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Chapter 9: 9 - Daily Life

The days passed and it has been two weeks since then.

The mansion has finished being renovated and now, stood proudly and grandly, the other mansion around the district pale in comparison to the one in front of her.

It could be said that with enough money, even the worn out house can be renovated to be a luxury house.

This mansion just happened to be in that case.

It took exactly two weeks and three days, The money was worth spending as it finished faster than the promised date.

Standing in front of the mansion stood a beautiful girl, it was beautiful beyond mortal.

From above to below, a big mountain stood out proudly, even the shirt is trying so hard to contain it.

The beautiful curve was as if it was done by the God of Beauty itself, truly beyond imagination.

Down below—

" Why are you staring at me for a while now? "

The beautiful blue eyes glare toward the person beside her.

" Just admiring your beauty. "

The beauty's face flushed red into that of an apple.

Even now—

" Your blushing face is also cute isn't? "

Said the person in front of her with smiles.

" W-Wha.. W-What are you talking about?! "

Saying I'm a beauty and cute, muttered the girl quietly only to her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/9---daily-life_36090151264380541">;m-a-vampire-%5B-hiatus-%5D_12852731805663505/9---daily-life_36090151264380541</a> for visiting.

Although she has gotten a lot of compliment such as that ever since she was a kid, she should have gotten used to it but for some reason, when the person in front of her said it makes her heart fluttered.

She has been living with the person for two weeks yet she is still not used to him.

She also gets teased whenever he visited her room, don't misunderstand, There is no such thing as [censored] happening.

And there is also no such thing as Lucky Pervert Act happening.

He always visited at the exact same time when she was going to play the game, And so, the two ended up playing together all night.

Although the girl herself is quite tomboyish deep inside, she has a good fashion sense that is comparable to that of a model.

No one would think she's a tomboy when they see her with their own two eyes.

The way she acts, eating and everything she does in front of someone is always lady-like.

But once she gets home, her character took a massive changed into that of a lazy otaku.

It was just like a certain anime Um*r*-chan.

" What were you thinking about? "

The sudden word brings her back to reality.

" It's nothing. Anyway, where did you go whenever you went out? "

Sera asked the vampire.

Yes, the girl is Sera Landfall while the man beside her is Sebastian Winstanley.

Although Sebas always appeared at the right time just when she was going to play the game, the other times he mostly went out somewhere she didn't know.

She has asked this question before to him, countless time to be exact.

But he always said it was a secret, even now.

" Would you like to know? But sorry, it was a secret. "

" Then I won't talk to you anymore, Hmph. "

She looked away as she says that.

" Are you sure? "

" Hmph. "(Sera)

" Then I guess I won't be able to play with you with this new game that I just bought. "

She flinched at his word, especially at the word 'new game'.

" Y-You can't lie to me. ...You don't have any money to buy it in the first place, Hmph. "

When she realized that he doesn't have any money, or at least that's what she thinks.

After all, she had been living with him this entire week yet she has never seen him doing 'work'.

Just as he always mysteriously disappeared, he could have actually work when he disappeared like that but she never gave thought such a thing.

The reason is simple, He's the type that simply doesn't want to work.

She once asked him to get a job when he asks her about how to obtain money.

But he replied with 'if I work, I lose', and that's how she came to that conclusion.

" Really? Then what is this? "

Said Sebas as he brings out the CD Game in front of her from out of nowhere.

It was a game that was just released this week and most importantly, she tried to buy it yet it was said to be sold out already.

But right now, in front her, stood the game while having a smug face that looks like it is ridiculing her(She just saw an illusion of something that she envisioned. There's no such thing in reality).

" No way! "

Shouted Sera in a desperate way, it was simply because she couldn't believe it.

She once tried so hard to get it in all kind of way yet she met with defeated, every single time.

The hype for the game was real and not even one person would sell it to her, even when she increased the price.

" Hmm~ I guess you really don't want to play huh? "

His word brought her back to reality.

" I didn't say that! "

" Really? "

" Of course! I forgive you, now gimme that! "

Apparently, she easily forgives him, it was because of this new game.

She was going to take it from his hand when he suddenly moved his hand away.

" Why are you moving away?! "

" You might break your promise after getting it after all. So, why don't we play together instead? "

" Sure! Let's go! "

After saying that, she reached out and grabbed his hand as she brings him toward the mansion.

It can't be helped that she forget everything about the topics when it involved a game, by the way, the game is called Nier Autom***.

Everything has been moved inside the mansion, the furniture, bed, game console and etc.

Which mean everything is ready for people to live on.

The first thing that we do at the new mansion is playing a new game, it's normal.


Looking toward the figure beside him who was fast asleep, he picks her up and tucks her on the bed.

We ended up playing from morning till midnight, she was just too excited at everything about the game.

There was a time that she shouted 'I LOVE 2B' or saying something that only a pervert old man would say.

We're only halfway to finish the game but she soon fall asleep, it makes sense that she got tired after all that hype energy that she released.

Now that I'm done with this, I should go to the appointed place.


A High-Class Restaurant, Private Room.

There was a feminine figure seat right in front of him.

She has a pretty silky black hair with dark red eyes which is the one that stood out the most.

Her beauty is on a higher level than a certain idol that was known for their beautiful appearance.

It would likely cause havoc if this room weren't private one and instead public.

Beside him also stood another beautiful figure wearing a maid outfit and is currently brewing tea for both of them.

She was not the waitress of this restaurant but instead looks like someone who cosplays as a maid.

Her cosplay skill is definitely high, looking at the way she acts or brewing the tea.

After she was done brewing the tea, she went to the side and quietly stands there.

But only he and the beautiful girl in front that knows the truth was otherwise.

" So, How was the business? "

He asked while sipping on tea.

" It is going well, Master. You don't have to worry about it. "

She replied back with a smile on her face.

" That's good. I'm glad that I created you. "

" No, I'm glad to be of use to you, My Master. "

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