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37.5% I'm a Vampire [ Hiatus ] / Chapter 8: 8 - Sera Landfall (3)

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Chapter 8: 8 - Sera Landfall (3)

" Simple. Your father's family is that of familiar, or rather the descendant between familiar and human. "

" Back then, the familiar is more powerful and frightening than the strength that you have now. "

" So you have got some perk from my familiar's blood running through your veins. "

" Your abnormality can be explained from that. "

" If someone from the government found out about it then I bet that they would capture you for the reason of 'researching' your abnormality. "

The voice keeps on ringing in her head for a long time before she snapped out of it.

She looked up at him and seriously said.

" So am I not human? "

" Technically you are still human. The only perk you got from familiar is the one I mentioned and your lifespan is still the same as human, which mean you die the same way a human does. "

" You don't have any weakness that the familiar have which is a good thing. "

" Well, the only weakness that could be said is the thirst for blood. If you keep on drinking blood once a month, you might be able to control the urge though. "

" But the point is, Where would you find the blood from? "

He gives out a mischievous smile after saying that.

But what he said is right.


I feel like I have heard this somewhere..

It feels like I have heard it from my father back then.

What was the 'medicine' that father keeps giving to me every month?

When I was naive, I wouldn't come to this conclusion as I am now.

I don't want to think about it but..

" That was his blood, obviously. "

Father, what have you done?!

How could you feed your precious daughter with your own blood?!

I mean I understand that you might not be able to find another blood for me.. but still!

Why are you even keeping this important stuff as a secret from me?!

I would have lost my mind if I ever see another blood now that there's nothing left of your 'medicine' stock.

Ugh. Just thinking about what might happen really makes me wanted to vomit.

" For your information, you could choose the animal's blood as your second choice instead of a human's. "

" Why didn't you said so earlier?! "

Sera shouted out with every bit of her strength left inside her and shook the person in question.

Wait, then why the hell did father give his own blood?!

Is he stupid?!

How can a person who's being able to bring a small company to a giant became stupid when it came to his daughter, is that it?!

" Well, what can I say? You never asked~ "

His grinning face really makes her irritated.

Letting go of his collar, a sigh coming out of her mouth.

Thinking back, she would come to that conclusion if she ever stopped for a second and seriously think.

She only has to drink on blood, so any blood should be fine.

" You want to know? "

Said Sebas with the smiles on his face.

And how in the world does this guy figured it out while here I am, don't know anything about it?

" It's simple if you just think about it. "

I am thinking about it!

Ugh, Calmed down, Me.

Take a deep breath, Good.

Blood. Father's blood. Familiar.

Oh, that's it.

Are you saying the reason father giving his blood is because he wanted to strengthen the blood of familiar running through my veins?

" Correct! "

Is that even possible?

" I don't know. "


Come again?

" I said I don't know. "

She walks slowly toward the vampire, once she was close, she grabbed him by the shirt collar.

"? Do you like my shirt that much? "

There was a snapped noise that broke inside her mind.

" Even if you like it that much, I won't give it to you, you know? "

" In fact, aren't only pervert that is interest- "

Before he could finish his word, she screamed and shook him to death.


After getting crazy by shaking the vampire for over half an hour, she let go of him and lay down on her bed, exhausted.

" Why would you do that when you're gonna get tired of it? "

" ...Don't talk to me. "

" Sure~ "

? That's weird.

I was prepared for another of his annoying teasing on me but unexpectedly turn out wrong.

Well who cares, it's finally peaceful time.

Ah~ This comfy feeling is so good~

Hmm~ I'm feeling drowsy on this comfy bed~

After rolling around the bed for a few seconds, she stopped.

Maybe she was exhausted the whole day after such an interesting event happened here and there, she eventually falls asleep.

Looking at her sleeping face, a sigh was heard from the vampire.

( I can feel that my kin is also living in this city. Even after I came out of my coffin, they didn't even notice the aura I released. )

( They.. must have fallen too deep. )

It was really sad to see how much they have changed, from bad to something even worse than that.

They have even forgotten their very own duty of life given by me.

The worst thing that could possibly happen is already happening.

As their parent, I'm very much ashamed.

To went as far as uniting with Demon.

If Sera was awake and have seen what his expression right now, she would be terrified.

The glare that will kill anyone if they ever met with his eyes, the thirst for blood aura he released is very terrifying.

The aura was simply too thick that it could scare normal people to death.

But it went and passed just as fast as it appeared.

No matter.

Now that I have awakened, I would do my duty properly.

As much as I wanted to have fun, I won't forget the duty that has been entrusted to me.

As a True Ancestor, I also have to give them a very heavy punishment for leaving their duty.

I won't give them any more mercy, which one time is already enough.

I won't make a second mistake, not this time.


When Sera woke up, it's already the next morning.

To think that I'd sleep for the whole day, she thought in her mind.

She let out a yawn before getting out of her bed.

When she reached the kitchen, she saw her mother talking to someone. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/8---sera-landfall-(3)_36042633625269481">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/8---sera-landfall-(3)_36042633625269481</a> for visiting.

" How is it? "

" It's delicious, Madam. Your culinary skills are definitely the best. "

" Ara~ Thank you for the compliment. But, you can call me mother you know~ "

" Mother! What are you talking about?! "(Sera)

" Ara, the noisy one is already awakened. Good morning, My Dear~ "

" Good morning- Not! Don't think that I'll let that one slide! "(Sera)

" What are you talking about, My Dear? "

" Don't act as you forget about it! In the first place... "

This is how the day started.

The mother will occasionally tease her while she will get worked up by it.

The day was much noisy than before, It is not entirely bad.

Looking at the two, mother and daughter pair, the vampire reminisced of the past.

It was the day when his first interaction with the human race.

It was a girl, born from a prestigious clan, went out for her first training.

The moment she saw him, her eyes were wide opened.

She grabbed her weapon quickly and shouted at him.

" Demon! I'll take your life! "

Before he could reply back, she already swings her sword at him, aiming at sever his neck.

He dodges it by stepping back and stopped the sword with his right hand.

The swinging sword stopped which surprised the girl, there was no blood coming out of his hand even when it came in contact with the sword.

" Wha- "

( You shouldn't swing a sword around, Miss. )

Saying that he pushed her sword back and give her a smile.

But what he said was actually a triggered to her.

Ever since she was born in a prestigious clan, she was treated like a princess.

Whenever she wanted to train like the other, they would reject her with the reason of she was not suited for battle.

She feels like the guy in front of her is treating her the same way as them.

Most importantly, this guy is a demon!

" Don't you look down on me! "

That was the first meeting between a girl who in the future would be hailed as Valiant Hero with True Ancestor.

The first meeting was undeniably the started of legend.

It was a legend that would change the past chaotic world into a peaceful world now.

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