.. )

She seems to notice something as she saw a flash of light from his eyes and so she has to say this, no matter what.

" I'm not buying it. "

No matter how interested he got into it, she won't get it.

Even though she's wealthy enough that a single manga won't cost anything to her.

She still insisted on not buying it.

She has a very bad premonition that she would regret it later.

( Then I'll just use my power— )

" Fine. I get it. "

Sadly, she's unable to stop the bad premonition from becoming true.

" Thank you for your purchase! Please come again~ "

The two then left the bookshop.

One who is happily reading the manga while the other one is thinking of a way to stop the bad premonition from happening with all of her power.


( This manga is.. interesting. )

She didn't have anything to comment on this.

The manga he was reading is actually about a vampire.

Real life vampire reading a vampire fiction story wrote by a human.

It's a very complicated feeling.

" Anyhow, can't you talk normally with your mouth instead of speaking in my mind? "

( Is it disturbing you when I'm speaking like this? )

" Uh.. not exactly. "

( Then isn't it fine? It will just look like you were talking to yourself to others. )

" That's the problem! "

( Please lower down your voice. look, people are looking at you thinking that you are a weirdo. )

As she looks around, she noticed their stares at her are exactly what he said.

Her face flushed red as an apple, anyone would have fallen for her if they had seen her expression right now.

" Hmph. "

Giving off a tsundere remark, she increases her walking pace in order to leave the vampire behind.

But it didn't work at all, even though the vampire is only looking at the manga, he could match her pace just fine.


This is the first time that she feels so tired simply by walking home.


The reason is because of a certain vampire by her side.

After stopping a bit from reading the manga, the vampire is apparently curious about the other things.

The spark in his eyes is totally like that of an anime.

( What is this block thingy that can move even faster without a horse ? )


It's the work of human's revolution in science technology.

It's run with its four wheels on each side, powered by the engine.

I don't know much on what people back in your day used as their transportation but let just pick one example which is a carriage.

It works just the same as carriage which is to carry people to their destination.

The long one is called a bus.

It is public transportation that all general people could have a ride but you have to pay for it.

The one that is longer than the bus is called a train.

It is also the same as the bus which is public transportation but this one is faster than the bus.

That short one where only two or three people could ride is called a motorcycle.

( What is this black box that has sealed a human inside its thin body? )

Pfft— she almost laughs at his word before she stopped herself.

It took her a few minutes to do that before explained it to him about the magical box.

It's not a box and the human aren't sealed inside of it.

It's called Television.

I don't know much detail on how it works, so this is the only thing that I could tell.

The human inside of this is just a recording from the actual scene in some place around this world which they showed on this TV.

You can watch any show that the human/producer created with their own team/crew, there might be also a show about Vampire.

You could also watch news about a certain famous idol scandal, a certain artist was accused of drug or a certain case of murder and etc.

( Wait, Sera. What- )

And so, An annoying vampire keeps on asking her a lot of questions about this or that.

She understood why he asked all these questions as he did just wake up from his thousand of a year worth of sleep.

So it's normal that one would be shocked if everything surrounding them has changed from the one of what they know.

It's a mystery how he is still alive after all that.

Sera just think of it as a perk of being the only Vampire from what he said.

So she was forced to explain it one by one from A to Z of everything.

That makes her more exhausted than the time she spent on her studies.


" Boss, the target is walking towards the place. "

" Is there anything different that could spoil our plan? "

" There is only one guy by her side, But he looks weak, I think we're good. "

" Good. Now then do the thing. "

" Are you sure boss? Woohoo! Let's go then, everyone! "

"'" OOOOH! """

There was a group of thugs far away from the two.

Is this the bad premonition that Sera was thinking of?

Anyhow, the thugs will realize that the prey in front of them is actually something that they couldn't handle, even with a thousand of them.

But only later would they regret their dumb decision.

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