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Chapter 5: 5 - The King of Thugs

My name is John.

I was born from a family who couldn't support a child like me.

The reason was that my family is in big debt.

My father was always gambling the money away while my mother was always shopping, wasting all the money they had.

What they only care about is showing off to others as if they are rich when actually poorer than any of them.

No more money? Take more loans.

I was not given anything be it family's love or money to eat.

I have to quietly take some money from their wallet without them knowing, it was just enough for me to eat for a day.

I didn't graduate from high school.

I don't have enough money to support my studies with the little amount that I could get by working part-time.

In the end, I dropped out.

Because I was born like this, I feel like it can't be helped that I became who I am today.

No money? Just take it away from people, It's very easy with my robust and scary face.

What? You won't give it to me? Here's my punch.

I beat them up until I'm satisfied and take away all their money.

By living like that, I was feared by people around this district.

What can I say? This kind of living is not so bad.

People are my wallet.

I could waste all the money I have without any worries of thinking of where I could get my next money.

Why? Because I already have an underling group of people by now.

My underling would go around this district and ask for 'protection money' from the people.

If they didn't give in then all you need to do is to beat them up.

Still didn't give in? Then do something that I always like to do.

Beat up their son or cause havoc on their business.

If they have a daughter, Heh.

Like that, they eventually give in.

Life is a paradise to me.

Around this district, I am the King.

The police couldn't do anything to me.

There is always one such person that we could buy them with money.

I'm free to do whatever I pleased, as long as it is inside this district.

Who cares about outside, I'm already in a paradise.

One day, I heard very interesting news from my underling.

Apparently, there is a new beauty living in my district.

They are rich people that are living in a certain area that only those with a very influence background could get.

New people, new wallet for me.

A new beauty, Heh.

Before I make my move, I'll always investigate about my prey.

Yes, they are my prey, no one can escape from this great hunter.

Being cautious is not so bad and definitely one of the reasons that I could still be the King.

The Intel that I get from my underling says the mother of beauty is the CEO of a certain company.

The mother is a beautiful widow.

She is quite an influential person.

Her daughter is currently studying at a certain high school.

She is staying in the school dormitory.

With this Intel, I make up my plan.

The plan is simple. I would 'ambush' the said daughter.

With the daughter in my hand as a hostage, I could then ask for payment from the mother.

Once I get the money then I would send the daughter back, Alive.

But by then, her daughter might not be the daughter she once knew.

And that's where my prey would be devastated.

Her daughter will be alive yet that doesn't mean that I could not 'touch' her, Heh.

Such a simple plan will definitely work greatly.

With a great plan in mind, I started the operation.


Sera has heard from her mother that there is a group of thugs that are controlling this district.

They do whatever they pleased and go around the place asking for 'protection money'.

But she thought that she won't have anything to do with them since she was focusing all her time on studies.

And most of the time, she only stays inside the dormitory.

She never went outside the school's ground aside when her mother came to pick her up for spending time together.

Her mother, most of the times, literally sleeping in the company.

But she never expected for them to appear right in front of her right now.

" hehe. Hey beauty, why don't ya stay here and have fun with us? "

" Yea beauty, it's better than staying with this weakling. "

Weakling? Do you mean this vampire beside me?

Correction. Do you mean this vampire who is reading a manga beside me?

" We know what kind of fun you would totally like, hehe, so come with us~ "

There are currently two of them surrounding her while the three was around Sebas.

in total, there were five of them.

Facing in such situation, normally a girl would have been shaking badly.

But to their surprised, Sera was not a bit scared.

She only gives them a cold stare.

Feeling hurt to their pride, thinking that she is looking down on them, they decided to give a threat to her.

" Oi oi girly, what's with that stare? We just want to have fun. "

" Yea right, Or are you thinking that this weakling can actually stop us? Gahahaha! "

They laughed as they give a scorn look toward a certain vampire.

That certain vampire is currently reading a manga, not giving any glance toward this lowlife.

" Get out of my face. "

" Hohoho, what a scary thing for a weak girl like you to say~ "

" We are sooo scared~ "

"'" Gahahaha! """

Their vulgar laughs really tick her off.

Currently, Sera is in a bad mood.

She was tired of explaining a lot of stuff to a certain vampire and now all she wanted to was to get home quick and lay down on her comfy bed.

But now, there is some idiotic lowlife blocking her way in the most cliché way like a certain thug of the story.

She is the type that's unable to hold back her anger.

And so, without saying anything, she sent out a fast kick toward the thug on the left aiming at his groin area.

Shocked by a sudden move, the thug is frozen and unable to block the incoming kick and ended up letting out a scream like a pig being a slaughter.


The thug falls down and puts both of his hand on the groin area while moaning, feeling his little chicky losing all sense of life. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/5---the-king-of-thugs_35303027908869313">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/5---the-king-of-thugs_35303027908869313</a> for visiting.

The other thug was shocked to death by her sudden move is still frozen but Sera was not.

She sent out another yakuza kick toward the right thug with her full force on the stomach.

The poor thug was sent flying toward the wall and fell unconscious.

With that single yakuza kick, it shows that this little girl that they look down upon is by no mean, weak.

At this moment, it was already too late to regret it.

By the way, a certain vampire was still currently reading manga, not giving any care about Sera's fight.

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